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IUD Question (not sure if this is the best place to post this?)

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Anyone have problems being on the pill & go for an IUD instead? Whenever I was on the pill (several diff. varieties) I was incredibly moody & b!tchy. My dd is 16 mths old & my dh & I are definitely not ready to start ttc - we are still deciding whether we want to add to our family at all! However, I am totally sick of condoms & don't want to do a diaphragm or similar barrier method. I was thinking about an IUD...but I realize that releases hormones too. Anyone have any experiences (good or bad) they want to share? Thanks!
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I was told that the hormone IUDs have the exact same effect as taking the pill. For me that was an incredible decrease in libido. So I went for the copper IUD.

Now, I'm not the best person to ask b/c I actually got pregnant with the copper IUD the first time around. But that's because it had slipped out of place. I knew it had slipped, but I didn't go get it checked. Totally my fault.

This time around, I've got a copper IUD in again and I love it. My libido is fine and I'm protected without hormones. I am just really conscientous about having it checked. Your first period after having it inserted is the most important time to have it checked, as the period can flush it out of place.

Good luck!
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Yup, not all IUD's have hormones. Itr's been great for me.
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I've had a copper IUD for well over a year and love it.

one of the reasons that I love it so much is that it cost one office co-payment to have it inserted ($10) and that's it. it was costing me almost $20 a month for my co-payment on the pill.
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Thanks for all the feedback - I didn't know there was more than one kind!
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You can find lots of info on both kinds if you search the Family Planning forum!
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I got an IUD after coming off of Depo (evil stuff) about 8 years ago. Depo had really done a number on my body and I needed to get away from hormones for a while. I had the copper T IUD for 5 years (though it was good for 10) and really liked it. We are (kind of, sort of, after DH gets back from sea) TTC #2, but after that I will get another IUD.
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Okay. I don't want to be the downer, but I felt I had to reply.
I don't know much about copper IUD's. When I was discussing birth control options with my MD after I had DS, I told him I did not want b/c that was hormonal. He suggested the Mirena IUD. He said it does have hormones released, but "they are minimal and don't have really bad side effects". He told me that copper IUD's have an increased risk for something, but I don't remember what (tried to steer me away from the copper one). I wish I would have done more research, but our insurance was about to run out (like, within a couple of weeks) and I had to get something quick. I opted for the Mirena IUD. I wish I would done more research and talked to more women who have had the copper one inserted.

I HATE my Mirena. I haven't had a period in 2 1/2 years (as well, I don't think I have had any normal hormone fluctuation). I have NO libido. I mean, like NONE. I think my IUD has slipped or shifted...I can still feel the strings, but sex is sometimes painful. I want it OUT. But DH does not want any more children( another story) and right now we have no health insurance and we can't find a doctor willing to sterilize either of us because we're "too young". I JUST turned 25, so I do have better chances of finding a MD that will sterilize me, but DH is 21...and it's so much less expensive and less painful, less recovery time, etc etc, if he gets snipped.

Anyways, didn't mean to turn this into a rant-fest about my issues. Just passing along my experience with Mirena. IMO, don't get one. I honestly think that the MD tried to "sell me" on the Mirena (for whatever reason), because he strongly discouraged using the copper one, and all I've heard recently is good stories from women who use the copper IUD.

There's my .02.
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I loved my IUD until I found out that it had come out during my menstrual cycle. It cost $450 (paid by insurance, but still) plus the copay for the insertion, and lasted... one month of fertility. It came out during my first cycle after ds.

If you get it, be ultra-vigilant about checking it after your menstrual cycle each month. I always figured I'd surely notice if it came out in my panties (we're talking a .5 by 1 inch piece of metal, right?) but I didn't. I've now got an appointment with my gyn and I'm going to ask for the pill or the patch. Then dh is getting fixed, because we're done. :LOL
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