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: What the heck birth control My first was an oops 3 yrs on birth control pills my second was a ohh sh... 9mth old also on the pill. I can't say I wasn't asking for it I would constantly forgetting and double upping. Well after my second I was asking there's got to be something else out there. I got a flyer in the mail for marana a form of IUD. I asked friend about it them knowing very little. So then I turned to my Dc. I'm 26 my husband 31 two kids together and my husband has a daughter 11. Married for 3yrs in august together for 7yrs. I wasn't ready for my tubs tide I don't know what tomorrow will bring who knows I won't want another. So my mission continued. I looked into all the things out there. My dc said I was a perfect candent for the IUD nervous I decided to get it after my daughter was born. I LOVE IT. No more taking a pill or dealing with any of those crappy things out there. Granted I can only use it for 5 yrs but I believe by the time I get it out I will know if I want another baby and I can do what I got to do when that time comes (husband the big V) Anyway's got any ??? Been on it for 8mths. Got it 6 wks after delivery. A little campy after it was inserted. But no problems sense.