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The One Thread July 31- Aug 6

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THE ONE THREAD!! 24-30 july


**The ONE Thread**
July 31-Aug 6


Bemommy (Be)
Gumby74 (Tricia)
liam's mom
luckymama (Sue)


Elowyn (Kate)
Trying Mommas
Ursula Rose


momma2emerson (Cat)
surf mama

Charting Break



kyle98sean02 (Heather)
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Nice list, kyle!!

Can you please move me to "waiting to know" - thanks!
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Still waiting to O... CD24 :yawning:

I'm getting the feeling that this is an anovulatory cycle.
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*cry* can you please move me to the Waiting to O list please. Luckily I didn't get AF till the day AFTER the concert I went to *whew* cause it would have been completely crappy to have to sit there in 100 degree weather and deal with it.

Also, my cycle for July was CD1 on July 3rd, and then another CD1 on July 29. Based on this, if my LP is normal...can someone guesstimate what my O day would be? I was sure it would be spot on this month since me and DH did the deed every freaking day until 1 - 1 1/2 weeks before CD1 came around again, but I think we may have lost interest a little bit early in the cycle.

He was supposed to sit down and chart with me today so that we both have a bit more understanding of my cycle for trying, but the Playstation said otherwise.

Anyway, TIA ladies.
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Outofmymindyo - congrats on your 69th post! Maybe that's a good omen, beyond Playstation. . .

Wow, the journey last week seemed really up and down - many hugs to you ladies on the rollercoasters.

Since this group probably knows me more than any other thread I've posted to, I'll share an OT event - tomorrow I will submit my thesis to the thesis office!! It will be out of my hands!!! I am thrilled, and so looking forward to post-thesis life. I know some of you can really relate. Guess I'll have to change my "location" soon!

So, I'm very much looking forward to actively ttc, and I will try to keep up better on here, now that thesis stress is greatly reduced!

Pandora - looking forward to the updates when you return and hoping for the very best in all things.

NurseLaurie - thanks for asking all the questions, it's been very informative. (and thanks everyone else for the answers! I love coming here!)

Too hard to remember everyone's names & comments from last week, but I appreciate the responses to my questions and rants very much. DH and I went with the feeling last night and enjoyed some great GOF, even though I was supposed to wait. But I'm not concerned - I really don't think it was an auspicious time. However, I need to take advantage of anytime dh is in the mood to BD, since he's a little gun-shy about this whole thing. I mean, 20+ yrs of safety (through his single yrs) and now we're ttc? It's just not the easiest transition for him.

Much dust to you all - looking forward to some BFPs!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by eorr
So, I'm very much looking forward to actively ttc, and I will try to keep up better on here, now that thesis stress is greatly reduced!
Eorr, lots of to you and good luck on your thesis. The only thing that might be a bit weird for me this cycle of TTC will be starting my first online classes on the 22nd, and also I have to get everything ready with TMO on-base for getting ready for our move to Japan.

Oh yeah!! I forgot about the fact that we find out about my husband's Staff Sargeant test that he took a couple months ago. We weren't supposed to find out until September, but they moved him up on the list, so we get to find out earlier WOOHOO. His supervisors also put him in for step promotion in case his test scores weren't good enough, so he has two chances to make Staff this year. I'll definately be celebrating since he's been SrA for so long and has already acted as NCO in his shop without actually being an NCO.
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Ooooo!!! Japan! DH and I are hoping to visit some friends out there this winter. I'm a total lover of most things Japanese Hope you have a great stint there, Outofmymindyo, and that your dh gets promoted.
and thanks for the dust and thesis luck!
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I was working in the garden the other day, and pulled up the closest thing to a fertility token I've ever seen! It's a well endowed, two-legged man-carrot, and I'm taking it as a good omen. I wish I could link a picture for everyone, but I have no idea how to do that... I can't decide if I should eat it or hang it over the bed or something :LOL
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Temp has dropped again and I am only 8dpo. I can cope with AF coming but not such a short LP again Any opinions on my chart, any hope left?
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CD 22 ... TTC Month is here!

Hugs to all you gals who were visited by the unwanted AF witch. What a bummer!
I guess at this point I'm officially waiting to O. Had all the signs a few days ago, but nothing temp-wise to back that up. Temp went up SLIGHTLY today, but i've been bone dry in the CM department for two days. My stress level is though the roof because I took the toughest nursing class over the shortest semester. Thank goodness the final is today. I know stress can play a major role in fertility so I guess that is why I can't seem to pop an egg out. Grrr! Look below, anyone think I O'd yet.
Morgan's Mom: Take a regular photo and hang it over your bed, then eat the carrot. Covers both bases :LOL
TryingMommas: What a blessing to be with someone who would look at your cervix for you!!! I envy you. Maybe if I told DH I hid some money up there, or a video game... other than that he is repulsed unless it's sexual. How strange. The things they will do during intercourse, but god help them if they find a tampon or a vaginal thermometer.

