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i haven't seen the thread in a while, so i thought i'd start an August one, if that's ok?

i'm 9.5 months PP, and still having pretty bad adhesion pain, just below and to the right of my bellybutton. the incision site doesn't hurt at all, it's still numb, but the adhesion pain sucks! that's the one thing i don't remember hearing about when i was studying for birth. even in "The Thinking Woman's Guide To A Better Birth", Henci Goer only mentions adhesions once, in the VBAC section, and doesn't expound on them. i really would have liked to have heard it from my OB, during my postpartum care, you know? like, "some women form internal scars called adhesions, you may feel some extra cramps or tearing sensations from time to time, especially during your period or while having sex." would it be so hard to better educate women??

anyway, i saw a lot of threads about c-sections lately, and thought i'd mention that adhesions are a real bitch. not debilitating, but more than annoying.

how is everyone else who's had a c-birth doing? do you prefer to call it a c-section, a cesarean, a c-birth, or a birth?