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Diapering basics and diapering fun chat

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Awhile back in this thread some excellent suggestions were given to make the diapering forum more user friendly. note: Please read towards the end of the thread before replying (if you choose to). Many issues were well resolved by the end of the thread.

Originally, I was undecided about what I thought would be the best solution. After giving it a lot of thought and re-reading the thread I think the issue deserves to be revisited. The diapering mods expressed approval of the ideas, but nothing has been done or talked about in quite awhile.

I have gone from frugal diapering to hyena diapering and back to frugal diapering again. I think both are wonderful as long as they meet the needs of the individual. Both ends of the spectrum provide many opportunities for discussion. I would love to see a seperate forum for mamas and papas to talk about the more simple aspects of diapering. In the current diaper chat forum there are so many threads buzzing about stockings and auctions and how to tweak a persons stash etc.... Those are valid threads and I'm glad they are hosted! Sadly, I see many threads being over looked about prefolds, or needing washing tips or just plain wanting to talk about how to diaper on a budget. I also think that a forum for these topics would be a great place to talk about how to further the efforts of the real diaper association.

My main concern is that a new member will come looking for support and simple information and leave frustrated. I've been spending my day searching as far back as page 2 and 3 trying to find threads about simple topics and those from new members. It takes a concerted effort to find and reply to these threads. If they had their own home, I believe it would be much easier to meet this great need.

Here are a few of the highlights for those who don't want to trudge through the entire thread

Originally Posted by fullofgrace
I also like the idea of breaking it up into Diaper Chat forums based on diapering TOPIC, not based on the type of diaperer one is.

Some ideas to toss out....

Stalk the Stock -- Who's stocking, when, what you wanna buy, what you bought, what you plan on buying, etc.

Show & Tell -- Show us us pics of your newest fluff, your latest diaper craving, what you snagged on ebay, etc.

Diapering on a Dime -- How to get the best diaperbang for your buck.

Back to Basics -- Our lives are frittered away by detail... diaper simplicity, diaper simplicity. (Henry David Thoreau, with a diapering twist)
Originally Posted by mamatokyla
aww so a

1. diapering basics/questions forum
2. diapering sales/stocking chit chat forum
3. diaper show off forum
Originally Posted by wolfmama
i do think that one forum for questions and then another for stalking/stocking/pictures would be good...
oh, and maybe diaper making could be a subforum under diapering as well. i think that would be a great way for people to see what they can make...
Originally Posted by momma2emerson
I can see how having a diapering 101 (questions, laundry issues, how to fold a flat, etc) separate from a stalking stockings/showoff forum could make sense. I think it would be nice if somehow the diaper making forum could be crosslisted so that it showed up under both crafts and diapers.
Originally Posted by wolfmama
this is great.

now if we could just get the thread locked so nobody can disagree. :LOL


1) a question and rec type forum

2) stalking/stocking and pictures

3) diaper making listed under diapering as well
What do the PDB and others think about this?
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We've been reviewing the idea over the past few days and will definitely be placing a Diapering Basics forum. Haven't decided exactly what else though. Thanks for the encouragement
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I am so glad for this! Thanks, lindsaylou, for posting this, and thanks, Cynthia, for working on it.
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A Diapering Basics forum sounds great! Thank you!
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Thank-you CM
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Yay Since my next one is due in 2 weeks, it will be nice to have ajumping off point!
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Yay! This sounds like a wonderful idea. It's easy to get lost or scared off when you are new and everyone is talking about all this fluff and you have no clue what is going on.
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Such fabulous ideas! I love the diapering board and it was very helpful to me when I started, but I think the proprosed changes will make it even better!
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That's a GREAT idea! Especially for a newbie like me
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Definitly a great idea! I quit going to the diaper forum because there was just so much traffic. By the time I responded to a post it went from the top down to the bottom of the page. Not to mention that there were 2 - 3 threads going on that were the exact same topic, but they were just getting lost in the shuffel. And so much easier for new people. When I first came here there wasn't even a quarter of the traffic that is here now, and I had a hard time then. I can't imagine jumping into that mess when I was trying to learn about CDing.
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All I have to say is YAHOO! I almost gave up on the idea of CDing because it was just too much info going way too fast. I think it's all good, but this will help those beginners out and help relieve a lot of stress!
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Thanks Cynthia!!

I may have joined MDC a year or two earlier had the Diapering Basics forum existed when I first switched ds to cloth. I found the link to Mothering (along with a zillion other diapering links) and decided that the Diapering forum here was just TOO big and overwhelming, so I got involved with a much smaller diapering forum on another site.
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I'm getting started with this but stumbling over the various subforum ideas. I don't think we really need different subforums to split up the stalking & stocking, charity talk, fluffy mail, show-off threads from one another.

Anyone have a suggestion for an all-encompassing title for such a subforum?
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Originally Posted by hunnybumm
Definitly a great idea! I quit going to the diaper forum because there was just so much traffic. By the time I responded to a post it went from the top down to the bottom of the page. Not to mention that there were 2 - 3 threads going on that were the exact same topic, but they were just getting lost in the shuffel. And so much easier for new people. .
I actually avoid the scroll down because it can be overwhelming. It's hard to refer someone there because I don't know how to begin to tell them how to get started there.
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I like the diapering basics and diapering chat, but still like the idea of a shopping/stalking forum, not just for hyena stuff, but sales, ebay auctions, things like that.
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I'm going to move this to the Diapering forum for more input.
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annettemarie, couldn't that all be in a Diapering Chat forum?
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I suppose. I'm finding a hard time formulating my words without being hurtful. I just wish there was a way to keep the consumerism side of diapering away from the practical side.
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So if we placed the three forums as you suggest, what would each be for? Most importantly I guess, what would Diapering Chat be for?
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