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Flower Faeries

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I found some instructions to make feather fairies at Yahoo Groups Waldorf Craft, modified them a bit, and came up with these whimsical little creatures... pic

They're pretty simple and rustic looking, but i like them . I'm thinking they would make cute little gifts for my neices for yule. DH even made one, but he keeps remaking the outfit for it.

Just wanted to share and maybe inspire another crafty mama.
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Hey Aster, I'm part of that same group!

DD had a slumber party a couple of weeks ago and this is the craft I had the girls do. They had a blast. They were a bit frustrated in the beginning, but once they got the hang of it, they loved it. They were so proud of their little fairies.

I love the way you dressed yours. They're very cute. Mine didn't come out so pretty, but DD still loves them.

Did you use pipecleaners or just wire? Also, for their hair, is that yarn?
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Hi Maribel

I had some covered craft wire in with my crafting supplies that i used, but it's really too stiff to be able to pose the faeries very well. I just picked up some pipe cleaners yesterday, and like them much better.

The hair is mostly embroidery floss. One doll has cotten yarn for hair, just to see what it would look like. I'm not happy enough with the way that the hair turns out to leave them hatless, but the hats are cute.

Glad your girls liked making them. I'm not really sure if my neices are old enough to put together a kit, so i'm just making them . It's fun to do something 'girlie' for a change lol.
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That is so funny, I was searching for faerie doll patterns this morning. I thought I would make a really simple purse for my neices and put a pocket on the front with a faerie in it... those are too cute.. here is the link to the ones I am considering making.

Faerie Pin Doll

But I like yours as well.... would it be against the rules to share how you made them?
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What a beautiful pin!

I'm not sure what the rules are about sharing the instructions--you might want to join the group as there are tons of other great craft ideas that encourage imaginative play. link

Another inspiring site is http://www.weefolkstudio.com/

I'm going to send you a pm too lilac moon, so check your messages!
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