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36W ... Is it too late? (LONG)

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DH and I are expecting our first in late August, early September.

We live in a rural area where our options are limited.

We originally sought care with some CNMs who practiced about 2.5 - 3 hrs away who then refused to take my case because they're overseeing OBGYN didn't feel that they could handle a woman with thyroid disease and PCOS and the medications I was on at the time. My thyroid disease is in remission, and I am not sick, nor have I been this entire pregnancy.

So, that left us with an OBGYN at our local hospital. He has provided excellent prenatal care, and we've been assured that the baby (and I) are very healthy. I know everything's healthy and just fine.

This entire time, we've been very uncomfortable with the idea of birthing at the hospital. I mean, birth is not a medical event! I guess I don't have to get on my soapbox here ...

Now as we approach the due date, we're really sick about birthing with an OB at the hospital--knowing that we'll have to fight to the teeth to have our son protected from routine, but unnecessary procedures ... and DH wants to assist in the birth as much as possible, which is not allowed in a hospital beyond cutting the cord.

So we were very uncomfortable with a hospital birth anyway, and then we were speaking to a doula about our OB and hospital and she alerted us to some things that put us over the edge ...

So now we definitely are going to birth at home, but are wondering if it's too late to plan on a UC? I'd already done a lot of research on UC these past few months ...

I have no fears regarding childbirth, just the hospital, KWIM? DH is fully prepared to take an active role in the birth ...
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Personally, I think it's only too later AFTER you've had the baby. If you feel strongly about it, and you know what to expect from the birth process (as much as anyone really can, ya know), there's no reason why you shouldn't plan for a UC. I'd spend these last few weeks really connecting with the idea and resolving some things like how to get a birth cert., social sec. # (if you do that) and things like that. It's great your husband wants to be so active in the birth!

You don't need a bunch of supplies. Just a way to tie off and cut the cord and all your necessary baby items that you'd have anyway. Blankets, diapers, clothes.

Wishing you a peaceful birth when the time comes, whatever you decide!
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Go for it!

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Why would it be too late? Is there some kind of preparation you want or think you should have that would take longer than a month?
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I certainly don't think it's too late.

What do you feel like you need to be prepared?
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Originally Posted by Arora The Explorer
What do you feel like you need to be prepared?
I feel like I need to gather some supplies such as xtra sheets, xtra towels, maybe a shower curtain to protect our bed, some pads, a nice pair of scissors (ours are very dull) for the cord and possibly a fetal stethoscope ...

UC feels very 'right' for us, but all of my close friends and family have chosen hospital births and a handful of acquaintances have chosen homebirth with a midwife, so, I also feel that I need more stories of women who've made the same choice that I have.

DH would like to study perineal care a little more closely. I feel like I need more information on RH incompatibility--it's tough to find. From what I gather, it's not going to be a problem because we will wait to cut the cord until it has stopped pulsating and I will deliver the placenta naturally.

Thanks for the support.
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you've got time to research all of that! A few hours of googling on different topics should put your mind at ease. And of course checking out different UC sites for encouraging birth stories! Good luck!! A few weeks doesn't sound like much time, but it really is plenty to check out info and feel ready. well, I should say it's enough for me, and I'm NOT a fast reader or an effective googler.

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Originally Posted by snowbunny
we will wait to cut the cord until it has stopped pulsating and I will deliver the placenta naturally.
You might have meant it this way already, but be sure to wait until after the placenta is out to cut the cord! The cord stops pulsating really soon, but the blood transfer isn't done until after the placenta is out. Next time I'll wait longer than I did for Marcos- at least an hour.
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Planning on a UC can be as simple as staying home when you go into labor!!

You really don't "need" much for a UC- mostly things you'd need anyway after the birth such as baby clothes and diapers, postpartum mama pads, clothes suitable for nursing in (unless you're comfy with the idea of hanging around topless during your babymoon.) Nice to have are some disposable chux pads or a huge quantity of bathtowels to give birth on and sit on shortly after the birth. Hydrogen peroxide is great for getting blood stains out of carpet, etc, so it's good to have that on hand for post-birth cleanup as well.

