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cell phones etc as toys...

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My parents and in-laws always let DS (17 mo) play with their cell phones and cordless phones and beepers. We don't let DS have the phone at home (since he called 911)--supervision is too much of a pain. But I figured these other folks could just do it their way.

But DH has brought up a couple of good points. One is about the broadcast frequencies of these things and some evidence that they can cause cell disruptions when used a lot. Nobody even seems to have asked if this is more of a risk with a developing brain and body. The other is that when he has these phones etc, DS is totally obsessed with staring at them and pushing the buttons, and doesn't interact with anyone or do anything else, even when there are all these great relatives around he could be playing with and learning from. Everybody just looks at him and says he's cute, instead of engaging him as a person.

Any opinions on this? I am fine with just not letting him have them, but not so thrilled with having to endure my family's disappointment and thinking-we're-alarmists.
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i wouldn't let dd play with an active cell phone or cordless (though she does find the cordless and has to be coaxed to give it up : ).... but, ever since she dropped one of our cordless phones into the dogs water and effectively disabled it (and we removed the batteries), it's her's to do with as she will.... she loves the phone - prob. because she see's me on it wayyyyyyyyyyy too often.....
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I let him play with the phones. I supervise the home phone (he also called 911 once). My cell phone I just put the keyguard on (so none of the buttons work) and give it to him to play with. He doesn't play with it for a real long time though, maybe 5 minutes, and he usually wants it when we are out running errands and he sees me using it.

As far as the safety of cell phones, I have heard that the only way that they are possibly dangerous is if the antenna is up right next to your ear. So just playing with it wouldn't be a problem, but talking on it all day could be!
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My son has an old phone of mine that plugs into the wall.. he also has one of mum's old mobile phones (without the battery) to play with.
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We have a couple old phones (with cords! one has an actual dial! bought for a buck at the thrift store!) 'cause where we live the power goes out often enough to make having only the cordless phone a problem.

Anyway when young ones visit, I unplug one of the "old" phones and presto! A fun toy. I expect our little guy will soon discover the joys of our old phones...
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I don't have a probem with him playing with the phone. He "calls" his Pappa and tells hm stories. It's pretty cute since he doesn't use that many words yet, but the message comes across loud and clear. He loves to talk on the phone for real but the pretend phone is almost as fun.
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I let DD play with the cordless. She loves it. But I hadn't thought about the risks involved. Guess I'll talk to DH about it.
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I let DD play with them, but not talk on them. As I understand the issue is then the cell is actively trasmitting (in use), not just on. You could always have them power it off before he has it?
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