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Congrats Brandi! enjoy the baby and don't forget to come back and tell us how ot went
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Congrats Quickening and Brandi!!!
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Huge congrats, Brandi! That is one big boy you have! :LOL

rachel.... I wish you lived closer! It would be awesome to have some IRL contacts that did things similar to our ways of doing it. We're about 2-3 hours south of you, probably.

amyjeans... thanks for asking about me. I'm just hanging in there. I'm dealing with lots of good contractions that don't lead into labor. Wondering when this little person will be ready to face the world. EDD is the 2nd, but we'll have to wait and see when the actual birth day is. It won't be long now, though!
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hey everyone. hope the weekend is going great!
Just about 40 weeks here, bouncing on my exercise ball. I feel like this baby is waiting for me to get all my last minute errands and projects done. Maybe he'll show up around the new moon...ha, or on Labor Day.
Still need to wash diaper covers & baby blankets, clean our old apartment to get our security deposit back, do a painting, and go grocery shopping. WHOA, I just felt my first strong contraction a minute ago. I could feel it somewhere low...I wanna say my sacrum..but not sure... Maybe I won't get all that stuff done?? I had to get off my ball. Lol. Maybe I bounced him too hard? :LOL
Now I forgot what I was gonna originally post... I'll come back when my brain is working.
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Much congratulations Brandi, I am beyond thrilled for you Much love to you during this time.

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I've finally made it into the 12th week. Still puking, not being able to eat much of any food. Seems this baby wants me to be vegetarian right now, which is odd since I craved wild red meats with my son! (Like moose)

It's so exciting to read everyone's birthstories. I look forward to the rest of ya'll due soon! Congrats to everyone who's birthed baby recently! Ya'll are awesome mammas!
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: Congratulations, Quickening!

Brandi, Wow. I can't wait to read that birth story.
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Wow, more babes!

Congratulations to you, quick birthing mamas quickening and COM...
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Our Beloved Rainbowmoon

Hi Ladies.
With rainbowmoon's permission, I wanted to let you all know that our dear sister's husband passed away last week. They are still unclear as to the reason and she (obviously) is going through a terrible time right now.
This is a very sad day indeed to learn of someone's love passing on. I hope you consider sending her some well wishes and prayers for her family.
Perhaps we could think of something to do for her, send her. Any ideas?
Thanks for reading.
Please see her thread
Lots of Love
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OMG.....I just visited her thread and posted. How incredibly devastating and heartbreaking.....
thanks for letting us know so we can try to comfort her, Amyjeans. I'd love to help out in some way...
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Well, I am happy to coordinate this. If anyone would like to do help, or offer ideas to help- please PM me.
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Brandi~: YAY! I'm so happy for you! And you had a little Virgo too, a day before my birthday... Yay!
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New thread

hey all- September is here and so is the new thread...
come on over!

lots of love
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Congratulations Brandi!!!

So, so sad for Rainbowmoon. I just read her blog about her dh's sudden death. Is there anything I can do?
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