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allgirls...okay, at least now I know I'm not the only one who occassionally feels like a child when I have to use the potty :LOL .

A woman in the store the other day looked suprised when I told her my due date was October 1st. She was like, "That long, wow" It wasn't in a rude way though.
She thought it was cool that I was keeping the sex a surprise and all that. Then she told me the story of her most recent pregnancy and birth. Her baby had to be delivered at 25 weeks because of uterine rupture. 25 weeks! She was a 1 lb baby and the mom showed me her wedding ring and said, "This fit around her wrist when she was born". Amazingly this little baby girl only needed a ventilator for 1 1/2 days and is now 4 yrs old and going to preschool. The story gave me the shivers!

Jakob is still nursing. It's been driving me batty the last two days. I have days like that, where my nipples are just extremely sensitive. I tell Jakob they are sore, and he says, "Rub it? Kiss it?" He really wants to help me feel better. He didn't get a nap yesterday because I couldn't deal with the nursing at the time. I had nursed him for over half an hour and he didn't go to sleep so we just had to get up. He's been wanting to nurse a lot more lately too, it's been hard..he gets pretty upset.

Guess I will go make some breakfast now. What I really want is to walk across the street and get a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, but maybe I should just scramble some eggs and make some pregnancy tea.
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April: Lily will do that too. She unlatches and hugs my breast when I tell her it hurts. Shes down to 2x a day for about 30 seconds, its just all I can stand!!!
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well I went back to the consignment store and got a couple onesies for thebaby and a nursing pillow...I am so tired...hubby got up at 5am and I couldn't get back tosleep after he left.

So I finally got up and took Sophia to see Dora at the shop and she really enjoyed it. She particularly enjoyed the cotton candy...I was expecting a huge sugar rush but she was fine...sticky though..yuck!

Sophia is nursing maybe once a day but yesterday maybe 4 or 5 times...she has a cold so I encouraged her...she's almost completely better today so it worked well I think...she said "I sick mommy, I need tylenol"

(Her sister had a bad ear infection and she had tylenol so I guess that's where she got it since she never gets any herself)

So I gave her some last night and she slept really well.

So rest and nursing did it for her...yay!

The best thing is she no longer nurses to sleep so I don't have that pressure to nurse...it's nice that it's my choice and I rarely refuse her(she rarely asks) but at least I know the option is there and she can take it..sure takes the pressure off!

Emomom..that's so sweet about Lily hugging your breast...so cute

The other day I asked Sophia what her milk tastes like...daddy was there and jokingly said "sour?" and she said "no" I said "sweet?" she said "no" I said..."well what does it taste like" she said "ummmmm, nice" and kissed my breast and latched back on. I LOVE that part about nursing a toddler!
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Uuuggghhh my son is regressing! I don't know what his deal is, but he's been peeing the bed every night for something like 10 days! The last couple of nights i resorted to making him wear pull-ups--he finds that completely humiliating (he's almost 4), but i'm so tired of shampooing the carpet, bed, or couch at 4 am!

The only thing i can think of is that it's because of the baby coming, but he seems to be nothing but happy about that, and he had no problems at all when Willow came along. I'm just totally lost right now. He's been throwing major tantrums too, which is something he had pretty much grown out of. He made a horrible scene at the library today, because there was dirt on his shoes and he didn't want to go inside. It was my turn to do storytime too, so we had a major battle over that one, and eventually i just gave up and went home (after, of course, everyone in the building saw what was happening, and gave me nasty looks).
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Yeah, mine's decided to pee right on his bedroom floor, and he's 5 and a half... He seems to think it's the funniest thing. I've had a few talks with him, but man, his bedroom reeks...
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on not shampooing everything at 4 am....

no comments on how to prevent these incidents. I leave that to the other, wiser women. But can you do like some people do with cribs -- waterproof pad, sheet, 2nd waterproof pad, 2nd sheet. (I might use a doubled wool or fleece blanket cause we don't have 2 waterproof pads)...when he wets just take the top stuff and the wet sheet off.
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If he is peeing when he is sleeping then you may have a medical problem...it's hard to pee on purpose when you are asleep...does he normally get up at that time to pee? If not then he's probably not in control of this.

My sister was a bedwetter...turns out she has a slight malformation on her bladder
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Note, I know not everyone here is a Christian. When you see pray, substitute positive thoughts or vibes or whatever its really late, Im really tired, and I dont want to edit my post so thoroughly!!!!

My husband and I are taking a young friend of ours in who has been kicked out of her parents house. She was raised in our town by her paternal grandparents for 15 years, and has spent the last year moving from their house to her moms house and then to her dad's house. She has no desire to live with her grandparents again, and she is now 18. Since we have been her friends, and a positive influence on her in the past, she has asked if we can take her in for a while.

I am 9 weeks from my due date.

We are very clear on our young friend's past, and her tendancies toward disregard for rules, disrespect of her grandparents, things like that. Most of her behaviour she has told me in confidence as a friend, and some of my info comes from her best friend, our favorite baysitter and also a friend of mine. We trust her enough that she has babysat our children very often in the last 3 years. The reality of her living with us is quite another thing. We feel very much at peace with the fact that God wishes for us to shelter her, even though it looks like a really bad time to be taking on an 18 yr old living with us.

Please think of us as we pray through this transition, seek counsel from friends and church members, and please please pray for Lynn's heart to be softened, for her to receive our rules with understanding, and for the reality of the words I told her as I spoke to her tonight... that she will be treated just likea member of our family... that we will be expecting the same behaviour out of her as we would our own children, if they were 18. And that she will need to be mindful of setting a good example for our young children. Not just in teenage behaviour, but in speaking to me with respect, to obeying our rules because we are the parents that live here, etc.

