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Anyone EXCLUSIVELY babywear?

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We have a lot of exclusively breastfed babies around here... And I know there are lots of baby wearing junkies around here who have a closet full of slings and kozys and ergos...

Anybody exclusively babywear? Anyone here not own a stroller or baby bucket (car seat carrier) throughout their child's baby/toddler hood? Or own but not use them ever?

My DS is 13 months. We never owned a baby bucket. We have a small unbrella stroller that I have used maybe 3 times (once to put baby down for 15 minutes while getting a pap smear... you get the idea :LOL )

We used a pouch from Day 1 and with several in between carriers we have graduated to an Ergo. We are exclusive baby wearers -- no stroller, no packnplay, no buckets, no regrets!

Anybody else?
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I would consider myself a semi-exclusive BWr. I do own a stroller but have only used it like 5 times for unusual circumstances (and at the airport for a luggage carrier).

I also have a baby bucket carseat. During the rare time that DS fell asleep in the car (he usually screamed when he was an infant), I could carry him around in it so he wouldn't wake up. I have never used my pack-n-play -- but it might have been good when we went car camping this weekend. DS was trying to put rocks and pebbles in his mouth and he just didn't want to be in the Ergo.

So, I'm not sure if I qualify, but I'm sure a BWing junkie!
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Of course we use our stroller--what else am I supposed to carry our packages in when my arms are full of a baby? :LOL

Actually we do bw a lot, but I still get a fair amount of use from our jogging stroller. Ds and dh go jogging together a few times a week and I think they both enjoy it.
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I can't imagine jogging with a sling on! :LOL Just like I wasn't able to baby wear during a pap smear try as I may. These extreme circumstances happen...

I mean not EVER using a stroller or other devices for everyday stuff.
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Well... I intend to be. It seems like even here, I find the attitude that I won't be able to ALWAYS wear him common. I'm not sure why not... Anyway, we have no baby buckets on our registry, only a sling, a moses basket, and an umbrella stroller (for when they're older-- like 2 or 3).
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We never owned a bucket! I HATE those things... man, I am so sick of seeing sad little bucket babies. Everyone here carries their babies in buckets. All I can think is: Ride to the mall in the bucket, get pushed around the stores for two hours in the bucket, sit through a meal in the bucket, ride home in the bucket. Honestly, I wish they had never been invented. I notice a huge difference in babies who stay in their buckets and those who are worn. Babies in buckets have a duller, almost defeated look. Carrying a sleeping baby into the house in the bucket is one thing... but using it in place of your arms is another. Personally, I am not convinced of their safety as carseats anyway.

DD was exclusively worn for 12 months and then, lo and behold, she started wanting to ride in a stroller! I guess it was the novelty. Now I just give her a choice, she usually picks the sling but she really loves thos strollers at the mall that look like cars.
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: Is a bucket at baby infant car seat? :

I own a stroller, it has been in my garage for the past 6 months.
I have never went out with dc in it.

I am 100% babywearing!
I take joy in wear my friends babies if they try the (if Im correct above) bucket. They are happy to allow me, then they do not have to "lug" : their baby around.
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My dd was only spent one shopping trip in the bucket, it was a 15 minute quickie on Christmas Eve...she was asleep when we left the car (leave sleeping babies lie!! :LOL) and then she was so content that I didn't take her out of it for the 5 minutes she was awake. OTOH, I saw a lady with a sling and I was so jealous, I almost wished that she would wake up so I could sling her!!

Our stroller was a great thing to carry groceries on the bus, while the baby was in the sling of course...also to carry the bucket for when we took a cab home.

So yeah, except for that she is exclusively bw!!
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Its funny - because we never owned a bucket (infant car seat carrier - we had a big convertible Britax from Day 1)

I have become a PRO at getting DS out of the car and into the sling and keeping him asleep.

And if he wakes, he wakes. Such is life.
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DS is exclusively worn.

No containers.

And we have five kids.

It's fun.

But I will say, when you have more than one, and especially twins, like I do, a pack n play comes in handy if you desperately need a safe place to put the baby down for a few minutes....

So, be prepared!
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I raised the first two in frame packs and maya wraps. Often carried them both in one sling when Orion was tiny. Isaac has been on my back in a wrap since day 6. You'll often find me carrying any combination of children on my body; rarely, all three. 4th of July weekend after the second night of carrying all three )about 100 pounds) I was seriously pondering whether to finally break down and buy a stroller ... but I haven't yet.

The midwife did tell me to bring the bucket in for my pap after Morgaine. Pap with Orion left him home with Dad briefly; fewer germs and it was only a 2 minute drive to the office. Haven't had a pap since Isaac.

