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Avery's birth story

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Avery Fleming

Born on July 26th, 2005 at home without a doctor or a midwife, just the natural process of birth, and a dear friend to catch the baby.

The morning’s events started at about 4:45am. This is when I believe my water broke but at the time I wasn’t quite sure this was the case. I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I was having contractions but these felt like the ones I had been having for months now, the only difference was that these felt a bit more like cramps, as did the ones I had the day before. I went into the living room and watched sports center while sitting on my exercise ball. I was rocking from side to side with the contractions and they still didn’t feel like anything to speak of. I called my friend Leslie at 6 am to let her know she should come over just in case something really was going on this time. She said she would get dressed and come on over bringing Martin with her as he had slept over there.
Tuan got up and ready to go to work and came out to ask me if every thing was ok. I told him it was that I was just uncomfortable. Leslie showed up at about 6:45 and Tuan went off to work just after that. At about 7am I went out to move the car into the driveway because I didn’t want to get a ticket when the street sweeper came. I was still having contractions but didn’t really believe they were the ones that would bring me to meet my baby that morning. I got online and posted to some message boards I am a member of asking if anyone thought I was having signs of labor. It seems silly now but I was just so unsure that these contractions were doing anything. Then I started pacing the hallway back and forth into the kitchen, into the hallway. Suddenly I felt pretty warm and sweaty so I grabbed a washcloth and wet it with cold water in the sink and continued pacing. Somewhere in the mix Arwen had woken up and Les was dealing with her and Jordan. I think she was getting them breakfast when she suggested to me that I go take a shower and tie up my hair that maybe it would help. I agreed it was a good idea and I went into my bathroom and got the shower started. Then I had the urge to go to the bathroom so I went and while I was sitting on the toilet I started to feel the contraction and had to breath through it. As soon as I centered myself on my breath the pain subsided. I then got into the shower, I turned on the cold water and it felt sooo good and soothing. I don’t think I even washed myself I just stood under the cold water letting it fall on my belly. I had two more contractions in the shower that required I breath through them. That’s when I thought I had better get out of the shower. I went into the playroom and threw down a blanket and some puppy pads. I got on all fours my hands and knees and grabbed the ball. I wrapped my arms around the ball and rocked my hips back and forth. The next contraction I had the urge to push but grunted through it as I wasn’t sure the babys head had descended. I reached down and felt the hair on the baby’s head and knew it was ok to push. I thought about calling for Les right then but the next contraction came and I had to push with it. I pushed while keeping my hand on her head so she wouldn’t come out too quickly and so I could feel for an umbilical cord incase it was wrapped around her neck. Her head was out and I managed to say “Les” I felt for the cord and it couldn’t quite tell what exactly I was feeling but knew it wasn’t a cord. Felt like her eyebrow forehead and possibly a hand. Les came into the room and I think I said she’s coming out. Les went behind me and caught her as she came out. We wiped her down with a towel while she was lying on my belly. She looked pretty purple to me but I wasn’t worried as I could see she was breathing. She wasn’t crying and even after rubbing her down she remained pretty quiet. Finally she let out a little squeak and I knew she was just perfect.I looked down to make sure she hadn’t grown any extra parts and indeed there were none. Leslie went and got Martin and Arwen and brought them into the room. When she went to get them I asked her to tell me what time it was. 8:01 she said so we decided that she was born at 8:00 am on the button! I waited about 45 minutes until the cord stopped pulsating before I tied it off with a shoe lace. Martin cut the umbilical cord and I wrapped the baby up in blankets. I waited a while longer for the urge to push the placenta out but there was none. I heard Tuan’s mom come to the door and sent Les with the baby to go greet her. I told her I was going to go into the bathroom to deliver the placenta. I got into the bathtub and delivered the placenta into a bowl. It came out without a problem and I inspected it to make sure it was whole. It was so I went and got dressed and sat down on the couch to relax.

This is the short version and when I have time I will make the longer version!
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Beautiful story! Congratulations on your wonderful birth and perfect baby girl!
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Yay! What an amazing birth! Congrats! Woo-hoo!

And, BIG :LOL about your posting!!!

Happy Babymoon!
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Wow... what an amazing story! Congrats!!
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good work mama!
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What a great birth!
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