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Looking for Canadian resources

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I'm 21 weeks pregnant with twin girls and living in Ottawa, Canada. Are there any other Canadians out there? And do you have any recommended Canadian resources?

These are the links I have so far:

Multiple Births Canada

Mom2Many - Parents of Multiples Across Canada
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Hi jlobb

Congratulations on your twins! I hope all is going well for you and the babies.

I have 4 y/o b/g twins and 2 singletons and I remember how important it was to connect with other moms while I was pregnant.

I'm in Southwestern Ontario. There is a huge twins club in Ottawa but they are not part of the MBC group and I don't remember . Off the top of my head I would say try calling public health or even the library for a contact name/number. You might also try calling the children's hospital birthing floors as they may have a contact or even your midwife/OB.

Linda Haddon might know a contact for you as well. She runs this organization which is based in Ottawa:
She's a great resource and you are lucky to have her in your area.

You could also try contacting MBC - someone there is likely to know how to put you in touch with the local group.

Oh - just found this
http://www.mbfa.ca/ - the Ottawa group's website

Good luck!
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thanks Karenwith4!

Are you close to London, On.? All of my family and my husband's family is back in London, so we travel back and forth quite a bit ... although I guess that might change in the next year ... we'll have to see how things go. Any tips about syncronizing your twins eating, sleeping, etc.?
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We're about an hour east of London just off the 401.

I'm of 2 minds about sychronizing schedules. It's nice in theory - but it doesn't always work to everyone's benefit. Sometimes it is nice to have one baby at a time. Sometimes it is nice for them all to sleep....lol But IMO there is a fine line between changing a schedule for convenience of the family and being less respectful of their needs and individuality.

In practicality, we co-slept and I just either nursed whoever needed it at the time, or tandem nursed if that was what was necessary. We fed on demand so I didn't deliberately attempt to get them nursing in synch so much as it kind of happened. I had one cat-napper and one who would sleep for hours at a time. I couldn't get them to nap at the same time for the longest time. Eventually it worked out but the cat-napper would only sleep for a longer period of time if I was with her and she's still like that. We adjusted by tandem nursing both of them, my ds would fall asleep and then I could focus on dd to get her to nurse to sleep while I read to my eldest. DD would sleep and I would try to slip away while positioning her next to her twin.

My kids are car nappers - all of them. So if the day was going haywire and I was about to lose it I'd pile us all in the van - drive to a Tim Horton's about 20 minutes away - get a tea and a treat and then drive home. If they were still awake when I got home I would do it again. If they were asleep I'd lock the doors and sleep with them, or read or just sit with no one touching me for a while. It was a bit of heaven and I got enough time to be able to make it through the rest of the day.

My advice - which you have probably already heard 100s of times is to get help - lots of it - for a LONG time. :LOL

Really - if you can get through the first 6 weeks then you are through some of the worst of it. I found a huge difference in my ability to cope at 6 wks, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Then it gets a bit nuts as they learn to walk - but the constant physical strain on your body of no sleep, lots of nursing etc fades about that time too - making the walking easier to handle. By the time they are 2 having twins can be easier because they entertain each other but they can also get into double the trouble.

It's hard - but it is also amazing.

Good luck!
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