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Who are your kids attached to?

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We visited my parents' house today and saw my dad...

Well, my almost-1 baby was so ecstatic to see his Papa, and wouldn't let go for the whole time we were there!! It made it real obvious that although my dad only watches the kids about 6, maybe 8 hours a week, my son is very much attached and very much in love with his Papa.

It warms me to see him so much in love with my dad. My dad lives for his grandkids and it is wonderful to see how much they love him.

Who are your kids attached to, besides you and your SO's? I know it makes some jealous that their kids have that attachment, how do you feel about it?
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My oldest son has A LOT of attatchments. He is so outgoing - and always has been. Both sets of grandparents, and all his aunts and uncles are clearly on his "comfort list." And his teachers. And our neighbor who I swap childcare with regularly.

My little ds is more attached to me, and less outgoing. He likes all his grandparents, and will stay with them, but doesn't hug or cuddle them as much, and asks for me fairly often. However, he is also attached to my neighbor.

I've always loved it when they get attached to other people. In my mind, the more adults they trust and love, and who love and care for them in return, the safer and happier they will be growing up. *I* am wonderful (of course ) but there will be times and ways that I will fail them. I think of all these other people as my "back ups." They exist as part of our lives to help me raise these boys with as much love as they deserve.

Also, it is an extremely happy thing for me to know that there are children other than my own who feel trusting and attached to ME. It makes me happy when my friends little boy wraps his legs around my waist and lays his head on my shoulder, or when my nephew sits on my lap and leans back while I read him a story. These kids have devoted parents, and yet I think I play an important part in their lives too.

The more love, the better!
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My ds has been Pop's boy (my dad) since he was a little bitty baby. Pop has always been his absolute favorite person (other than dh and I), and it is so sweet..

DD, on the other hand, loves my mother, nannie, best! (other than DH & I of course!). so, my dad has one, and my mom has one. haha. BUT, her absolute favorite person is DS, her older brother. she thinks he hung the moon. her first work was bububububu for brother.


aren't kids the best...
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My 15 month old son can't get enough of his Grandmommy (my Mom). We see her every 3 weeks or so. When she's around, my husband and I just don't rate!

We spent Thanksgiving with my Mom and stepdad, and you would think we had gone to Disneyworld! They have a gorgeous pond in their backyard, and my son LIVES to visit his fish. "Oooooh, vishie!"

He also remembers his Sunday morning nursery worker from our last church. We moved 5 months ago, but seeing Maricia still sends him into ecstacy.
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My ds thinks his Pappa is better than anything in the whole wide world. I feel so useless when I get home from work when Pappa's been babysitting and the silly boy won't even come give me a hug. If dh is leaving for work and Pappa is ther he tells dh to goooo gooo. Then I realize how lucky we all are to have such a great Pappa. My dad is my best friend, he listens and rarely judges our decisions. He respects us as parents completely. There is no one else in the world I trust with our son. He loves my dh like he is his own(yells at him and everything!).

He also adores my dh's little brother who is 11. Because he's a kid and a grown up all at once he's tons of fun. He's been very attached to my best friend lately, but she just got a puppy so she upped her importance just a bit . The only other person he is very attached to is my dh's best friend. It's pretty neat, how much he loves to be with him. My dh and his friend should really be brothers and not just friends, they are that close. He is the one person he will just go sit with. They don't have to play or anything he just loves to be close to him.

i think it's great that other people love him as much as we do. I just wish some of our family was as interested in him as our friends are.
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All three of my kids are very attached to my mom & brother. When my dad was alive (he died 3 yrs ago at the age of 54), they were all extremely attached to him. My youngest carried around his picture for months after "Papa died in heaven".

I am not at all jealous or envious. My kids know i am mama, and i am very close to all my kids, especially my 4 yr old, who still sleeps with us and caresses my breasts to fall asleep. I am so blessed to a have a great family who loves and adores my kids as much as me and my husband do!!!

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