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Come take a look at maMa By Design!

Featuring the MBD baby carrier, and exciting new twist on the traditional ABC, with funky fabrics, applique and patchwork designs to suit anyone's style. Also, two cloth-friendly diaper bags with features like: a convertible strap- it's a backpack or a messenger bag! Integrated wipes pocket, snap-in zippered wet bags, cup holder that fit Nalgenes or 8-oz sippies...MBD has been called "a design genius."

We are currently closed to new business, "we" being a figure of speech. I'm working my way slowly through a bunch of very overdue custom orders. (sorry guys!) I am also in the midst of organizing my business so that I do not become back-logged in the future.

I do have a couple of auctions happening at Wahmchicks. One is listed here and the other, a 100% donation for the Fluff Factory's fundraising event to benefit Timothy House, is right here.