As usual, Obsessively Yours!
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Sorry FreeSpiritMama, I forgot to reply about your chart. There is always hope that it is just a fluke temp and will pop back up. Hugs to you though. Your symptoms don't sound very fun!
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ok , i posted in last weeks thread yesterday that i was cd1. there is still hope!! i was spotting for a few days and when i woke up yesterday it looked more like light bleeding . so FF put me at cd1. then the bleeding stopped altogether. and my temp went up. when i put that into FF i am 12 dpo. FF wants me to wait til thursday to test. i tested today and it was a bfn. so i'm not getting my hopes up. I will be so disapointed if this is not my month because then i am reading myself all wrong. all of the breast tenderness and swelling ... i thought for sure my body was sending me signals. if this isn't it i need to sit myself down and have a serious talk!!! so i am still in the game. : : : : : : :

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cd25, 12dpo

O geez, Zion, what a roller coaster! Well, looks like we should *both* hold out until Thursday: I tested yesterday and today with cheapie tests, and got bfn's both days. Now I am getting nervous and scared that it's not going to happen... again. (my chart- http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/3f283)

greetings to everyone else!
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Zion...don't do that to me! :LOL Keeping my : for you!

Not sure what category I should be in! Looks like the antiobiotics have sparked a full-on yeast infection (no discharge, but getting itchier...the garlic didn't do squat). I'm going to continue with the garlic for a couple of days, but, if it doesn't work, dh and I are probably going to wait until next cycle (I won't O until SEPTEMBER! Argh.)

I'm so baby-crazy that every time it gets pushed off I feel devastated. And I feel like I'm not getting any younger! (Yes, I'm only 28...but dh and I may want 3 or more kids and the longer we go, the harder that is to do). My sis is pregnant for the second time, due in February...and since dh and I were originally planning for a February baby, well, I can't help but be a little envious. : I'm just trying to keep telling myself: however it happens, I WILL be a mama someday, so I just have to stay positive.

Anyway... to all!
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Hi, all! I'm still here lurking more than typing. Sorry, I haven't been better support lately. I start my Lupron shots tomorrow, so I'm a bit apprehensive about that. But, very excited too! I just so want this to work. I have to stay on the BCPs until Saturday, so CD1 should be early next week.

NYCVeg- I hope you feel better soon. Yeast infections are no fun. :

Celesterra- : KHA for you!

Zion- : for you too!

FSM- That sounds really frustrating. I don't have any info though.

Morgansmom- I think Nurselaurie has a great idea about hanging the pic over the bed and then eating the carrot. Maybe you could have some nice, sensual ritual eating of the carrot with your dh by candlelight or something! :LOL

Outofmymindyo- Good luck on dh passing his NCO exam! I know that's such a big deal!

eorr- I hope you get great feedback on your thesis! Good luck!

mavournin- I hope you O soon.

Heather- Great job with the list!
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FreeSpiritMama- You maynot be out yet. I did the exact same thing 8 dpo and yesterday and today the temps jumped back up. Maybe it was an implantation dip I am only 10dpo and I saved FMU just in case I break down and test. I really should wait until wednesday.......
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Zion ~ what a roller coaster! : you get a on thursday, I am testing then too if AF stays away

Heather ~ Good luck if you test today : Short LPs are so frustrating

NYCVeg ~ I hope you get to ttc this cycle

& to everyone
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Originally Posted by eorr
DH and I went with the feeling last night and enjoyed some great GOF, even though I was supposed to wait. But I'm not concerned - I really don't think it was an auspicious time. However, I need to take advantage of anytime dh is in the mood to BD, since he's a little gun-shy about this whole thing.
This is the same for me. We originally anticipated starting in January but we started early in June. And now this month he is getting the feeling of when I ovulate so he won't "make the deposit" and it almost broke my heart, but I can't let on......

So I'm alomst 100% positive that this is not my month, but its still slightly possible. I'm having some early yeastie signs so I've been doing the plain yogurt in the hoohaa. We've been abstaining becasue I'm sore and I can't really tell from my chart if I've ovulated yet. Theres no thermal shift yet but My ewcm has dried up.

Anyway, just ranting.....
Goodluck to those who are waiting!
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FreeSpiritMama -- don't let it get you down. Honestly, it could mean absolutely nothing. We're at about the same point in our cycles.

eorr -- Yeah... I know EXACTLY what you mean about DH being gun shy.

lotus.blossom -- DH knows about when I O too, so there's all this pressure and he HATES it. We have the best time after I've Od. There's no pressure for either of us! Too bad we can't "fake" like we're not Oing.

So... I'm 6dpo, and getting anxious to know. This is my historically fertile month. FF gave me a trial VIP membership (5 days). It's fun to see that if we succeed this month our EDD will be 4/18 -- a week after Maddy's birthday. I'm afraid I am getting my hopes up too high this month! I need to chill out and forget about it. -- though I do have some breast tenderness today ... Oh please oh please!!
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Hi everyone!
Zion! I so have my : for you!
Eorr- Kudos for handing that thesis in! I graduated last year, it was such a weight off my shoulders!
Heather-the list looks great again!
Freespiritmama- I'm rooting for you!

As for me, I dunno anymore. I'm 7 or 8 DPO today. Yesterday my CM turned a very dark yellow/very light brown (sorry if TMI) Today the color is about the same, but there's much less of it. My temps are going slightly down (at least the trend seems to be rather down than up). I have no idea about my LP. Last cycle it was 14 days, the cycle before that barely 11. I guess I'm just going to assume this is very early AF spotting. I just have the feeling that as long as my cycles don't even out, I'm not going to get PG anyway.
Can I say it again? THE PILL IS EVIL.
Whew, thanks, good to get that out!

to everyone!
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