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October DDC, weekly thread 8/1-8/7

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So, how are all the October mamas doing this week?

Things are going well here. I had my 28 week midwife appointment today (I'm 28 weeks, 1day ish), which included the oh so lovely glucose test and Rhogam shot. I'm measuring at 30 weeks and have gained 4 lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago, for a total of 20-22 lbs. Somewhere in there, anyhow. The midwife couldn't tell yet if the baby is head down, but I think he is, just based on the type of movements I'm feeling and where.

My daughter, 25 months old, has weaned. I'm suprised and a little sad, but I'll get over it! It's weird that I started this pregnancy nursing two, and now I'm not nursing anyone (ds weaned very early on in the pregnancy, at 4 years, 6weeks old, and probably would have regardless of me being pregnant).

The kids are both getting excited about "baby brother," especially dd. She always makes me lift my shirt so she can talk to him and hug him and kiss him (because, apparently, she can't SEE him, if my shirt is down :LOL). We still haven't picked a name. We are trying one on for size right now, but I'm not completely convinced yet. Add that to the fact that if we call him anything but "baby boy" or "baby brother," dd goes into a tizzy about how that's NOT his name.

I think that's about it for news here - everyone else?
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Originally Posted by eclipse
My daughter, 25 months old, has weaned.
Awww...my 28 month old has weaned as well. We went on vacation at the beginning of July, and that's around the time DH took over bedtime responsibilities. DS was only nursing to sleep at that point. So my boobs will have an entire 4 months to themselves before I start it all up again. It is definitely bittersweet. I do miss it...I'm so glad I'll soon have another little nursling here.

I have my 30 week appointment tomorrow. I'm doing okay, with the exception of sciatica pain (mostly when I first wake up in the morning...it improves after I've walked the dog) and varicose veins in my vulva.

Today it dawned on me: "What is going to happen to those veins when I'm pushing the baby out???" That made me a little nervous. I had bad tearing last time...I'm trying to avoid that with perineal massage, better pushing position, and listening to my body's cues. I pushed VERY HARD and very abruptly because DH and the nurses said "Push harder! We can see the head!" I'm one of those people who loves a challenge. I thought "I'll show you a push" and bam out came the baby. But I was definitely worse for wear after that.

We are also nameless at this point. We have a list of about 5 boys names, and just 1 for a girl. I want to SEE and MEET the baby, and then we'll decide.

Hope everyone is feeling well and doing well!
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Hi everyone, its been awhile since I've been online. I'm 31 weeks now and darn uncomfortable! It feels like the baby is squishing my stomach so I don't feel hungry but if I don't eat I feel incredibly nauseaus. Also all my stomach muscles ache like they are being pushed to the limit!

I've been doing Hypnobabies tapes and they have really helped me to bond more with the baby and stay relaxed.

Fitmama and eclipse I remember that bittersweet feeling when ds weaned. Its been more than a year now and I wonder if I'll remember how to breastfeed!

Fitmama, I also had the varicose vein problem but it didn't affect the pushing or cause tearing. I pushed ds out by laying on my left side and took my time. Hope that helps!
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Lily is still nursing! It's driving me out of my mind. Really. She is 2 yrs 9 months old, and clearly she is getting colostrum, because her poops are much different and nasty now. I really dont want to tandem, and I am trying to figure out how to very gently coerce her into weaning. We talk about mama making baby milk for the baby in my tummy, and she tells me baby will be drinking a bottle! She's cute and adorable and sweet and I love hear to pieces, but the emotions when she nurses have really hit an all time high. I feel so guilty for how i feel when she nurses, but at least I am being honest with myself!

My 30 week appt was on Saturday. I am measuring only 2 weeks ahead, as opposed to 4 1/2 weeks ahead at 28 weeks! Baby is STILL at 0 station, vertex, and is on the large side of normal for size. Probably closer to 3 1/2-4 lbs rather than 2-3 lbs. Normal for me, my 37 weeker was 7 lbs 5 oz, my 39 weeker was 9 lbs 4 oz. So somewhere in late second tri, there is some huge growth spurt that seems to happen in there. Urine looked fine, no protein, signs of GD, electrolytes, so that was good news.

