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Janulicious August #1

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Aviva, cutie pie baby! I've done lots of dye with Dharma dyes (dharmatrading.com) and the t-shirt kits that come with blue, fuschia and yellow are more than enough to do a lot of dipes (or anything else for that matter!)

You can check us out at gallery.deadfrog.net and gallery.deadfrog.net/dipes for the stuff I dyed.

So Lauren and I had a rough night. She really had to be touching me to sleep but she was so restless that she wasn't quite sleeping either, and it kept me up. Every time I tried to move away she'd wake, and you'd think on a king bed we'd be ok w/all that space!

Going to the nutritionist today, but first I must shower!


Hey, somoene remind me later to go back and edit post #1 with all the cool stuff.
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Miss E's wearing a onepiece pants outfit and its all loose but is only as long as capris :LOL

Laura on nip 0

Lisa, no kitchen is not cool

All these mobile or almost mobile babies, its exciting and sad all in one
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Lisa- sorry about the rough nite, good luck w/the nutritionist

Aviva- sweet pics, Japhet's a sweetie pie

Starting to write out postcards and I'm scratching my head wondering why I have one leftover, then it dawned on me I was also counting Megan :LOL I am severely lacking a few brain cells lately
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Oh forgot to say congrats Kathy on making it past 1000!! woohoo way to go momma. You really inspire me to get my butt moving
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Postcards. I got 16 for 16 mamas (forgetting baby #17) but then it was all better when I realized I got one for Geneva also, but then we forgot Heidi so I'm back to where I started.
Off to Lammas ritual! Yay!
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Yay Pam! Have fun!!!

I still have to go find Heidi one. We're not heading to NYC any time soon, so maybe it'll be some other kind of post card... LOL on counting your own kid! If I had done that I would've had enough for David AND Carmen :doh:

Didn't win the tub

Lisa - that is how EVERY night is when I sleep with Ori. It's awful. His sister must've been like Lauren usually is - a LOT easier to sleep with LOL.

Congrats to Kathy and Heather on their July exercise! I got my exercise tapes today in the mail from a swap, so I'm thinking to give them a try...

Ok, not much else going on here. Beca is back at camp and life is blissfully quiet. Oh, but Japhy is SO SWEET! It's kind of nice to have another boy in the crowd. We got a lot of girls in this group Anyone heard from Annie? Caio mamas, andy
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OH MY GOSH!~!! You won't believe this. Ok, firstly, I didn't get the aerobics vids, we got our sign lang, dvd's! Awesome! This is the best set I've found, and it's 110 on ebay for 6 DVD's, 2CD's, a little book with the signs in it, and a set of finger puppets. Beca loved the vids, and I gotta say, it was easy for me to pick up about 3 or 4 signs right away, bopping in and out of the room. WWW.signingtime.com

and THEN! I got this ebay notice that the bidder who won the freaking hot tub backed out! So we get to get it for the LOWER price! Amazing, eh?! I sent them an email to be sure it's even a real offer, seems too good to be true. It's like a 5000$ tub for 2600$ (plus delivery). WooHoo!!!
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Happy August, Mamas!

Wow... where does the time go?!?!? I think we use it up chattering.... hee hee.

Andy, congrats on the tub!! Woo hoo, I am envious! I have NO interest at all in having a swimming pool, but I have to admit I'd *love* an outdoor hot tub. Especially if we settle into the West Coast somewhere ~ perfect climate for year-round soaking That's so awesome. Which aerobics tapes/dvd's are you expecting? I have had a rather fine addiction to them in the past, and have well over 30 I think. Yipes. I do like doing them from time to time, but haven't brought them out in a while.. hmmm, maybe that'll be todays' workout!

Thanks on the Congrats, Laura and Andy. This was a challenging month to meet the goal, so I'm pretty pleased. I'm *hoping* that once DH is done his thesis (if ever.... ) that I can get back to running/elliptical'ing full time. That elliptical is a nice way to eat up an hour, and pretty intense.
I have been doing a lot more lifting this month, and I think that is giving me some visible results already.

I just sent out 2 more postcards this morning ~ Miss Elizabeth and Miss Aine, watch your mailboxes! That means I only have the Hawaii crew left ~ I miscounted postcards (and, um, sending them to ourselves didn't help.... :LOL) so we're going to pick up some more today when we go out. Does anyone know, is it the same postage to get all the way to HI? Or do you throw on an extra stamp?

We harvested our first hot peppers from our garden this morning ~ woo hoo, Mexican tonight! Michelle, if you're around, any favorite recipes to share?

Hmmmm what else.... ok, gotta share this hillarious picture of Miss B... just title it "That's my Girl!"

(hmmm... guess the "insert image" link isn't here anymore??)

Later mamas!
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Kathy - it's very exciting...though trying to be SURE that something is not a spoof is hard. I guess at some point I'll just have to take a leap of faith? Paid through paypal is pretty secure, so I guess that's where we can hope for the best. sigh. Jerry and I are BOTH big hot tub people. I almost never go swimming, but I will spend a lot of time in a tub. Very soothing for me. I laboured with beca in our ht for like 4 hours, took a break, and then another 4 or 5 hrs. It wasn't too hot, though, like maybe 101. I kind of like it not SO hot.

Postage is the same to HI.

Do you guys have your own weights?

Ok, I'm going to go do some yoga before Orin is up. caio!
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I have 10 lb handweights, 5 lb handweights and 3 lb handweights. The 10lb ones are pretty new, and it's amazing what those extra few pounds of lifting can do for ya! They're pretty cheap to buy, and you can work your upper body really well at home. I have a link to a great website with instructions if y'all want!

