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fyi, haven't done my birth story yet......but I will some time.
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Have you heard of "More Milk" tinctures?

Some people swear by them.

(Not a twin mom, just popping in to offer a suggestion. )

You sound like you're doing a great job, mama.....my hat's really off to you twin mommies.
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I'm so glad you have gotten some help here and have gotten a plan together that feels right.

I could have written your original post about 9 months ago, in fact if you hadn't mentioned having a three year old also I would have done a double take. :LOL My rage and grief over having to supplement were boundless. I have felt nothing like it, though the intensity of the rage/grief of infertility were similar, nothing matches the feeling of not being able to sustain your own children. I found that my LLL leader application process helped me get a lot of that out of my system, my application is correspondingly l-o-n-g.

I would wholeheartedly second getting your hands on any information from Dr. Jack Newman that you can. He was a sane voice in a world of nonsense advice for me. His book is awesome, buy it directly from amazon.ca (not .com). His pages of information on www.breastfeedingonline are unparalleled. His personal replies at drjacknewman@sympatico.ca are helpful, timely, and down to earth. He doesn't mince words but gives the real scoop.

Here's what I found after many months of research, lots of desperate weeping, and profound rage:
1. Oatmeal did absolutely nothing. I ate pailfuls. I hate it and I still did it. Nothing.

2. Fenugreek is not for anyone with blood sugar or blood pressure issues. Be cautious.

3. Domperidone is illegal in the U.S. as of February 2005. This is an outrage, and I wholeheartedly support any mom who chooses to purchase it and use it. Again, see Dr. Newman for info.

4. More on domperidone. It is unlikely to do much at this point. I was at the same supplementation level as you at the same age as your little ones when I wrote Dr. Newman. There was not much hope for real substantive change in my supply from domperidone at that point. Write him to get the latest, however.

5. Rest: Ha!!!!!!! Although the pps advice about giving yourself 24 hours off if needed sounds GREAT! Wish I had heard that one, wow!

6. Solids: oatmeal, rice cereal, etc: not enough calories. Try mashed bananas, mashed avocados, mashed sweet potatoes. Mix with some of the dratted formula to soften. If they don't push it back out they are probably OK to continue. Remember that breastmilk and formula have more calories per ounce than most solids, so add high calorie foods first, and mix with formula. This will lessen somewhat the amount of formula you have to put in the supplementers.

7. If the supplementers work for you, keep it up! That's a great solution for those it works for, keep it in the act!

8. Angry DH: he'll get over it. Mine did. Truly.

Now a voice from the other side. Alicia dropped her final supplement bottle at 9 months, Annika at 10 months. The girls are now 22 months and still nursing with dedication and devotion - frequently not to say incessantly. I got through my LLL application process!! There has not been a bottle in the house in 9 months. I have forgotten the horror, though the rage and pain do return occasionally in memory they are just that - a memory.

You can do it! You can hold on, you can stick it out, you can beat the formula! Breastfeeding will win, it really will! You're doing much better than you know and you will reap such great rewards as time goes on. Hang in there mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nursing twins is REALLY, REALLY hard and you are doing an amazing job. Just because a person supplements or begins solids early (and it sounds like your babes handled that just fine!), does not mean that you are not doing a truly great thing by continuing to bf your babies. Remember, you are doing something that most "mortal" women would not even think of attempting Just because you are having challenges now, does not mean that your little ones won't become great, satisfied little nursers.

I also found that addressing my post-partum depression issues helped a great deal with my ability to sleep (that is, to sleep when I had the chance), and therefore, my ability to feed my babies.

Hang in there and keep doing whatever works for you and your babies.
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Mama - I just wanted to send hugs and support your way!!

Sounds like you already got tons of great advice from others here. Way to go for sticking with it!! You are a strong and loving mommy!!
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Originally Posted by AmyY
3. Domperidone is illegal in the U.S. as of February 2005. This is an outrage, and I wholeheartedly support any mom who chooses to purchase it and use it. Again, see Dr. Newman for info.
Do you have more information about this? I know that the FDA put out an advisory about domperidone in June 2004 but my understanding was that it is still legal for anyone to order prescription drugs for personal use from other countries.

As for whether domperidone would help at a particular point or not, it seems every woman's experience is different but it certainly helps MOST mothers far more than any of the supplements/oatmeal/drinking water.
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Ya know you may be right about it still being legal to order! Hmm let me do a search and see what I can find out - I lost a lot of my info in a recent computer crash so don't have handy the source I thought I had. I'll be back!

I agree totally about domperidone working better than anything else too! Even after Dr. Newman told me it probably wouldn't help in my specific case I still asked my doc if she'd prescribe it for me (at that time it was fine to do that) :LOL She declined on the grounds that I had so many health problems at the time that adding yet another medication was not a good idea, sigh...

Just underlining again the point that domperidone is the go-to medication for even the most challenging of supply issues. Thanks Wednesday
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Yeehaw Amy!

I am printing that post out, got a singleton very young mama I am mentoring who is very discouraged and was told by docs to stop - so that helps a great deal.

I feel useless posting, as everything has been said but...for us it was the same, very slow growth, milk supply questions, but it all worked out.
Our formulae was:

Fenugreek 3caps/3x/day
Mother's Milk tea, as iced tea was my fave
Blessed Thistle tincture, usually placed in tea mentioned above
Pumping after every feeding for 10 minutes on both sides
Massaging the milk down, Dh liked to help with this...lol
Using a Camelbak water pouch on my back while stuck on nursing pillow for hours

unsure if that helps, but it worked for us, especially getting the supply back after the NICU nightmare We managed to listen to me cry thru two weeks of getting Quinn back to the breast only.

Much peace and mucho milk to you, you are doing a great job by working so hard and asking for help

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I forgot the down under nursing position, which allowed me to sleep and my milk to increase - laying down with babies propped up on each breast - lotsa pillows under each arm.
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Thanks again for all your responses. I never would've believed that one could so positively affect their milk suply - if I hadn't experienced it myself!!!! I mean, WOW!!!!

I can squirt milk across the room now, AFTER the twins are satiated! What a feeling.

Here's what I've done the last 2 weeks (and will continue):
-REST I'm lying down a few times a day sometimes with all 3 kids on bed but it's still restful
-FENUGREEK Boy do I smell funny! I make 2 infusions per day(1 teaspoon each) and then eat the sprouted seeds during the day.
-WATER Now up to 1 and a half gallons a day - I really needed more with the hot weather
-OATMEAL or barley every day, one bowl
I had to scrap the nut. yeast-it was causing my eczema to come out

And you know what ? Both babes are sleeping better thus I'm getting more sleep at night, last night I got 4 hours in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys really helped me out, I was so weary from it all I couldn't see straight, thanks so much.

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Yay you!! I'm glad things are on the upswing. Good for you for sticking it out. It's not an easy thing you are doing and you should feel VERY proud of yourself for doing so well.

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That's great!!!! You're an inspiration!
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Yeah!!!!! Hooray!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK I've run out of words I'm just so excited for you!!!!! :LOL
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Great news Hooray for you, and for your babies!
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