Because of baby being at 0 station, the pressure in my tailbone and cervix is pretty intense, gets worse as baby gets bigger of course. I have to limit my outings to once a day, like one trip, not just going out and doing 3 stops or something. I had to stop exercising, which really bums me out. I get more BHs than I am comfortable with, and my womb actually feels sorta raw if I overdo it. I have to stand to finish my dinner most nights, because any more than about 20 minutes of sitting anywhere and my cervix has had it.

Guess thats about all for my update.
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Hi everyone. It's nice to read how everyone is doing. I am 29 weeks and had my glucose and rhogam last week. I'm assuming the test was fine. My dd doesn't really seem to get that there will be another baby soon. Come to think of it, I don't think I do either!! I'm really nervous about the disruption to my routine with dd. My world revolves around her (as does my husband's, mother's and her nanny's). I'm so concerned about what happens when that changes and it has to change, right? I know that women and families have been having second (and third and fourth....) babies forever and the first child survives but it makes me very very sad to think about it.

Feeling pretty healthy. The heat here in the NE is ridiculous and it really gets to me. I have a long commute and walk to work and it can get really tough in the afternoon. I have my yoga class tonight and I really love that. I also signed up for a refresher childbirth class as I can't remember anything I learned the last time but I do remember that the breathing was very helpful. I just need a reminder!

It's coming up so soon and it feels like there are still a thousand things to do!
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Lets see. I'm sick, my oldest son is sick. I just rescheduled my appointment from this evening to next Monday morning. My son will be back to school that day (so early! it's still summer!) but my brothers & sisters will not so I can get my brother to keep the two little ones for me. Or my husband might do a halfday and come to the appointment. I hate rescheduling but I am just feeling awful and I know I won't want to drive anywhere. I'm currently hoping to convince my husband to come home early because the two younger ones are playing nicely & quietly. And we actually have the tv on (beetween the lions is on) which we haven't been doing recently. But I don't feel like I have the energy to do much like make lunch and watch them play outside which they will want to do this afternoon. So we'll see about that in a bit I guess. He can log on and work from home, which is nice.

Oh pregnancy wise? Everythings fine. The baby is so active. I'm really convinced my husband might be right about this being another spirited one. OH boy. I have noticed the spirited girls are just so much MORE spirited even than the boys But maybe not. We'll have to wait and see. At least we've had experience with the screaming non-stop and only one way to calm baby down ever working and no one but mommy will do. Oh goodness. I'm going to stop thinking about this and lay down again.

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i'm glad to see this thread because I'm a cranky mess over here. It is hot hot hot. I have a fan on me at all times, my feet are swollen and I am sweating so much that by lunchtime at my desk-type job I need a shower. ick.

I'm experiencing serious pelvic pressure. Baby's moving a lot. I've been seeing a chiro. and it doesn't seem to help (makes me want to stop going, kwim?). I have about 6000 things to do on my list and less than 2 months to get them all in.

Plus I've been regularly walking/running and now my feet are killing me in the arches. I'm looking into some new shoes for said tasks. I have a long swim planned for tomorrow should help some. If only it would cool off enough to cook up some food and have decent food in the fridge.

I'm 31 weeks, I have a doc's apt next week...no diabetes, low iron -- same as with erin. So I'm doing molasses for iron and trying to jack up my red meat consumption.
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I'm getting hot flashes. Or really, I just get hot for no reason. Last night, I started sweating and I said "Why is it so hot in here?!" and Adam replied "Actually...it's a bit cold in here." I've had the air condition on almost non-stop. I had to turn the fan on last night too. Yeeeesh! I wake up sometimes sooooo hot and sweaty!

I've been actually doing very well. I don't swell unless I"m out and about in the heat. Today, I have been swelling because we are low on my high protein foods, so I'm not getting as much protein as normal today and I've been slacking on my water. : Somedays it's just so hard to get into the groove of things.

I have no patience for the cats. I feeel sooooo bad, because they're probably thinking "Why did these people adopt us if she's going to just be mean to us???" I'm trying to hard to do better. A few weeks back, I was praying for patience because I had too little for my daughter and the cats. Now I have more for my daughter....but NONE for the cats!

At my 30 week appointment, I gained 9 pounds [I'm trying not to think that weight gain is a bad thing.] I'm measuring on time, baby's heartrate is normal, urine perfect, iron 12.5 (or something like that), declined the glucose tolerance test, and opted to have a 3 week appointment, instead of the usual 2. She says I'm doing great and she's not worried about me!

