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Clomid on-line

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My first cycle on clomid I purchased it at the pharmacy (in the U.S.). My insurance didn't cover, so the 5 pills (one cycle at 50mg per day) cost $35. The pharmacist gave me the generic brand, which kinda peeved me because I paid full cost.

The next cycle I needed to re-fill my perscription and found out that you can buy clomid on-line from Mexico. I asked my RE about this, and he said that some people even drive to Mexico or Canada to buy their injectible drugs for a lower price. Knowing I could always go to my local pharmacy at the last minute, I decided to give it a try.

I found two websites, medsmex and safemeds. I ended up going with safemeds cause their site seemed easier. It's a company in Mexico. I ordered one box of clomid, which contained 30 50-mg pills. As I was taking a 50mg dose, that was enough for 6 cycles. The list price was $30 I think.

I went to check out and they were doing free shipping plus a new-user disount, so my total due was only $25. For 6 cycles of clomid that was pretty amazing. I paid with my debit card.... which was kinda dumb, LOL... but they charged the correct amount and were extremely professional (sent confirmation, an invoice, a notice when it was shipped, etc). I had been cautioned they take 6-8 weeks to ship, but I got mine in about 2 weeks. It was packaged in a small shipping box, and was the Aventis brand of clomid "Omfrin." The packaging was in spanish but it was clearly from the drug company and was bubble-sealed and nothing suspicious. I was surprised to get the name brand, cause here in the US pharmacies they were always giving me generic.

It was interesting that the company did not ask me at any time for proof of a perscription (which I did have). I guess outside the US you can get clomid without a perscription. I have since had friends in my infertility support group who have ordered from their site (without a perscription) and they had the same experience as me. We all got pregnant too.
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wow. that is good to know - I am having a hard time getting help since I am "still" nursing. All for comfort, I barely have much milk at all. I still dont have AF, and am getting that desperate feeling all over again.
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I got mine from medsmex as well. My chart that cycle was clearly a "clomid chart", and I got pregnant! So I'm all for medsmex.
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no script necessary?

Thanks for your post! My husband and I have been trying for our third child for almost two years now. Because we already have two children, my doctor doesn't seem to take our concerns seriously. He wasn't even willing to run any test. He said that with two children we are obviously fertile. The whole ordeal has just been really depressing. Today I made a decision to take a more proactive approach and ordered my clomid on-line. Wish us luck!
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Thanks for the info, it's amazing how much cheaper things are in Mexico. Hope it goes well.
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I have purchased Clomid in Mexico before....it always worked the same.

BTW: I am going to Mexico in December (12/21 - 12/28)for the hoildays...I would be willing to pick up as much as they will sell me and bring back here to ship for any of you (I live in Oregon)....If you are interested, please PM me and we can chat more.

And $30 - $35 sounds about right...But I may be wrong!!! I can call my parent, who live down there, and double check.

Email is kjgreenfield@juno.com
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Purchasing meds from Mexico

I highly recommend against ANYONE ordering from MEDSMEX (www.medsmex.com). They have VERY bad customer service (when they bother to answer their phones or emails at all). I never received my order, they would not provide me with the information I needed to check at my local post office (registered parcel number) in a timely fashion, and they have not yet refunded my money.

There are plenty of other Mexico-based pharmacy ordering sites that are probably much more reliable.
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