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Kathy. government bureaucracy is the WORST ever. I hope you don't have to leave.... unless you want to.
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my ddccc (or whatever it is) is gone too. I liked that one. could make it my senior title..... something to ponder.
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Kathy, I agree, the US gov sucks. So does the medical establishment, and any most other organized thing ever.

Karen, they sell this pool here that is small enough to go in the basement and it has a current... you swim against the water, and exercise that way. I'd like one. Our yard could never have a pool, but my basement could!
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Yep, if I had an extra $20k just floating in the air in my dream world.. http://www.infinitepool.com/
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Lisa- I want a REAL pool. I like to just float around and play in the water. if we were gonna stay at this house i'd insist on building one (we ALL like the water), but we're not. I don't know where we're gonna be though.....
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Went to Nurse Out this morning. Came home, went to post a hello and broke my browser with smilies. Boo. No more smilies unless I know the code.

Met another MDC mama with 2 kiddos. We were it for the nurse out. Local hospital maternal health group also had a table for World Breastfeeding Week out in the hallway, so that was cool. Not the hospital I went to, actually the one with worse reputation for being interventionist. Chatted with them for a bit. Got a free burp cloth with their logo and "Helping Generations Grow". They were absolutely stunned at a ebf'd 6 mo. Like totally thrilled. I guess they don't see that much around here. I forgot to ask the other mama if they were falling over themselves at her nursing 2 yo. :LOL

Kathy, don't get deported! If they're going to send you back to Canada, I'll go in your place. :LOL Is it that you're Canadian and your DH is American? They shouldn't give you such a rough time about that. :

Yikes, where did the day go? I should go get some lunch. All I've had was some macaroni salad before I left the house and a muffin at the mall. Also I've developed an addiction to coconut coffee. It started with Dunkin Donuts but just about anyone with flavored syrups is good.
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Yah, a real pool would be nice, but that would have to go in my FRONT yard, and the city would really frown on that. The little wave one can go in the basement or backyard, but since it gets COLD here in winter, Id like it in my basement.

Lauren is awake. She slept almost 2 hrs. Good baby
Have taken out 2/3 of the trash, need to collect the recycles and the bathroom/bedroom trash, and pack up stuff to go to moms for the night. She's making me junk food.

OK I have ALL my postcards addressed, but nothing written on them. I am going to work on them this afternoon, mom is good at baby holding for me.
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geesh, trying to quietly nurse L to sleep (he's very distracted- we rarely can NIP) nand the phone is ringing off the hook. what's up??? Monday?
no nurse outs here. if there was gonna be one it would have had to be planned by me. sigh... I hate having to do everything,\
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Thanks everyone.... I just feel drained. What a way to waste a nice morning ~ waiting on hold and then being admonished for something I have ZERO control over.

sigh..... oh well.

Jeni, actually we're both Canadian citizens. DH is here on a work visa, and I'm basically as close to a non-person as you can get ~ can't work, qualify for nada. Still, it's been a nice travel experience and I don't mean to knock the good ol' U . S. of A. I do Canda though! We'll see how much so after I speak with my homeland Passport offcie

Starbucks as soon as Brynn wakes up.... what to get, what to get.....
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s Kathy. Enjoy your starbucks!!!
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bad me.... ordered a new ring sling from Zolo- $$$ couldn't resist. the fabric was called "Boomalicious" you should all get one :LOL
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hi all. just subscribing.
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: I just got off the phone with my dad. he walked sans walker : of course he had someone with him, but who cares. it's big. I guess he couldn't really walk well cuz the stroke affected his right hip. that damn pelvis is the key to everything.
I can't wait to see my papa :
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BOOMALICIOUS!!! That's awesome! I'm NOT going to get one, but maybe someday I'll borrow yours for that beach walk...

Lisa - LOL on the pool in the basement. I'd wait till your kitchen cabinets are in :LOL

Kathy!!! I was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO there when we lived in Vancouver. Total persona non grata. At least I FINALLY qualified for health care, after 4 yrs of living there. what a drag. I have a : record, so it took a really long time to process me. Once I was processed, it was easy enough to get everything I wanted, pretty much. And I gotta say Canada has great community service stuff that the US can scoff at all they want, but I thought the services were awesome! Baby classes, mom and me exersize, fitness centers with pools and rinks that are virtually free - better than a YMCA and free to join if you live in the area! Now I miss Canada Or maybe I just miss our hot tub, and when we get ours, it will seem ALL BETTER???

Speaking of which, this company does have excellent feedback, but this paragraph came at the end of the email that originally came (quotes are mine):

"If this message is an offer to sell an item without
winning it on the eBay Web site (including Second
Chance Offers sent through My Messages) please do not
respond to the sender. These "outside of eBay"
transactions are unsafe and not covered by eBay
purchase protection programs."

