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Is "gestational diabetes" bullcrap or not?

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hi everyone. I am 28 weeks pg with my 4th baby, and have felt for years now that the GD test is a bunch of crap. I have read up fairly well on why this test itself is not only pretty dangerous and icky, but also how it can lead to a bunch of "managed care" stuff w/ the doctors. They usually tell you to eat in a healthy manner which I feel I do right now.

I "passed" the test with my first 2 babies when we used OB's. I did not take it last time as I had a midwife, and now this time we are doing U/P.

Ok, so here is my possible, I hope not, issue: I am incredibly, horrifically thirsty. Like I will pour a huge huge Glass of water and literally throw it down the hatch. My mouth is dry.

this is the only thing I am experiencing that is "wierd". I do not have any other "symptoms". I know pregnant women are suppossed to drink alot, and I do, but this is different.

So what should I "do"? I dont want to do anything! I am not necessarily afraid of a big baby, if that is the whole deal because our last one was 11 pounds. (But on a google search of GD symptoms one was previous large baby) But I am six foot one, 200 pounds and so is DH.

go to doctor?

Please help, mamas. thanks
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I don't think it's crap at all. In fact, I had ds 5 weeks early and he was 6 lbs 2 oz. I had a glucose meter and checked it all the time. I could see with my own eyes that something was wrong unless I kept it in check. If you have insurance, check with them and see what they would cover on a meter. They don't cost a horrific amount and most insurance will pay for them too. My doc let me borrow one though. Just a thought.
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JMO but I would get the test. I had GD with 2 of my 4 pg's. On the 3rd, it was managed with diet but I had a raging case with my last baby and had to make meds. Even then, the numbers were awful. I felt like crap. I was so so tired. There are other dangers of GD. I don't consider a big baby a bad thing, especially if you have had one already BUT it can be an issue. Garrett was 9.13 but we had a tough time (relative to my experience) getting him out. He was bruised pretty bad. If he had been anouther lb or 2 I am not sure what would have happened. Umbilical cord and placental deterioration are the more concerning effects. I am not saying you should take meds but IF you don't want meds, I think you would need to have some way of monitoring those things towards the end. I did not want to be induced so I did the NST and I had a biophysical (?) U/S and they monitored the blood flow in the cord. Again, just my experience. I can't imagine what my pg and labor would have been like if I had not had treatment. I almost refused because my case with Noah was so mild. In the end I was induced but I am ok with it now.
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Wow! that is big for 35 weeks!!!

What (sorry to sound dumb) exactly do you do with the meter? Does it come with instructions? You check your blood sugar after you eat or at certain intervals?.........

And what if it does register something bad, should I start in with a doctor? What did you do?

Thank you in advance!
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I wouldn't worry personally. It's summer. It's hot. You're pregnant. It's normal to be thirsty.

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Do you guys think the thirst is enough to be worrysome? I am not horribly tired.

So.......has anyone on here started going to an OB in the third trimester? I am terrified of how they will treat me!
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I'm thirsty constantly. I don't have GD. I think the testing system is very poor and very inaccurate. If I took that test, I'm sure I'd fail with flying colors as I don't eat a lot of sugar, so my body obviously wouldn't know how to process a megasugar drink.

Don't worry yourself. I drink at least 5 quarts of water per day, and I'd drink more if I wasn't so tired of getting up to refill!

Obviously growing big babies is something that is fine for you. Your body knows itself and knows what you can handle! Trust yourself and skip the OB.
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I'm thirsty A LOT, too. I wouldn't worry about it.
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I have seen other posts on MDC where mamas have posted the diets they have been asked to follow and numbers they are to acheive. I too would be leary about starting with an OB in the third trimester, unless there was a clear need. mabey as a first step you could get a hold of a meter, the meter itself is not expensive, I think the companies make thier money from the strips, and see what your numbers are before going in. There is always the chance that you are just busy and thirsty in the hot summer. what would you do if you went to the OB and everything was normal? or they wanted to do a bunch of other tests? http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org has lots of well researched info about GD. I to am a tall (5'10") obese mom with big babies, (9, 9lb 8 oz and 10 lb 7 oz) and no history of GD but OB's seem to not believe that I have no history of GD and test extra for it.
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I would NOT go to a doc as a *First* course of action for this, but that's JUST ME!! Most docs would totally freak out at a woman coming in for the first time at 35 wks. They'd probably start from scratch, ordering a pap, vag. exam, "counselling", etc. before even getting to the reason why you are then in the first place. OBs just usally don't work like that, to just go in for a specific problem. Maybe if you have a good family practice doc you trust and won't treat you like you're a ticking timebomb.