We start hypnobirthing August 13th.
My daughter turns 2 August 27th. We're having a quick, small lunch party for her before we head to our class. She will be getting babysat by my cousin. I was so worried we wouldn't find anyone to watch her [that I could trust, anywayz...!]

And...that's about it.
The baby is allowed to come between 36 and 40 weeks. I'm so uncomfortable, I don't know if I'd want her to wait until 42 weeks!! Of course, whatever she feels is best, is best, but UGH. I can't breathe, I walk funny, I'm achey, my hips hurt, I have new stretchmarks, I'm just not me. :P
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i met with less resistance at the OBs office than i thought i
would. The nurse and LPN both seemed baffled by my reasons for
refusing the second glucose test, but they admitted that it was my
choice (duh). I let them know i was completely willing to test my
own blood at home, as it's only their formal and unnatural test that
i have a problem with. They both seemed to think this was
unnecessary (what am i missing here?), but encouraged me to follow
the diet "if i wanted to."

Everyone's telling me that my blood sugar level (146) is extremely
high, and will most likely cause an extremely large baby, which i
have naturally. i told the LPN that it was NOT a concern of mine,
and i did not think induction or cesarian were viable "solutions"
when he suggested it, to something that isn't a problem. I also
said "a chubby baby's head isn't any bigger than a skinny baby's,"
and he looked at me like MY head was on fire.

So, i suppose i'm on a diet, though the paper the nurse gave me does
nothing but list a few foods and their serving sizes. I find this
extrememly vague, as there is no mention, besides that it's a "2000
calorie diet," of what else i should be eating, ie, number of sugars
(you'd think that would be top on the list!), carbohydrates, fats,
etc. All it does is give me one sample menu, and say i can
substitute in other foods. Maybe i'm slow, but i don't see how this
is helpful. My husband thinks this list was meant for people who
have no basic knowledge of nutrition, as opposed to someone with an
ounce of common sense, lol

I realize i'm a chubby gal, but at week 28, i have only gained 4
lbs. I really do find it confusing that they want me to reduce
calories of all things!
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Ryvre, it's weird to see the "extremely" high 147 - I got 198 from the stupid 1 hr. test.

But all seems to be falling into place now. I got to talk with the midwife that does home waterbirths. I really, really like her. She's right up this forum's alley on just about every front. She said that it wasn't even over 200 and she doesn't see why after fasting, and swallowing all that glucose that it would have been less. Then she explained she uses the urine strips to indicate glucose presence, and if it appears a couple times, then we really focus on my diet. She already gave me some things to do. Especially since I'd already dumped most of the sugar from my life a couple years ago because I noticed it was messing with my moods and my weight.

She was really a positive force, and even my usually negative dh left feeling really good, and even had ideas about the money situation.

I wish I'd found her sooner. I really do.

Anyway, it was overall a bad weekend, as my dh's father had a couple heart attacks - one that was massive enough to nearly take his life. He made it, is conscious and the hospital isn't even monitoring him in any way. M-i-l was really wuite peeved today about him still being in the hospital room, when they weren't even monitoring him... They even acted like any time he started to get pain in his chest again he was inconveniencing them.

Yeah, I have little faith in doctors... My father kept getting told there COULDN'T be anything wrong with him a few months after 25% of his lungs were removed with cancer. He kept insisting, and they kept putting him off, saying there was nothing wrong. Finally, someone listened, but far too late, and the chemo treatments killed him... And here, I'm watching how they treat f-i-l, and just stunned...

No, I don't want to be anywhere near a hospital when I give birth.

Well, my dh's dad is recovering, and holding on tight to his life, then we talk to this beautiful midwife today, and some of the bad of the week is shaken off, now.

Hope everyone else has had a better weekend.

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my ob's office uses the 4 hr fasting and then 140 as the cut off for taking the second test. it's my impression that "extremely high" is not high 140s. dunno. mine was like 118 or something. what a stupid test.
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i am sooo confused about this diet thing The more research i do online, the more confused i am. It looks like the same stuff i already eat (no mention anywhere of cutting carbs or fruit juices, etc; in fact, it's the same as any other food-pyramid type diet) just smaller servings (to be honest, i never paid attention to "how much" i eat, though common knowledge would have told me it was too much).

