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Does anyone know or have experience with vinegar as a cleaner? I really love bleach because I know it is a great germkiller, but it is harsh and bad for the environment. I have put some vinegar in a spray bottle and am using that now sometimes. I don't like the smell, (like bleach is pleasant), but wonder if it is as good a germicdal? Thanks
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what germs are you trying to kill??

Most people abuse germicidals anyway. There is some concern about the over-use of antibiotics and the negative affect it has on the environment.

I love vinegar, I some rubbing alcohol to mine to make it dry quick (good for glass) and it does the job.
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use a few drops of an essential oil to make your vinegar smell nice.
i read about this in the book "clean house, clean planet." i am in the process of ridding my home of commercial cleaners and converting to all natural stuff using the recipes in this book.
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I agree with the essential oil idea. I usually add a few drops of pine. Smells better than the commercial stuff!! Dh recently went all out and got me a big treat....a bottle of Frankinsense essential oil ($35.00 here in Canada!!) and I've mixed that with vinegar......quite decadent!!! LOL!

I use vinegar for everything....bath, kitchen, floors, windows. I have managed to get all commercial cleaners out of the house, but it was tough to give some up!!! I think if you maintain a tidy home (: ) "germs" shouldn't be an issue for you to worry about. A microbiology professor of mine told me that "germs" are not defined, therefore, "germ killing" and "germicidal" have no definition. And if they have no definition, the companies can basically put anything in a bottle and sell it to you. SO, they plaster products with the word "germ", making us believe that we really wallow in disease and need the stuff.....but we're pretty clean creatures, and I suspect a good swipe with vinegar will be just fine!!!

I'm no expert, just my $0.02!!!!
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I like bleach bc I know some germs must be killed, and bleach will certainly do the job. For ex, when I get chicken juice on the countertop , if I used vinegar, would it kill the germs? I do like vinegar as a cleaner, and I would like to get to the point where I only use that, or other natural cleaners like baking soda. I guess I am hoping someone will have advice on what to do for germs like that, or for cleaning the toilet.
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I never use bleach and have NEVER had any food poisoning. I think the touch of alcohol may or may not kill the unwanteds.

As far as the toilet, I brush it once a day and NEVER use any chemicals in it. Dont need to.
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I'm going to share my favourite 'toilet swishing cleaner' with my fellow mommies.

1/2 tsp liquid soap or detergent
2 tbsp baking soda
2 tbsp vinegar
2 cups water
1 tsp each of any 3 essential oil
choose from tea tree, pine, lavender, lemon, orange, lime, bergamot

measure into a large container because the mixture will foam, a
4-6 cup glass jug or pitcher works well. Stand 10 min., pour into spray bottle.

Spray and swish toilet as needed.
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mtt\bc, thanks for that recipe, I copied it down, and will definitely be trying it!
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Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the vinegar. It adds a nice smell and has anti-fungal properties.
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What about grapefruit seed extract? I read about it being one of the best antiseptics around. Just a few drops in water or in liquid soap is supposed to do the trick. I use it for the diaper pail and for anything I want to be sure is clean. So far so good.
It's sold under the initials GSE - expensive, but a few drops go a long way. Add one drop per oz to dish soap or all purpose soap and water.

Question - I've been using baking soda to clean the bathroom, but i find myself wiping off grit for days. any tips, or am i just not being thorough enough? (not surprising with the baby on my hip).

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My all purpose cleaner recipe:

vinegar (acid breaks up grease, grime, etc.)
tea tree oil (antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial)
lavender oil (antibacterial, antiviral)
grapefruit seed extract (antibacterial, antifungal)
sweet orange oil (blends scents nicely)
dilute with water
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Where do I find 'Grapefruit Seed Extract'?
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I also use plain ol' vinegar and water to clean my entire house (kitchen, floors, bathroom, everything). I read in Natural Home magazine that vinegar is around 98% antibacterial but cannot be labeled as such because of FDA or some bureaucratic agency's politics. I am relatively unconcerned about its antibacterial qualities, because I also agree with the overuse of antibacterial agents and their negative effect on a home's (and the world's) natural balance.

I even grew to enjoy the smell!!
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Ok, I have been cleaning exclusively with vinegar and baking soda for a week or two now, however long its been since I first read this thread, lol! Anyway, its great! I love it. My bathroom is just as clean as when I used the harsh stuff. My kitchen floor even feels good! An added bonus, dd can clean with me now! After her bath one day, I gave her a new scrubbrush and we cleaned the tub with baking soda. She loved it!

Yes, you do have to rinse thae baking soda a little more to get rid of residue, but its worth it. I used to feel it in my lungs when I used bleach before.

You gals really taught me st!
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grapefruit seed extract can be bought in the health food store or any of the online soapmaking websites.
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In praise of grapefruitseed extract

Grapefruit seed extract is amazing
This is what I use it for:
Disinfecting the nappy bucket
The final rinse with laundry
Any disinfecting around the home - like the chopping board
Disinfecting soothers and drinking cup spouts
For any tummy troubles - I give the kids 1-2 drops in juice or milk
and for us, 4-8 drops
For sore throats, gargle with 4 drops in warm water and SWALLOW it ! (I cured strep throat in 4 days with this routine 3x day)
For colds & flu, 8 drops in a glass of water
For fungal infections/thrush, 10 drops in an egg cup of olive oil.

Basically it kills bacteria and viruses at v. low concentrations and is totally non-toxic but tastes revolting!

There is a great book callled 'The Healing Power of Grapefruit Seed Extract' - which explains all the uses.
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