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Cosleep for how long?

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My dd is 16 months and she has a toddler bed next to our bed but always ends up with us. She isn't against the bed and, admittingly, sometimes I am the one to pull her into bed with me when my husband leaves for work in the morning. I love her so much!!!

We have a queen sized bed and it's pretty tight. At what age should we just revert to putting her in her own room and in her own bed? Now while she is younger or wait until we have another child, or is it okay to keep her there for awhile?

As an aside, I was raised by my grandma and slept with her until I was 12!!! who knew what we were doing back then in the early 80s would be so good to do now - and I have an AMAZING connection and relationship with her!!!
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There is no one time a child "should" be out of your bed.

It sounds like you co-slept til 12 with no negative consequences. I would just wait until DD expresses interest in moving out and then go with in.

DD (6.5) & DS (almost 4) both have their own bedrooms but except for a few hours every couple weeks for DS and an occasional (at this point, there have been weeks/months where she generally sleeps in her own room) night for DD we are all in the same bed still.
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We're going to try to move both kids into their own room together later this year. It might work, and it might not, but we think that they'll probably to better together than they would individually. They'll be three and 18 months old, approx. when we try it. If they're not ready, they'll come back into our bed. It's no big deal either way.
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I'm currently thinking that DD will probably sleep with us until she's 2 or 3, and that at that point she and the upcoming baby will move into a room together where they'll sleep together if it all works out okay. Who knows though. I originally was going to move DD to her own room at 6 months. Hasn't happened yet. BTW, we're in a double, so a queen sounds heavenly to me. I can't wait till next year when we can get a king!
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You already seem to know the answer to this question. Keep her around until she wants to leave. Unless you two want/need her out of the room/bed, she's fine for now. Before you know it she'll be ready for a big bed in her own room and that will be the end of it (it happens so fast). You were with your Grandma until 12 and turned out great, so no big rush to move her on for now. Good luck
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