I would contact a good, experienced midwife and talk to her about it. I know mine would be interested and helpful. You could also ask to look in her reference books for more info. That was VERY helpful to me when trying to understand the whole glucose test issue. What a pain in the butt!!! Also, the Henci Goer "Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" is very thorough on the topic and is usually available to "browse" at bookstores. You could also PM someone at MDC that is a reliable, informative source. (I know of a few I'd ask and have!) But going to a random OB at this point would probably just be traumatic. Not trying to scare you, I've just read too many mamas' stories here....

Good luck w/ this. The GD issue is not an exact science, although docs like to treat it like it is. The research is all over the place.
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it is augest and hot. maybe you do have a healthy thirst.

but,if you do have GD, it's really important to treat. and can be as easy as
changing your diet and monitoring your blood sugars. side effects of
high/low blood sugars can be much worse than a large baby and difficult

the meters to check blood glucose are pretty cheap. maybe you
could find normal value ranges for a pregnant woman (i think they are
different than for a non pregnant woman....?) on say
the american family physician website -- or at the library? and appriopriate times to test your blood sugar.

i wonder too if there is a midwife with hospital privilages near you?
i was lucky enough to have one for my dd -- for us a good fit. a lot less
invasive, much more responsive to our needs/concerns, took lots of time
with us etc. and i'd hope if you were finding your blood sugars were worrisome a midwife would be willing to take you in without the attitude many ob/gyn's would give.
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The last time I was preggo during summer I drank SO much. The doc tested and retested and no diabetes. I was just thirsty. In fact the OB said to try not to drink so much as I was developing a problem and was retaining too much water. I think some people are just thirsty . MAybe you process the water quicker.
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Again,bloomingmom, I know you're new- a lot of people don't think GD exists as a condition. I would not go near a dr. or hospital. If you're really concerned and think you should see someone I'd see a midwife.

babysx9- if you were retaining water you should have been instructed to drink MORE not less.

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No, I think she was right, I was drinking 64 oz an hour. At least. I was so thirsty and it wasn't all passing. I slowed down and felt much better. I wasn't working so wasn't as active as in the past. That whole pregnancy was crazy at the end.
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Since it is the heat of summer, there are other symptoms to look for in GD, and not just thirst...I would not go to a doc at this stage, if you want to find a midwife you can consult with, that would be good. Just someone to bounce ideas off....you are a tall lady and I would expect a small baby for you would be about 9 lbs + so I don't think size would be an issue. But if you went for a OB visit, you can better believe they would MAKE it one....eat salt to taste, and drink plenty of water...you may have just been dehydrated, and didn't know it.
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thanks to everybody for the helpful responses!

(I dont have a midwife, the only ones in town that I like were almost $3000 and we couldnt afford it, and so have come to U/C and U/P, first out of necessity and now out of a very enthusiastic belief that this is good and right for us. )

Since my only "symptom" is thirst, and not to the extreme of some of the stuff you all have posted, I think I am ok! thank you so much.

To be on the safe side, I am going to R EA L L Y watch what I eat as far as any refined carbs, and it is 97 degrees out so I am not going to "excersize" per se, but I do enough around the house all day w/ the 3 little kids and housework and running errands that I am certainly "active".

I am still looking forward to hearing everything that is being posted on this issue, because it is sort of an unresolved "topic" from what I am gathering.

I never meant to "make light" of the actual disease of diabetes, I was just more wondering if thristy alone was some horrible sign.

gonna sit back and read more............thanks to everyone for all these responses already!
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I would think you'd still be able to call the $3000 mw and ask her some questions. If she's a CNM, you could probably just pay $40-50 for and "office visit" and talk about your concerns and all. She may be very happy to talk to her over the phone! If you still have lingering questions, I would encourage you to just call and see what she says. This is just based on my experience w/ my CPM and CNM (who don't work "together" but do back eachother up). But both worked w/ UC moms for prenatals or just questions in general.

Glad you're feeling better about all this!
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ah, i'd missed the u/p u/c part. thought you had a midwife who didn't
believe in GD......
sounds like you have a good idea how to watch your diet etc.
but as emmajean said, i would think the mw would consult with you
if you tighten up on diet and still feel worried. at least i can't imagine
the mw's in our community turning you down! they are an amazingly
supportive bunch. some work sliding scale too......
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Unfortunately, when I told the midwives I was leaving, they got real antsy and mailed me a bunch of cold paperwork about "we do not recommend unassisted birth....etc etc we no longer can be in contact, we cannot counsel you over the phone and will not be able to communicate any longer etc etc"

I guess I understand legally but it was more than a bummer 'cuz they were so "cool". Maybe they got burned in the past.......


There is one MW in the area who I might be able to call for a consult, though.

BTW, when I told DH about my posting this today, he was like "Oh my god I am so thirsty too you are a spaz" :LOL

that might sound insensitive but it made me feel better, for now.

Anyone with any more "warning signs", or mythbusters or anything, let me know!
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