So which tapes did you order Andy ?? (an unreformed workout video addict here.... :LOL)
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Hey gals! I'm not caught up at all. Probably never will be, oh well. Work is really busy this week so you won't hear from me as much as usual.

Exercise videos - Nana has over 100, easy. Does just buying them make you skinnier?

Weights - we have a home gym, $3000 worth of lifting equipment, in the basement. I was pregnant (but didn't know yet) when we bought it, so have never used it properly. Someday.

Brynn looks so happy with her coffee beans, Kathy.

Andy, you are the eBay queen. Hot tub, mmmm. As to California for hot tubs - nah, they're best when the outside temp is in the 40s. One of the hashers have one and we love to get drunk and strip and run through the cold to the hot tub. The trip back is less fun.

We had a great weekend, and Evelyn was fantastic. My 10-year reunion was fun. Connected with some people I like, including one natural-parenting mom. She came up and said, "Ooooh, another mama with a Maya wrap!" yess!
Got to drink (a bit) and dance with DH, although most of the music was dreadful, no surprise. Evelyn was fantastic for my parents. She played and ate all her squash and bathed in the sink and gnawed watermelon and put herself to sleep.

We have a cat now. I haven't seen her yet. Nana brought her back from Kentucky. She's lurking around the house somewhere, hiding.
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woah check that out. I'm a senior member

Andy I've gotten "second chance" offers from ebay. As long as it was sent through ebay you're ok
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Kathy, I'd like the link I have 1#, 3 and 5, no 10s here yet. And woohoo on the exercise for you!

Andy, oooo aaaahh! Tubby time I SO BADLY want to estimate next years taxes for us - because we will actually get a return this time

Nutr. was ok, she was very friendly and gave me 2 local resources - one mom who is a dietician who has a kid w/severe allergies and another who has a MSPI kid. People to reach out to when I'm ready to give L her first foods.

She also gave me a brand name list of foods so I can go find things that are dairy/soy free and not have to cook EVERYTHING. But the dumbass nurse at the GI's office won't fax the prescription to the nutr. for me (uh yah, the doc wrote it on L's orders, "mom to see nutr" but they won't send it?!?!) so I called my midwife and asked them to send one. Whatever!

Going to read and make grocery lists. I can eat bagels now! Mmm!

Lauren fell asleep in the car on the way home for liek 10 min. and now she's wide awake and has no interest in sleep. Go figure. That's my curse. I should have taken her grocery shopping and worn her out more.

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Haha! I forgot to mention. I swapped for 2 : weightwatcher vids (beginner and intermediate), a pilates dvd (which one I don't know yet, but I don't have ANY, so they'll be fine), and a 4th one, something like the Firm? I am really wanting some aerobics stuff to work out to. I don't have any and the stuff at the library must, I say, suck worse than most, because I couldn't get into it at all. I don't have a step, but we do have some good solid kids step stools, so I think I could use those. I want to get someweights, but I feel like we're bleeding $$ right nw with the tub and the signing dvd's. So they'll weight till xmakah.
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Oh, and yeah, obviously not into the yoga at the moment. Did laundry instead and sent the emails along so Jerry could assess them from work. It's kinda scary doing this stuff w/out even knowing the name of the person we're dealing with. gulp
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Kathy - hysterical pic! Lauren really digs the plastic bags of prewashed lettuce.

Jessi - I think lifting videos counts as weights

Sheri, congrats! What's your senior title going to be? Something about Smurfs?
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you girls are so good excersing. I don't do any : every omnce in awhile I get in 10 minutes of yoga or a long walk in. No exercise and donuts, no wonder why I've got a flsbby tummy :LOL

And yeah where is Annie, there's a culinary tea co-op going on and I though I remembered her saying she would be interested if another one went on.

Kathy that picture of Brynn is too funny DH is a huge coffee lover, I'll have to show that to hojm when he gets home from work
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Ha! Nice pic Kathy - It took a really long time to load here. Maybe I had toomuch going on. You're an addict and you kid's one too LOL! Yay Sheri! Go nuts, mama! Thanks for the reassurance on the 2nd chance. It's so cool, actually! We were ready to bid up, too, but it took too long to load, so we lost. and now we won w/out going up Woo hoo! Jessi - I LOVE hot tubbing in the snow. even on the west coast

Lisa - glad you got some new resources. Good to have. what is up with doctors and nurses who don't respect mamas and their babies?????????????????????????????? I just don't get it. I must be stupid or something. They must know something I don't. Whatever. It makes me mad, I'll tell ya. You have a lot more patience with it than I do. I get right in people's faces who don't help me out when I am needing their help for medical reasons and I gotta say, it's not pretty. But I've been taken advantage of in the med. cmty, and it's one of the worst feelings. Heidi's dealing with it now, and it's just BIG. It's like this great huge rip off by people we really think are there to help/protect us. It sucks. Hey - does anyone have the name/site link to the place Jeni had mentioned a while back about birthing choices??? I got about 90% done reading it and the machine crashed (ok, was a while ago). If anyone remembers, I'd be grateful.
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Lisa I have no idea what my title is going to be. I didn't even know I was close to being senior member : No its not going to be something to do with the smurfs :LOL I'm not a huge smurf fan or anything. my ex-bf and I played an oline game ages ago and I needed a name for my character. I had been going through a smurfs kick (we'd just gotten cable and it was on the cartoon channel) so it just popped up and I've been dragged all through cyberspace ever since. I'm terrible at thinking of names. So unless I get some stroke of genius I imagine my senior memeber title will remain "senior member"
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