I did keep a tiny bouncy seat for each that we used occasionally in the first 3 months around the house, and a high chair, but I'm not sure that's what you mean. I tried a stroller once with Morgaine and found it obnoxious on so many levels.

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We have only used a stroller on two or three occasions when ds has fallen asleep in his carseat. Also, we will bring the "bucket" into the house if he has fallen asleep in it bc of course we don't want to wake him!
Other than that, we are exclusive babywearers. Both Dh and me.
Isn't it the best thing in the world?
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Kristi and I are pretty much identical on this one.

We don't own a stroller, no swings or other baby gadgets. The bucket doesn't leave the car and in 3 kids I have never taken it out of the car and into a public place (did take it in the house a few times though). I would rather wake my baby to put them in a sling.

We don't have a swing, crib, walker etc. or other stuff like that. The bouncy chair usually sits in the bathroom with then are tiny but with my 3rd kid I only used it for 1mo (when he was like 3mo) then put it away again.

It is amazing how much you are able to wear your baby and how easy it is when you have a variety of good slings and carriers to use!!
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Originally Posted by Sheena
I notice a huge difference in babies who stay in their buckets and those who are worn. Babies in buckets have a duller, almost defeated look.
I also exclusivley babywear and I've noticed the same thing about babies in buckets. People are always commenting on how alert my ds is and I tell them it is because I wear him in a mei tai.
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We don't have a stroller or other "holding" things, but use a mini pack and play in the kitchen so she can sit and play with her toys. We don't have a stroller only because I am lazy and I spend WAY too much on slings/wraps/fabric.

I would like a stroller so I can try on clothes at the store, though. And now that I have AF how the heck do I change my pads with a baby on my front (not possible to always do back carries while out)? Aiming pee was ok before, but what about the possible mess with AF? This is a whole different ball game for me now.... I am at a total loss. What do I do, just stay at home for a week?
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We exclusively babywear! Even in 100 degree heat in St. Augustine, FL. People kept asking if I was hot and I always had to answer no. One woman saw us at the beginning of the day around 10 am and then saw us at 7 o'clock at night and in amazement said "You're still going!!"

I live in Florida and the stroller is just stored away. I can't even remember the last time I used it!! I wish I saw more babywearers, too. Not many. In St. Augustine while on vacation, I didn't see a single one. So sad!

I have a wide range and vast collection - 3 wraps, 5 slings, a mei tai, 3 pouches, and I'm sure there's more. We even babywear in the pool - which everyone comments is so cool!
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We had a baby bucket - but mainly so we could strap ds in away from the mosquitos that flood you when you get outside. They're bad enough that the fewer seconds the car door is open, the better. Don't have it now, ds has outgrown the height/weight requirements already. So it was a bit of a waste, but who knew.

We do own two strollers - one we used w/ dd when we had to walk around downtown all the time, and I wasn't comfortable wearing her in what we had then, across the busy streets. The other stroller dd *still* uses on occasion, when she gets tired. But ds has been in each of them maybe once or twice. Generally, he's carried when we're out.I don't know that we're at 100%, but I'd say it's over 90%. Or we just lay in bed together, in the afternoons.
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Originally Posted by Sheena
I notice a huge difference in babies who stay in their buckets and those who are worn. Babies in buckets have a duller, almost defeated look.
I totally agree with that. From day 1 everyone always said how alert DS was.

There is this woman in our baby music class who leaves her dd strapped in the baby bucket during the music class!! Can you believe that?? The teacher took the baby out of the seat yesterday because she felt bad for her.

I'll tell ya, I don't know what some people are thinking. Even if you're not AP..take the baby out of the darn bucket! Especially for music class!!!
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My 5month old has never known anything besides my carriers - oh, and the carseat of course, but that's ONLY when we are driving... We don't own a bouncer, jumping thing and not even a crib for that matter :LOL

I have a 2yo as well, and while I know some people wear two babies at once, it is just not feasible for us because it is just too heavy and cubersome. I bring a stroller along when I go out with both baby and toddler by myself.

Everyone has always commented at how unusually alert DS is. Another thing I noticed with him is that he is already VERY confident and won't scream if I put him down He just lays there laughing and trying to put his feet in his mouth :LOL It could also just be his personality of course
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Our 5 1/2 month old has also known nothing but carriers--we don't own a stroller and she's only been in a car twice (we live in Europe so we can get everywhere we need by train and bus).

We're hoping to never buy a stroller. I'm surprised by the number of people who insist that we'll HAVE to buy one once she gets bigger.

We also get the "she's so alert" comment all the time--people always seem so surprised, like they've never seen a baby interacting with others before.
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