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homemade ice cream recipies?

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I'm scared of my new ice cream maker. Does anyone use one? Have you been successful with them?

I"m wanting to try to make some ice cream with LOTS of puree'd fruit for my toddler, who won't eat fresh fruit these days.

Does anyone have any good homemade fruit ice cream recipes?
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Actually, you guys might not be in the mood for ice cream these days, since it's winter..........
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Hi AutumnWind! We have an ice cream maker and I love it! For a 'lotsa fruit' idea, why not make sorbet? I don't have specific directions for one, but we do have the ben and jerry's book on making home made recipes and they have good ones in there! You'd use fruit and/or juice to make the sorbet and it is SO yummy! If you use just fruit you do the cut it up in sugar and let it sit thing, to get juice as well, and then some other liquid (we used red wine with raspberries before, but I don't think you'd give *that* to a kiddo! :LOL ) Corn syrup also works for some fruit as well.

I *highly* suggest getting the ben and jerry's book, they have a page on hot to proportionatly add sugar to fruit for the ice cream (although you may want to tone down sugar, if you're trying to be at least sorta healthy) and great recipes!!

If you want any more info, or me to paraphrase the ice cream base or something feel free to pm me!!!!
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We also have the Ben and Jerrys cookbook. I love it and the kids love the pumpkin ice cream too. The new ice cream makers (we have the cuisinart one) are fabulous.
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Oh, thanks! Yes, I do need to go to the bookstore and get the Ben & Jerry's book. It sounds great, which makes sense, since their ice cream is wonderful.
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We love our ice cream maker! And the Ben and Jerry's cookbook is our bible! We tend to make the recipes without raw eggs in them, though, because of the salmonella issue. Chocolate peanut butter banana is a particular favorite, as is the orange creamsicle recipe.
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I make the ice cream with the pasturized eggs in the carton. How do you make ice cream without the eggs? That would be nice to know Course you can make sorbet with it
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