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i've been having contractions as well. nothing painful. i am sure just braxton hicks., right? i never had it with pg #1, wasn't planning on calling my mw since i have an appt on monday.

the week has gotten much better. ds and i are back in sync.

i haven't gotten anything out yet. it's almost like it hasn't hit me yet that we are having another baby in 4-5 weeks. i really need to get on it with my homebirth kit. i have not gathered anything yet. i know my mw is going to get on me for that!

have a great weekend. my dh is actually taking a day off tomorrow! (he hasnt' had one in 2 weeks)
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Jeanie, glad that you and your ds are back in sync with each other. That makes things easier. How awesome that your dh is taking a day off! I am sure that you and your ds will both enjoy having him home for the day.

I have my mw appt on Monday as well and I am soooo looking forward to it! I wanna gripe to her about how idiotic Dr. Miller has once again been in dealing with me. She was on my bad side from the second she walked in the door when I had to see her for one of my appts. *Argh* Okay, enough venting on that. 36 wk appt already! How exciting!

Dh and I are planning to get the 3rd bedroom all done with this weekend. That will be the last really major thing to get done before baby gets here. That is really freaking cool! I feel like we are actually accomplishing things.

I went to a few yard sales today and picked up a set of jumbo lincoln type logs it is a 93 piece set for $1.00 a whole buck! I was thrilled. I would have paid five for it. LOL I got a few other toys for the kids and one toy for the baby. I am done with toys for awhile. I need to weed through the toys I have so that I can sell some to New To You Kids. I imagine they would be happy to take some of the things off my hands. They would pay me a a little bit for them, or give me store credit or something. I think I will be picking up another sling from there as well. Nice to get one for 8.50 instead of 40.00. Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you all later!
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Hi Mamas!

Here's the all about me, too tired to read post - I'll catch up after I get the kids to bed and eat something!

I had my mw appointment / girls' day out today - MW appointment went well, short and sweet (as not much is going on with me). Moonbaby seems to be growing well, I didn't gain any weight, my bp is up a little but still well within reason (but I've been stressing about finances since getting up this am!), and I got the mw's cell and pager numbers just in case I need them anytime soon. My next mw appointment is my home visit - which isn't for another three weeks (I'll be one day shy of 37 weeks!). I have an OB consult appointment a week from Monday, though.
Girls' day out- we had a nice, if sloooow, lunch and then went to the book store we've been dying to go to - and it was closed : - so we went to the "chocolate store" (a tradition of sorts - my dd's favorite part of the day!) and my mom treated me to chocolate - so I now have a stash in my fridge!

I now have to wrangle the overtired kids into bed (even though it isn't even 6pm yet!!!) and get to work on the downstairs bedroom. Did I mention the kids got me up at 3:45 this morning - and dh had fallen asleep on the couch and didn't get up until 5:15?!? He did make me a cheese omelette and bacon this morning for breakfast, so I guess he made up for it!

Speaking of dh - the $ will be in his paycheck next week. I'm very relieved, but won't be convinced until I see it!!! He has to work first shift tomorrow (leaving at 4:30AM!), has Sunday off (he'll stay home and clean out the basement while I take the kids to my parents - and hopefully the people who are interested in the Jeep will come by with their mechanic to check it out then), and then has to work on Monday, which was supposed to be our day together to get stuff done. My parents will have the kids all day, but since dh is working, I'll have the house TO MYSELF all day - I'll take advantage of that time to get lots of stuff done around the house AND take some time to myself and relax in the tub for a while ... or maybe I'll pick up my birth pool this weekend and test it out on Monday. Now that would be relaxing!

I REALLY have to get my kids to bed now - they're almost literally at each other's throats, except they're dueling with wands and "spells", so it's just loud, not violent! :LOL

I hope everyone is having a great day and will catch up with the posts later!!!
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Wow Amanda, BUSY day! Have a chocolate for me..YUM!

