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Hey all-

Just got my dd's birth certificate today! I'm excited because the state required a "birth corroborator" who had to be a registered birth attendant or a county health person, but we just used our chiro for it... and it was processed by the office by mail with no questions. One less battle I have to deal with, you know?
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hi ladies.

Leg cramps. I have to be careful here too. I get them as well, and no doubt it is also caused by poor circulation. Just carefully keep those calves moving. I get charley horses regularly, but am certain it isn't diet-related.

I eat constantly yet am stil hungry. normal at 5 mos I suppose.

anyone know anyhting about flying while pg. I think I'll be about 27weeks and going across country to my little sisters wedding (I'm a big purple braidesmaid don't ya know??)
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if you check the individual airline website, there probably is a FAQ section or traveler tip.
I believe that 4 weeks prior and 2 weeks after birth you cannot fly. But I might be wrong.
What airline?
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just check the airline's site on their policies. i know continental for example you are allowed to fly at ANY point in pregnancy unless you are showing signs of physical labor. and they recommed that you don't fly within 7 weeks of you due date or something and if you're a week or two from due date they recommend you check with your physician.
I say it's fine if you feel fine. If you're really close to birth...well thats up to you. hehe.
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no I haven't placed the tickets just yet. I've got about 10 weeks before I leave and because of the altitude difference I'll only be gone a few days so I don't get used to ALL that oxygen")
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Well, I haven't had a chance to read this thread all the way through, but here's my birth story. I've been lurking here and there since the birth, but no time to post. I don't think I'm going to be able to learn to nak with a newborn and a 3 yo anytime soon. LOL! I wanted to finish my birth story before I forgot anything, and before I started posting again.


Enjoy! I did.
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Congratulation BinahYeteirah! Way to go mama!
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I just wanted you all to know that my dear friend, moonlightinvt, had a baby boy on August 1st, after a one hr labor He was about 21 inches, and about 9lbs. Mama and baby and preschooler and daddy are doing well

Originally Posted by amyjeans
Hey- there are some mamas on this thread that are due anytime now!
Selissa-June/July 2005
Binah Yeteirah-July 2005
moonlightinvt-July 29 2005
rainbowmoon -August 2005
ChildoftheMoon (Brandi)- late August 2005

ohhh we wanna now the scoop!

how you mamas doin?
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thanks AmyD! i'll update the list- was it UC?(probably a silly question!)

Congratulations - what a fast labor! Whoo hoo!
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Congrats Binah and moonlightinvt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you both peaceful babymoons.

It is almost my turn. I am SO ready, but I don't think babe is quite. 3 more weeks until I am "due", and with my girls I have birthed very close to my dates.
Back to nesting
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Congrats binah and moonlightinVT!!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo!!!

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Woo-hoo!!! Way to go mamas! Welcome babies!!! Congrats to Binah Yeteirah and moonlightinvt!

Binah - What a beautifulbirth story!

Moonlight -- WOW what a F-A-S-T labor! that must have been intense, I'd think!

Brandi, happy nesting!
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congrats binah, moonlightinvt, and amandaanne (she just posted her birth story in the summer/early fall thread) on all your beautiful births!

How are all the postpartum mamas doing?

Still have about 3-5 weeks here to go...and I feel like I have so much to do! Still organizing our new place, taking care of DPs garden (we sell flowers/herbs) since he took up a painting job for extra money. It may seem easy, but I once had a black thumb...so keeping his plants alive are a big accomplishment to me. :LOL
My best friend will be visiting for a couple days tomorrow, I'm so excited. It's been mostly just me and DP this whole pregnancy and I've longed for some friends and family to talk to in PERSON. I'm getting sick of the phone and emails...lol. She will be helping me sew some stuff and cook some breads to freeze, since she is more able than I.
Tight finances right before a baby is due sure is stressful! It always feels like one thing after another just piles up...like when will there be a break??? And why is it that when one thing goes wrong, everything loves to follow? Ok, done complaining.
I'm so excited about this birth. I'm also praying that things go smooth and I do not end up in a hospital for any reason, because I will probably get all stressed about the "I told you so"s...
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prayers for me please

I had some good sized blood clots come out this morning. I am 7.5 weeks post O right now. Cervix is a half centimeter dilated. I am hoping this is nothing, but at hte same time allowing whatever is in the best interest of myself and baby to happen.

Knowing that we are in the thoughts of others will help while I wait and see what is going to happen.
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lots of love and prayers coming your way mama.
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Yvonne-you and your babe are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay put sweet baby!
Love, Brandi
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Yvonne -- sending loving, positive energy your way. (((HUGS)))
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Sending you peaceful vibes.
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Yvonne, wishing you well.

Binyah, I read your story a week ago and still keep thinking about it, simply beautiful and I thank you for inspiring us with it.

i CAN'T GET ENOUGH EGG CASSEROLE. Please, before I make this pregnancy gain a record, take the Minnesota Hot Dish cook book away!! I made something last week that tasted like heaven, but Bear (going on 4years) told me it "looked like something that came out of a baby" and decided he'd have peanut butter instead. If I could keep them all 3 forever I would. Charming and honest. wouldn't the world be better if men could keep those traits? :LOL :

Baby s getting big on eggs, and has been tickling me and wiggling happily, dh still can't feel it through his great paws though. I think his skin is too thick.

I got my tickets!! I'll be a 27w bridesmaid. I hope my gown still fits, then. DD and I are flying alone. it will be a girls-only weekend

the birth dreams are fantastical I know I'll enjoy this last time the best. I wonder how to not be sad after it's over. Are there any of you who've had your final birth and would like to share?
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Howdy all!

I'm breaking the silence finally and am proud to announce that #5 is due sometime in February! This will be my fifth drug-free birth, fourth homebirth, and second babe to be caught only by the papa and me.

I'm pretty darn excited
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