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Purge clutter gradually or all at once?

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For various reasons I am motivated to do a major purge and declutter by the end of August. I was planning to be systematic about it - list stuff on eBay, take nice kids clothes to the consignment store, books to the used bookstore, etc. Then, whatever's left at the end of the month would go to the church rummage sale. But now I'm tempted to just have one big purge and go directly to the rummage sale, just to get it done and free up my mental energy for other things. Any advice? I read an article in a recent "Real Simple" where a guy rented a dumpster for 24 hours and completely cleaned out his basement, so that has me thinking ....
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I have spent 2 weeks total doing a major overhaul and getting things outta the house. I am having a garage sale this coming weekend so everything has to be out there, anything left, I am posting on Freecycle that at 4pm anything still on the yard if free for the hauling to come and get it. That way I don't have to deal with it. I will pull off all of my daughters clothes that don't sell and put them back in totes so that they can go to the consignment store because all of her clothes have been worn at most 5 to 10 times each and the rest if free for the pickings. I want my space back and this is the only way I will get it. Then I will start going through things again and will likely have another garage sale next spring again because it seems that things accumulate that quickly!
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I have been drastically decluttering for months now. We are moving soon and I know that I don't want to mess with anything I don't need anymore.

I started out slowly about 6 yrs ago. But that was nothing compared to what I'm doing now. :LOL

Now it's like I can't stop myself! :LOL

I don't mess with selling it. I give everything to the goodwill store. Once I get it sorted out, I want it out of my house right away. No exceptions.

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Once I get it sorted out, I want it out of my house right away. No exceptions.
I so agree. I cant even stand to have it in the house till I get to town to take it to the thrift store. I instead often take stuff to our nearby dumpster and set it outside the container for people to take. That dumpster is called the "Harpster Mall' :LOL
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Originally Posted by momto l&a
That dumpster is called the "Harpster Mall' :LOL


I have hubby take the bags and boxes to his truck right away. He drops it of at the good will on his way to work in the morning. Poor guy is constantly schlepping stuff around

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The goodwill is comin in Thursday to do a pick up here and it has me in purge mode. I'm gonna cragslist some stuff and ebay soem stuff and the rest of it can go. I want to seriously PURGE.
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i would go "all-at-once". i pulled absolutely everything and anything from our cupboards (and placed it all over the floor in our apartment!) and set myself on a mission to de-clutter ourselves of things we don't need and don't use. i am going through every single item to make sure i don't miss a thing.
i set up one big box for the salvation army and one box for things to be returned to department stores for refunds/store credit. there are various little bags made up of things that have to go to certain places (MIL, SIL, local pharmacy etc).
i also made a list of all the things i wanted to get done and are ticking off each and every one, as i do them. it helps me to stay on track and get things done rather than feeling hopeless about it all.
we have SO MUCH crap and sorting out to do, that i took photos of our place with the current mess and are considering putting it up here in my own thread with before and after photos. :LOL
there are only a couple (literally) of things i am selling on ebay. to me, selling everything i don't want is going to be a long and tedious process and i really don't have the patience/mental capability right now for it all. everything is being handed out to goodwill/family/friends that want it.
we are moving next thursday into our brand spankin' new home and i only want to surround myself with the things i really want. so i am going full force here with the de-cluttering since i have a deadline.
deadlines are good.
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I think its different for everyone-

I myself am not a garage sailor nor do I want to have one.
You can go another route- declutter different subjects so different groups can benefit....

For instance- womens clothing and baby/kid clothing. Can you find a shelter, or a place that can get this stuff to them?

Books- Friends of the library clubs loves these.

Toys- Out front as free to take or freecycle or good will etc

Rummage sales- anything left.
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I am of the purge all at once mindsetMIL thinks I am crazy She is of the hoard everything at once mindset:LOL

I say, if you don't love it, use it, or think it has a good resale value, get rid of it.

The only things I will be selling on EBAY are used diapers.The rest, have people pick it up. Even some of the used idpaers that have not much value left in them.
I take that back-I may sell a few expensive sweaters on Ebay.

It's so much work to sell things,and garage sales are nice to go to occasioanlly, but not to give.That part really sucks-sitting in your driveway unpacking a bunch of stuff, only to make few dollars......
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Originally Posted by Leilalu

The only things I will be selling on EBAY are used diapers.... Even some of the used idpaers that have not much value left in them.
: :LOL

I'm sure it was ment differently than it sounds. :LOL
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It helped me to do it all at once type of thing. I had a few piles in one dumping room. Then when I was done, I worked on the dumping room..taking things to the garbage, boxing up things I could absolutely not part with until we get a bigger place (sentimental value), and then the goodwill pile. Loaded the goodwill stuff up and just sent it there.

If you have some things that you think will sell well on ebay, you can have an ebay pile and work slowly off of that. As long as there is some order to it and you have a date put on when it will be addressed, I see nothing wrong with it. I didn't have the patience with ebay and I hate garage selling so most of my stuff went to goodwill.

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I am more of a gradual purger. Sometimes one room at a time, other times it is certain things that I might be able to resell. If we didn't need the funds for my dd's hospital bills, I would certainly donate it all. I also found this cool site where others are in need of something-that is a cool way to give stuff away.
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A good site if you wish to sell things locally and if you are around a major town listed is: www.craigslist.org
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I have been decluttering left and right, I'm really on a roll. DH doesn't even know a fraction of the stuff I've gotten rid of but I don't think he will miss it. What I want to know is where did all this stuff come from? :LOL It's like aliens landed overnight and filled up my house. Well, maybe not, but it feels like it.
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Yard sales are great for some people, but I'm finding that they're just not for me (having one, I mean )!

If I happen to get into a de-cluttering mood I need to get it OUT NOW!
I've tried doing the yard sale thing but I just end up with a ton of crap sitting in my garage and I keep putting it off because it just seems like so much work (especially with two little ones!).

The money thing kind of kills me, because there's just so much *potential* there; but in the end I know I'm really better off to just haul it to Goodwill right away so I don't have it there cluttering up my brain :LOL

It really makes a difference in how I feel...if things are cluttered in the house then that's how I feel *inside*; and if things are clean and orderly then I just feel so free and relaxed!

So yeah...I think I may have just motivated myself to do a massive house/garage/storage shed decluttering!
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I would love to do it all at once, but I never have time! I usually do one room at a time, and try not to cheat by moving stuff from room to room. And we're having a yard sale this weekend. Our whole neighborhood does one every year, we all contribute to the ad costs and get lots more people because it's the whole neighborhood.

Anything left after that gets donated. I do the consignment store thing with the kids' clothes that are in good shape, but that's about it.
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