Just to let ya'll know, baby finally started moving when I called the OB's office. I was waiting for a call back for HALF AN HOUR. Geeze. My MW was at a prenatal, so I didn't want to bother her for too long, but I did call her to let her know what was going on, and again when she (baby) moved enough for me to calm down. Now she's bumpin around cause I"M HUNGRY...but eatting dinner .
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I have no thad a chance to rad all the posts but wanted to pop in an dsay hi! I've been running around like crazy all day and now that I'm home i have lot's more to do. The contractions have gotten better, I didn't do much yesteday when I got home, just read and relaxed! I should make dinner though, I didn't last night and tonight I'm headed in the same direction!

I have to catch up on my budget, I have a lot to pay off before this baby arrives and I'm not sure it'll happen! I'm updating my computer so I'm not sending everyone viruses anymore It finally cooled off last night and I got some good sleep, I hope it's the same tonight.

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves!! We're getting to a stage where we need to take care of our bodies! Soon, we won't be worried about ourselves anymore so nows the time!! I say everyone owes themselves a pedicure or something! If that isn't affordable, then bubble baths all around

I'm back to organizing my caos! Good weekends to all!
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Wow, it sounds like everyone is so busy this week. I was supposed to be very busy this week, but my basement cleaning landed me on modified bedrest due to contractions. I really tried to take it easy and work slow while taking lots of breaks, but it didn't seem to matter much. Dh did all the lifting for me, so I didn't even do that. So, I have 2.5 weeks of modified bedrest and then my midwife doesn't care what I do because I will be 36 weeks. lol. I did manage to clean a lot of my basement though (before I got the contractions of course)- 6 bags of clothes and stuff went to the salvation army and 7 bags went out to the dumpster. 2 big bags of craft stuff went to my grandmother. It feels so freeing to get rid of all the extra stuff that we don't need.
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Happy Saturday, Mamas!

I don't know what to do today. I don't feel like getting the kids dressed. I don't feel like leaving the house with three children, chasing them around in this heat, using expensive gas, etc. - especially since we have no money at all to spend on anything so wouldn't be able to do much. On the other hand, the kids may go stir crazy if I don't get them out of the house! Maybe I'll invent some birth projects for the kids to do while I get some cleaning done. The fleas have retreated off the carpets to the tile/vinyl floors, so I need to do a good vacuuming/scrubbing of the floors to try to get rid of the last of them!!! I'm tired of itching! (I cleaned up the kitchen/dining room a bit last night and got some new bites...I was NOT happy!)

Amanda - Happy to hear your little girl finally decided to cooperate! Moonbaby has days like that, and as soon as I'm convinced something may be wrong, s/he starts dancing around!

Goldie...great yard sale finds! My kids LOVE lincoln logs! Good luck getting the third bedroom done - I'm going to be working on our third bedroom today, too!

Angie...Take care of yourself! It sounds like you got a TON of work done on your basement ... sorry to hear you're on bedrest! If you need anything, let me know!

I better find something for the kids and myself to eat for breakfast...dh left for work at 4:30 this morning (shortly before the kids got up!) and he usually takes care of breakfast. At least he should be home by 3:30 - when I'm planning on taking a nap!!!
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More mad nesting...I have been painting (again), and have finished the boy's room in a pretty chambray blue. It's been too hot to play outside, and the kidlets have been creative with crafts but are getting stir crazy. Happily, we're meant to have better weather over this weekend, and DH is home tonight for a few days. (Yay!)

I'm at 37 weeks this coming Wed. ('due' the 31st), and am starting to get a wee bit concerned about DH making it home on time for the homebirth. He's an airline pilot, so will be of little use to me if he's on the west coast while I'm laboring. (Just the drive from the airport to home takes about 1hr!) I have a friend who is taking the kids during labor, and as she was a doula & bradley instructor, I wouldn't mind having her stick around if DH takes a while. He has taken off two weeks over my due date and can kind of move a few days around, so I'm counting on everything just working itself out. I'm not even going to dwell on the fact that it takes the midwife just under an hour to get here. :LOL