I personally recomend using disposable items for the birth and the first few days afterwards (chux pads, sanitary napkins, sposie diapers, paper plates, etc,) unless you have somebody who can help wash everything. There's already so much to do with a brand new baby that a few extra loads of laundry and dishes can seem overwhelming! Right now would be a good time to start freezing extra meals so you don't need to worry about cooking with a brand new baby in the house.
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We did not know we were going to go unassisted til 2 weeks before the birth. Like you, we lived where there were no options, and the hospitals were still knocking women out in 1989!! So thier idea of natural birth was mom could talk during her epidural...no thanks!
We had a small bunch of supplies, and just went about our business until labor started, and then we had a couple of friends there to help- one with the children(which you don't have to worry about yet) and one for me....she reminded me to go to the bathroom, and she checked the hr, and told me what a good job I was doing....Your husband can do the same. Oh, and my husband was not medically oriented at all, and I just wanted him to catch, so that is what he did....
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I think you have plenty of time. I didn't decide (for sure) until I was in labor. The only "special" supplies I bought were disposable underpads (Chux), that I picked up at Walmart (incontinence supplies).

Other than that, we grabbed my embroidery scissors to cut the cord, two hours afrer delivery, and a big Tupperware bowl for the placenta.

And I delivered, kneeling in the bathtub, which made clean up very easy.
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Welcome Mama. Thanks for posting. I feel like I am seeing myself in your post. I came here with similar concerns, and was sort of in the same boat as you. I had an ob but it didn't feel right. We fired her about 3 weeks before our baby was due. It was both terrifying and liberating at the same time.
That being said, these mamas can direct you to the best places for information (UC threads included) and will be with you every step of the way! That's why I came here in the first place. Wonderful supportive mamas.
Go for it mama and enjoy your first steps to liberation in birth!
Oh, and PM me if you want me to add you to the UC support thread under "expecting"

I have graves disease, overweight & anemic...its not gonna stop me!

All my best
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Puh-Leeze. The stupid-ass reasons some OB's will come up with to try and say a women shouldn't have a homebirth...I had my first baby UC last September, with PCOS and thyroid disorder, was on medicine for each. And, had i wanted it, a local CNM would have gladly taken me on as a birth, but i saw her for prenatal care only. We did buy a few things, i had a waterbirth, so we had a pool and accesories, but really, all you NEED to do is..stay home and at some point, after some labor, a baby will come out. The things i had around that i actually used were several $1 shower liners that i laid on the floor to walk around on..some towels...some food/drink....a couple of the Chux pads...the Peri-herbs.

Jess, who can not believe her angel is almost a year old, despite the fact that said angel is currently running around the house chasing her brothers!
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Congratulations on your upcoming birth! First babies are so exciting!!!!

I agree with what has been said already. It is only too late for a UC if you'd HAD that baby.

I'm not sure what you have going on over the next week or two but figure there is plenty of time to read UC birth stories online ... that's probably the best 'research' you can do. Read them, print them out and read them in bed, leave them in the bathroom and read while you're soaking in the tub ... you get the idea.

As for supplies ... you could purchase a birth kit at one of the many places online, or go minimal like many do and have something to cut the cord, something to tie it, some dollar store shower curtains to protect the bed and/or carpet ... and some extra towels if you are short on those. I'm sure you have everything else you need ... babies only need Mama and breastmilk.

::::: cheering for you :::::::

I can only imagine how different my life and babies' lives would have been if I had been so empowered during my first pregnancy! First or last, each baby deserves the best birth possible ... and it sounds like you know in your heart that he'll get that birth AT HOME with his Mama and Daddy.

I'm expecting my 5th baby (and second UC) in December ... you can read my first UC birth story here: http://unassistedchildbirth.com/ucstories/dylan.html
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Here's my birth story (UC)...

Samaya's unnasissted birth
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Thank you very much for your insight and support.

In the past week, we've gathered what supplies we felt we still needed (pads, shower liner, xtra towels and sheets since we have so few). All we need is the baby!

Thank you very much for sharing your stories too! I really appreciate that.

I'm so looking forward to this UC ...
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I'm glad you guys are feeling more prepared! Happy birthing!
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