They requested to contact sender at a different email. This feels fishy, but how can I tell??? Should I ask for a phone number and match it to the web site phone # listed and see if that works? I'm just feeling uneasy about it...

Hi Jeni! Glad the nurse out was populated by ANYONE! This stinky ole town doesn't even have that much going on. Though I did nurse him in Price Chopper today Pasta aisle.

Ok, going to go explore possibilities... please let me know what you mamas think of this whole ebay thing. I'm on the edge here...
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Annie!!! I just clicked on your blog and saw the pic of Kobe's first day at kindergarten! how sweet. how bittersweet! congrats mama!
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Good morning, Annie!

Kathy, that completely bites. I'm sorry our beaurocracy is horrible. I had to deal with immigration to get my passport (because I was born in Canada) and it was quite a pain, even though everything went smoothly and the people I dealt with were nice. I'm sorry you have to go through with that!
You can't work or get money, but we'll sure let you spend it.
Canada is very nice. If not for the boo-cold weather, I'd want to live there, probably Calgary.
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andy, are they a store? sometimes actual businesses have stores as well. that could help. it's hard to spend big $$ online for sure.
the other thing is that if you use your cc, yo might be protected.
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Karen, yay for your dad!

Annie, the pic of Violet up on her hands and knees is awwwwwwwwww precious.

I refuse to look at the boomalicious ring sling. We have six baby carriers. Surely that's enough for three adults. Resist! Resist! and resist the lacybutt diapers at Diaperware. boo hoo
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Arrived in LA this morning with no problems. I love the air conditioner here. And it is quite cool outside. If I weren't so in love with DH I'd never want to leave

Only recipe I have access to here that isn't just "throw stuff together 'til it looks right" calling for hot peppers is this one

I hate bureaucracy. We've had our share of SNAFU's between VA and DMV.
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We're back! Long and exciting weekend, ending with us (ok, just ME) very sunburned. Yesterday we went down to Kapiolani Park for a ukelele festival. Met up with some friends, and had a great time MAn, is it HOT down there or what. Of course, after that we had to go to dh's nice airconditioned work and bug him. and get free frappucinnos

and yes, Kobe started kindergarden on Friday! He did awesome. It was actually just like a pre-day 30 minute, get to know the teacher kinda thing. I really like her, the classroom is great- AND there are 16 kids in his class, with a full year student teacher. So the ratio is 8:1. Can't ask for better than that (besides HS ) So... yeah, I think it'll be good. Kobe is so excited to go back, and I am so excited for him to go back.

Well....I'm waaaay behind, but I'll try.

Heidi, your journey of growth and personal inner healing is such an amazing inspiration to me. So much so, that I've scheduled a CST with one of our local midwives, naturopaths, bodyworkers. I'm really looking forward to it. I think all this anxiety stuff started with Violets pregnancy because I was having her in hospital after A. a very traumatic unproccesed first birth, and 2. a very traumatic incidence with HER pregnancy where I thought I was going to loose her at 20 weeks. I think those two incidents were just the catalysts for brining up all these unresolved issues for me, and now they are staring me in the face and I need to deal with them. So yeah, thanks for being my catalyst to get back to work and do what I do! Healing!! That's so much of who I am, and I've been so far out of myself lately, I haven'y even been doing anything... I have acupuncture tomorrow, CST, at the end of the week, transpersonal counsleing Thurs. AND I'm going to start doing my Reiki self healing every morning. I've got to get back into it. I think doing Reiki was ine of the only times I felt truly peaceful. Plus I think Mrs. Takata is my spirit guide, but that is another, very long story, for another time...So, I'm trying to find a Reiki circle too join as well.

Pam, Jess Pam, I have some Herb Farm Good Mood tincture. It's got St. John's wart, skullcap, kava, and something else in it. I can't take it, cause I'll fry to death in this Hawaiian sun with the ST. J. But I'll gladly send it to you - not sure how it would survive the trip to Canada?

Lisa - wow! Chicago?!?! That would be cool! Would dh be getting paid more?

Karen, glad your Dad is on the up and up, though still has a ways to go. He sounds very determined.

Kathy - OMG?! They LOST YOUR PASSPORT!!!! HOW LAME IS THAT? YES< I AM YELLING ON PURPOSE BECUASE THE IDIOCY OF AMERICAN BEAURACRACIES MAKE ME INSANE!!!....Seriously, that is horrible. I hope you get some answers. And had a good, fatty, sugary coffeelicious starbucks in the meantime. You deserve it.

Andy- I too am confused by the ebay thing. But cool that you are getting a hottub

Aviva ( I Like Aviva better, btw.) You two are so cute. Actually, dh is in there too. You are all cute, and seem like nice people to know IRL

Violet is getting 2 teeth at the same time, and she's not too happy about it. I can't believe she's seven months! and has no teeth?
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