Contractions here and there, and often lots of pressure. Baby is *still* posterior. Interesting mucus on occasion. My mom calls twice a day now, and is slowly driving me nuts. I tend to go 41wks, so I don't know *why* I'm getting my hopes up for a sooner rather than later birth. There's still so much to do! Just so I don't go 43wks, I'm going to start taking the EPO, and up the RRL tea! :LOL

On Wed., I have a T-ball picnic to go to for DS, and am not so much looking forward to it. It seems like everyone in the neighborhood wants me to be huge and miserable, and eager to hear awful birth stories. I feel compelled to do cartwheels into the picnic pavillion, or something equally absurd. Gah! DH has to go out on a trip that day, so it won't be cartwheels...it will be shepherding three kids and a fruit salad or something all by myself. Which I can manage quite well (or at least appear to for an hour or so), but dread it all the same. I hate social gatherings, which is why I married Mr. Social-People-Person.

Hope everyone is enjoying these last weeks...I'm really getting excited. I keep my birth bead necklace on my dresser when I'm not wearing it, and have hung a print of a fully bloomed rose over it. I had my home visit last Wed., and my MW told me it was time to double make the bed, so I did that yesterday. All of the supplies are in order...I just have to sort out the meals & snacks. *starts another obessive list*
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Wow Simply! I think I'd go crazy if dh were an airline pilot! My dh is a contractor, and sometimes it takes him 2 hours to get home from a job site, so...I'm going to have to be extra vigilant when I think I'm in labor before I call him home...but of course I don't want him to miss anything. And my mw lives about 90 minutes away too! LOL There were 2 mw's that were closer, but I couldn't afford them!
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My dh works about 45 minutes - 1.5 hours from home, depending on time of day/traffic. I usually labor at night - and he usually gets home around 10:45/11PM, so hopefully he'll get home around the time my labor is picking up or I'll go into labor when everyone's in bed! I labor best alone, so the odds of me going into labor during the day are slim to none, considering I have my three kids with me all the time!

Depending on where they are at the time, the midwives are anywhere from a half hour to 1hr 15 minutes from me. (Their office is a little more than an hour from me, but one lives closer.)

Dh is making pizza for dinner with the kids, and after dinner the kids are going right to bed - at 4:00 they were asking when bedtime was because they're tired!!! I'm RAVENOUS because I wasn't feeling that well this morning/early afternoon (felt better after ignoring housework and taking a nap!) so didn't eat much. I have a feeling I'll eat lots of pizza and then end up making myself more food at around 9pm.

I'm so excited about Monday - my parents will have the kids all day, dh will be at work, and I'll be in a cleaning and cooking frenzy! I'm going to clean the entire downstairs and rearrange the downstairs bedroom (guest room/playroom) to make it more suitable to labor and/or birth in. I'm also going to brown a bunch of ground turkey and freeze it (takes less room than freezing 6 qts of chili - after baby's born I can just throw the meat, beans, etc. in a crock pot and turn it on!) and roast a turkey (had to get it out of my freezer to make room for post-baby meals!), which we'll eat some of, I'll make turkey stock from, and I'll freeze some for post-baby meals. I'll just have to make stuffing and cranberry sauce as well ... my dh and kids will love it! I can feel nesting coming on full blast now....this could be dangerous!!! :LOL
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Amanda, sounds like you will be having a busy day on Monday. I hope that the rest of your weekend goes smoothly until then though. I will be finishing up the 3rd bedroom tonight if it is the last thing I do! Tomorrow is the Riverfest Car show that dh really wants to go to. I am hoping that if we go during the earlier morning that we will be able to avoid some of the really nasty heat. Then tomorrow afternoon we will be headed down to Milwaukee to celebrate dh's Grandpa's birthday. That should be interesting as it will be the first time in about 6 months that the whole family will have gotten together.

I hope that ds will be ok while we are there. I think with both dh and I there and having dd on hand as well will help ds. Keep your fingers crossed that my boy doesn't freak out and turn into a leech.

We are on our way out the door to see if we can't get our hands on a toddler bed for dd. It would be nice to get her into her big girl room and at least start getting her used to sleeping somewhere other than with Mommy and Daddy. I will check in later and let you know my progress. LOL :LOL
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