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stuff karma

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Interesting but true story...when I was 13 i stood up in a wedding as a junior bridesmaid. the bride made all the dresses, and she had little tags that said Lora and Michael and the date sewn in each one. Anyhow, when I was 17 I moved out on my own and had to lose a lot of stuff. SO I donated a bunch of things to the slavation army....fast forward 10 years. I had a little niece who was really into dressing up. I wanted to give her a homemade dres up kit, so I went to a thrift store to find clothes and accessories. Lo and behold, I come across my. old. dress. (It actually may have been the one other junior bridesmaids, but it was her brothers wedding s I like to think she held on to her dress and only my dress was donated)!!!!!

I could not belive it. I ran home and called everyone i knew and told them this amazing story. I guess I could have held onto it and saved myself the $8.00 but then I would have had to lug it over many moves in a 77 buick regal
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that is awesome!! I am a total believer in stuff karma.
When we moved out of florida, we had to leave all of our stuff. We were literally bringing it out to the curb because we were moving that day and had to get a much small tralier than we had originally planned. Well, my depression era neighbor came and and had a fit!! She called her daughter, who had a cousin who was moving into her first apt with her husband and had nothing. They were able to come and haul the lot of it out!! And we have be blessed abundantly in the following years with stuff
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thats awesome!

we just moved out of state and only brought what I could fit in my car, I was glad to lighten up on my possesions, never thought about "stuff karma", interesting
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