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Having trouble putting twins to sleep

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Hi everybody

I have twin boys that are 19 months. They are now sleeping in single beds and they are use to be held down and get there belly rubbed. It use to take about 20-30 minutes but now it is the party they only want to play and I am having to really hold them down. I feel like it is a wrestling match with me to get them to settle down.

Any suggestion I do not want this to take 2 hours and lots of tears. They are in single beds and can walk.

any suggestion

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How do they react if you do the routine and then leave. WIth them still wide awake.
My twins went through something like this. They used to nurse down. Then they would finish nursing and not be asleep and I didn't know what to do. So I tucked them in, kissed them goodnight and left.
They weren't upset about it at all. They did (and still do) get out of bed and play with each other till they fall asleep. Sometimes they are asleep in their beds as I left them if they were really tired. Sometimes they are in a heap of baby just inside the door.
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I went through the same thing with my twins and we still go through it and they are 4. We have had the same routine since they were in their cribs and I just let them play. We do not have any toys in their room, however. All 3 of my boys share a room. I used to put a baby gate up across the door, but now that the twins are potty trained, I can't do that anymore.

I would just do your routine and leave. As long as they don't hurt themselves, it will be alright to let them play and wind down. If you ahve to place them in their beds after they are asleep, that's ok, too.
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When our bedtime routine starts taking too long, it's always been a sign that we need to adjust naps. Soon after a year we had this after & we dropped down to one nap. Lately it's been taking longer again (though more in the form of them just staying up later) which I know we could "fix" by shortening (or cutting out) their nap altogether but at this point I'd rather have them staying up later than lose the nap so that's what we're doing LOL. Anyway, if bedtime routine isn't working, the first thing I'd look at is the naps.
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