I think Lynn's ideal situation would be to crash at our place for a few weeks and then find a single college age friend to get an apartment with and continue to live her life in an undisciplined fashion. Our hope is that in whatever time she is with us, we can help to shape her character a little more and to better equip her to be on her own once she can be on her own. I love Lynn, but she has the emotional maturity of a 14 yr old, and though it is not her fault, it does not help her in making good choices when left to her own devices. She has come to me in confidence, asking for advice, time and time again, and I was the first person she told that she lost her virginity and how she was feeling and stuff. If she lives in my house, I am going to do what I can to guide her, and I would assume she expects that from me.

Thanks. Im just rambling, but I wanted to get some people praying for this situation!
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Emomom...you are doing a good thing...maybe you could get her some counselling while she is staying with you if she is open to that.

I feel much better than I have..the depression is lifting and I think I am somewhat getting back to my old self again...thank goodness.

MY hubby ended up being home all weekend and not leaving until tonight...for the past 2 nights we have been taking care of us as a couple a bit more,talking a lot among other things :LOL ...

I love him so much...I told him I am so lucky that I have him...he's so patient...I can't imagine how I would feel ifI was going through this with someone who wasn't as understanding. he's the best!

And suddenly Sophia is pretty much potty trained...we have been showing her how to use the potty but with no pressure...suddenly she is asking to go and has been 100% for the past 2 days...she even pooped in the potty twice today...it's great!

I also called a preschool around the corner and they have a program for 2 year olds...I think she will go 2 days a week for about 3 hours if she likes it. We went for a walk two nights ago and she said she wanted to play with friends and I said "mommy will play with you " and she said "I want to play with friends my size" so I figure she's ready. We go Wednesday to check it out. It's bitter sweet...daddy got a bit teary-eyed when she told him "I going to school daddy" and said she's just growing up way to fast. Guess we have to let her go if she wants to. If she doesn't like it we will take her out. It does sound like a very flexible program though.

My older kids get home soon. It will soon get noisy.

cheers everybody!
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Oh man, I am soooo tired today. I've been so much more tired lately. I've only been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep at night. Been going to bed a little later than usual. But I've been taking 2 hour naps with DS in the middle of the day at least. But today is going to be a busy day so I don't see that happening.

It's a wierd combination, I'm both feeling the need to really slow down right now but I'm also feeling the need to make my apartment perfect for the upcoming birth. I don't remember anytime in my life where I vaccummed my house once or twice each and every day. I've been keeping my house a lot cleaner than usual despite feeling lethargic. Now I just need to move on to the next stage....organizing! My desk has piles of books and papers, our hall closet is topsy turvey, the changing table we used for Jakob when he was very small has turned into a messy shelf, and our bedroom closet needs work. Maybe I can get the desk done today. Once thing at a time.

I've taken over the job of budgeting from my husband. It's working very well. When he was doing the budgeting, he didn't really make a plan. He just paid the bills (and sometimes forgot to), and he would check online statements occassionally. And didn't really draw up a true financial plan. I've got a budget drawn up until October! Feels good to really be organized.

DS is really mad at me right now. My nipples are just too sore right now to let him nurse. I'm trying to keep it to a minimum, like naps and bed. Lately he's just been wanting to nurse off and on all day and I'm having to turn him down sometimes, it's just too aggravating when I'm sore like that.

Well, time to wake up the DH so he can get ready for work.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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whew.the heat has broken! It was 98 here in duluth, mn yesterday. I dont' have central air, or even a window unit and that's unbearably hot. But this morning brought a thunderstorm which came with rain and a cold front. YAY!!!

I'm tired, cranky and my 2.5 yr old woke up at 5!

I'm off to the ob in a few minutes and I meet with my doula this afternoon. I'm feeling a super cleaning feeling as well -- only it has been too hot to move so I just end up being cranky.
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it's still hot here! But the air is working well! I feel guilty running it all the time but I just can't take it...I will have to be environmentally conscious in the winter...keep the heat down and wear a sweater more tomake up for it!

MIL was so irritating while she was here..kept turning the air off...I would be working away and suddenly feel really really hot only to realise she had turned it off! Hubby told her to leave it on...don't touch it. Put on a sweater. She would shiver every time she walked into the house from outside...well of course it was hot outside...duh...38degrees with humidity...we don't even keep the house really cold. We went out to eat and she complained how cold it is the whole time..the rest of us were fine and brought sweaters...we all know these places are cold...she's like it's very uncomfortable for the customers and I said "are you kidding...people come here to escape the heat they are not going to complain about the cold..and what about the workers". She will not accept that she is an old lady and old ladies feel cold a lot!
ok vent over :LOL

older kids are back...teenager already upset...I bought new bedding for their new beds and she "hates" it. I have ordered the sheets and pillows in pink..it accents the print of the comforters and I think it will be very nice when it's done. There is just no making her happy : She tried her sister's bed said her mattress is way more comfortable...they are exactly the same : Her sister is willing to switch to make her happy as she sees no difference. It's kind of funny...I may switch them first then let her switch them again so she ends up with the original one...then I can tell her about it when she's twenty or at her wedding

ok...so the busy time is over...time to start planning for the birth...I bought batteries and a new headphone for my discman and listened to my hypnobirthing cd twice...it worked immediately! I felt so relaxed and happy...I want to listen to it at night after we go to bed. With Sophia in the room I need the discman.

Today I am taking Sophia to a playgroup and tomorrow morning at 9am I have an appt for the preschool here in town...she wants friends "my size" she said the other night so we figure 2 days a week for a few hours will be perfect!

and if it works out it will give me time alone with the new baby come October!

Worldshakerz...Ihave been really tired lately too..I think there is a growth spurt/hormonal shift going on right now. I have also noticed an appetite increase which is great!

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