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Serious Help Needed with 16m.o.

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My dd consistently, daily, more than daily, dumps the liquid out of her sippee (I tried to use the little valves and she screams because she can't get it out fast enough so I took them out) into the carpet. I tell her "no" or "no, give the cup to mama when you are done" and sometimes she will and sometimes she continues to do it.

Constant. liquid. dumping.

I blow my top and really get angry and I don't want to take it out on her. What in the world is she doing this for? It's like she likes to watch it trickle out or something but it is the most annoying, carpet ruining thing in the universe!

What can I do? :
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Put her in the bathtub?

She is utterly fascinated with pouring, at the moment. So give her lots of pouring experiences. It may take a month or two or three of dedicated pouring, but she will eventually learn all that she wants and needs to know about pouring and then she will be done.

Meanwhile can you be in charge of all the cups near the carpet experiences? Does water in the cup hurt the carpet in your opinion?
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I would institute a rule of no drinks outside of the kitchen. Until these sippy cup thingies were invented, we all didn't run around with a drink in our hands 24/7 KWIM?
I think the bathtub idea is a great one to satisfy that dumping obsession.
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I'd just keep on trying different kinds of sippies
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We always have had a no drinks or food out of the kitchen rule. First, it keeps messes down. Second, it helps prevent habitual grazing.

The bathtub idea is perfect. Another thing that you can try is to put down a shower curtain on the kitchen floor. Give her a tub and spoons and cups of various sizes. You might have to do a little mopping when it is over, but it's just a little water!

Take her outside and put her in a kiddie pool with lots of toys. Let her see how it gets soaked up in the grass, rushes down concrete, splashes in the pool.
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