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Echinacea and breastfeeding

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is it safe to take echinacea while breastfeeding? i have been sick for over three weeks with various things - mastitis, chest infection, sinus infection, sore throat, and now sciatica! - and have taken antibiotics for the infections. i still have the sore throat and wondered if echinacvea would help. ms ds has also been sick for 3 weeks, so i don't know if it would help him too?
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I believe echinecea is safe.

however, it's not going to help once you're sick. you should only take echinecea during cold season or if you've been exposed or if you're starting to feel a little down for a short period of time, less than a week, I believe. Once you're full on sick, the cow is out of the barn, so to speak, and it's not longer effective. It shouldn't be taken long term. There's another herb my ND said was in the same boat, but it's a lot stronger, and she's noticed that they've been adding it to remedies for illness, but it's a preventative and too harsh for taking long term, I think it was Acerola? I could check.

Anyway, the thing to take once you're sick is golden seal as it is a natural antibiotic, however, I don't know if it's safe during breastfeeding. It is definately contraindicated in pregnancy. You can take garlic, it's antibiotic and anti-oxidant.

I don't know what else to suggest, sorry. Sorry you're feeling down. Hope you feel better soon.

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Acerola is from cherries and frequently used in vitamin c complexes.

I would suggest olive leaf extract. It is recommended that you take this on a daily basis. I have used it while bf without concern.
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Hello UK mom! Sorry you are having such a hard time! Yes, echinacea is safe to take while bfing, but like Mystichealermom said, it may not do it's proper job now that you are already sick, it is more of a preventative, but it will help boost your immunity. Which is what you need right now. As for goldenseal, I would take it for maybe two days, once each day and then stop, as it is a powerful herb, and shouldn't be taken in large doses or too often while bfing. But if you take it these two days it should help clear up some of your symptoms. It seems that what you need to do, more than anything, is boost your immune system and that of your child. And you should also be taking acidophilus since you have been taking antibiotics. your child will benefit from this as well.

For your immune system take Astragalus ( if there is no fever present), burdock root, red clover, cleavers, elder flowers and thyme. Use the herbs in either tea or capsule/tincture. I would also take big doses of Vitamin C. Slippery elm lozenges will help your throat and it is safe to give to your ds as well. If you make a thyme/honey/lemon tea this will soothe your throat as well.

Hope you both feel better soon.~Holly
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astralagus, that's the one my ND mentioned, instead of acerola. She said it shouldn't be taken long term after the fact, but before hand for prevention.

Good advice, Holly. You're right, even after the barn door is open, it could help prevent more badness - btw, on another thread someone was mentioning a Anais Nin quote and mentioned you, but I couldn't find your user page to read it, so I'm glad you posted

also, I think other bacterias are helpful, in addition to L-acidophalus (sp- i spell phonetically way too much), so I continue to catagorize them as pro-biotics, and the HFS should know what they are, as well. They're at least the Big 3 you get in most yogurts, and of course, their names don''t come to mind right now.


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