So, to put it simply, i'm hungry, and i don't even know if what i'm doing is helping! It's all very frustrating. My next appt is in two weeks, so i'm going to ask to see a dietician or something--i'm hoping that doesn't just confuse me more, haha!
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Sorry Pyra about your Fil. I hope he is doing better. Glad you had a good visit at the midwives though.

Hope everyone else is doing alright with sickness and all the aches and pains.

I've been feeling really good. I had some pubic pain yesterday, so it was good I was on call for work instead of standing for 8 hours. It is much better today, so I think it might be related to my evening with dh on Monday night I have been trying to make more of an effort to exercise every day. I haven't run in 2 weeks and at this point I think I will just stick to walking. My goal is to walk 3 miles 5 times a week. I walked 4 days out of 4 so far this week, but Monday was only 2.25 and today was only 2. It was just too hot today. Low 90's and pushing the jogger so I stopped at 2. I did do some arm exercises though.

I had an appointment with the doctor today. My MW is on vacation. I'm up 27.5 pounds at 28 weeks. The most with any of them so far. Fundal height is 30-31. I talked with her about my desire for a Post Partum tubal. Dh is such a big chicken he will never go for a vasectomy. He let me have #4 so I am going to do this. Thing is I don't want general or an epidural. I would like it done under MAC anesthesia and local. She will talk with anesthesia to see if it is possible. Being post partum they are afraid of aspiration because of slow gastric motility. If they say no, she can do a vaginal tubal 8 weeks post partum under local and Mac anesthesia. We'll see. I really want an early discharge, but am running into issues with the peds in the hospital. They would want me to sign out AMA which I won't do because of insurance reasons. If they can do the tubal while I'm there that will probably be the best. I know myself and will drag my feet if I have to schedule it for after Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed it will work out.

Dh is away for 2 nights so I think I am off to research cloth diapers some more. How about slings? Any recomendations?

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i've been struggling because each pair of shorts I own keeps getting tighter and tighter. I'm convinced I really don't need my normal prepg size + 2 in shorts. I mean really. so anyhow I know I have one pair that fits big. It isn't the most attractive pair of shorts, but I've been looking in earnest for them for about 10 days now. I found them this morning, in my dh's still packed suitcase from our vacation 10 days ago. I did a little happy dance and he laughed at me. I'm soooo comfy for the first time in days!
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well all the company is gone..yay...I have found myself in a pregnancy depression and it was really hard with all the crowd here...I think a bit of down time every day was what I needed but I couldn't even pee without someone knocking on the door.

So I have been miserable and didn't enjoy it one bit...not the wedding, the company, nothing. I am considering going to Newfoundland for a month...I wish I could...if I could find someone to drive down with me Iwould be gone in an instant.

I feel pulled apart and I need some time to get put back together. I cry at the drop of a hat and have sent my older kids to their dad's for a few days. Hubby went to work but will be home for the weekend. He's all freaked out because he's worried about me which makes me feel guilty. It's a vicious cycle.

Anyway I am trying to eat well and relax while I can. I hope I feel better soon.

I am a bit tired ofbeing pregnant...I went to a wonderful new consignment store yesterday and found 2 great pairs of maternity shorts for $8.50 and 14.00 so at least I have some comfortable clothes. Why do they make maternity shorts that fall down across your arse? and I love my pregnant belly(it's the only part ofme I do like these days) but I prefer not to show it to the world every single day...geez...this store is awesome...carries lots of herbal remedies and pregnancy teas(made by the lady, not packaged) and post partum herbal baths etc. Also carries slings and pouches and bfing supplies but not formulas. Then an awesome selection of clothes and toys...I bought a baby seat(one of those vibrating ones) and a potty seat for upstairs for Sophia. They also have some bfing pillows so I will also get one of those. and if the second hand sling I bought doesn't work well I will get one of theirs...they carry the heart2heart sling.

I can't wait for this baby...I really really want this baby but I wish the pregnancy was over...10 more weeks...if this baby goes post dates I think I will lose my mind.

73 more days until baby is due! I keep trying to look on the bright side!
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i wrote a long post and lost it. don't have the patience now to repost the whole thing.

but here's the short version:

are you getting enough protein and/or iron? Both make me crabby and cranky.
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You know, I keep thinking I posted to this thread. I could have sworn I posted earlier today, and yesterday. Well, I suppose it's probably my 2 year old has interrupted me before I actually post what I have written. :LOL

Sounds like everyone is having there share of ups and downs in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I've sure been having my share. I just feel so worn down and tired. Kind of mildly depressed. But I guess it's more mood swings since I do feel pretty good sometimes too. I don't want to do anything! And it seems this pregnancy I am doomed to experience occassional and unpredictable bouts of "loose stool" (as my midwife nicely calls it). Driving to my prenatal appointment yesterday, I had the sudden urge and boy is that one of the most unpleasant situations...I mean driving across a bridge, nowhere to stop, etc. I was ready to stop and find some trees and grass somewhere! It was horrible! Anyhow...it has happened maybe 3 times this pregnancy, and I think the best thing to do for me is if my tummy doesn't feel good then I need to listen to my body and stay near a toilet for a while...no driving across bridges when my tummy feels bad.

I am retaining water right now, not too bad though. It seems related to: excess carbs, and being too hot. It is sooooo hot around here these days. In the 90's still at 9pm!!! Give me a break!

We got our carpets steam-cleaned yesterday. It looks soooo much better. I really hope it keeps until the baby is born...it's one thing I wanted done before the homebirth. Now I just need to do some more organizing, re-caulk the bath-tub, make curtains.....

31w6d.....57 days until the "due date". I'm having strong feelings it will happen in more like 42 or 43 days though...(or maybe it's just a hope?)
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Originally Posted by kerc
i wrote a long post and lost it. don't have the patience now to repost the whole thing.

but here's the short version:

are you getting enough protein and/or iron? Both make me crabby and cranky.
my iron is low...I had it tested when I had the appendicitis attack and probably wasn't getting enough protein while company was here...they barbeque a lto and I was just eating the veggies and potatoes or corn or whatever...I am off veggie burgers and dogs...just sick of them. I also forgot my prenatals while we were away so that didn't help..that plus lack of sleep and exercise added to having company just plain wore me out.

I feel a bit better today...I ate well and I bought myself some rescue remedy which helps me get through when I get really upset and frustrated.

Also I got a nice compliment while shopping today(lady said I looked really good) and I almost cried...guess maybe a week of hearing how "huge" I am got me down as well...I am not a particularly vain person but honestly fat jokes are not appropriate for anyone even pregnant women : "can you fit in there?" and "don't break that swing" when I go to sit or "will the elevator hold you" is NOT funny. Then another lady I see a lot in the grocery store said "oh, you must be due any day now" and I have 2mos left

So I think I needed to hear something nice. Or maybe just knowing that this earth has at least one sensitive person left on it helped.

Anyway...hubby is home tonight, working tomorrow but home in the afternoon again...it's quiet here with the girls gone.

Thank you...

World Shakerz...I do that all the time...think I posted to a thread and then never see it.
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The other day i saw my dad briefly (he works weird hours, just like my husband does, so we see little of him), and on his way out i gave him a quick, one-armed hug. He said "yeah, make sure to turn sideways so nothing gets in the way!" to which i snapped "right, like your nose?" He's usually a nice, sensitive guy, but yeah, some people just don't understand that a pregnant lady may have a reason to be fat, but she still doesn't feel good about it!
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yep...constantly amazes me...my SIL(actually former...they just split up) said last time she saw me "you're HUGE"...ok this woman has recently gained about 50 lbs and is really really large....ummm....if I wasn't so shocked by how big SHE was I would have said "you too"...she's lucky I am nice!

and I am almost 30 wks and I have gained 25 lbs...right on as far as I can tell!

I am going to start calling them on it "so who told you it's ok to be rude to pregnant women?"

Someone said "that's a nice, big tummy you have there..you look awesome" that was way nicer! She had a 7 mos old and I think she remembered what it was like.

My hubby's sister called me huge and cracked jokes so often I refused to let her feel the baby move...she wanted me to let her know when baby was kicking but no way....she was so disappointed that the whole time she didn't get to feel the baby move...oh well, at least I had control over something :LOL maybe if you had been nicer to mommy
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