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I usually post in the nov group. my baby is due on halloween, but I think she will be late like my other dd.
Anyway, do you think that you will be dressing your little one up for halloween? I have 2 older kids who will be dressing up, so I thought I would start thinking ahead for if she came early. If you are dressing your baby up, what will their costume be?
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I have a small ghost outfit that the baby could wear. It was adorable and ds never got to wear it bc he was born after Halloween. We also have a few pairs of Halloween socks that s/he could wear that week and after.

I'm hoping that I didn't get rid of it with that last garage sale...
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My boys and I discussed this. They would like to find a princess costume. LOL We're just all about this princess here My oldest is soooo excited about her.

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yes, but I'm sure baby will be here before halloween and my 2 yr old is most excited about it. we do halloween in a costume party sense, not trick or treating.

I suspect baby will be a pumpkin. orange romper, pumpkin hat.
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Yeah. We love Halloween, can't pass up a chance for even the newest to do it. I have a great book of crochet patterns, they're not Halloweeen costume per se, but they're hat sets that are definitely pretty costumey. I need to find one that is unisex, so I can make it in advance. I'll probably go with a lion costume. I can't bring myself to just put a BOO! onesie on the kid; if I dress him/her up, it's going to be an actual costume.
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I'm due October 26th. My first baby came a few weeks early, but I'm not banking on anything with this one. A friend lent me a tiny pumpkin onesie, and if he is here by Halloween, we'll put him in that. But I wouldn't go out of my way to dress up a days-old baby. And knowing that he might not even be here by that point makes me unwilling to spend much on the possibility, kwim?
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I'm due October 28, so I don't know if baby will be here or not. If so, I will probably just get some kind of Halloween themed outfit (like baby's first Halloween or something like that) for baby to wear rather than an actual costume. If baby does come before Halloween, s/he will be home with me handing out candy while dh takes dd trick or treating anyway, so we won't be taking baby anywhere.
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well I'm due Oct. 3rd so definitely baby will be here for Halloween. Already decided baby will be a pumpkin. Sleeper and matching hat!
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Just lurking here since I'm sort of in-between (due Sept 26, but first baby came at 42 weeks). I just bought a pumpkin hat (fleece, very cute) and a bib, and I think that'll be the extent of it. DD wants the baby to be "sleeping bear" but I just don't want to go all out with such a little one. He'll probably be asleep or nursing in the sling anyway as we walk dd around. She keeps saying, "When my baby brother gets here, then I can go trick-or-treating!" She'll probably expect to go the second he shows up. :LOL
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i'm due on the 23rd, and my other two were right "on time," so the baby will likely be here for halloween. Ds wants he and dd to dress up as fire fighters and the baby to be a dalmation :LOL i'm not sure if we'll go with that idea, but it's creative (especially since dd wants to be a "princess firefighter." that will be interesting :LOL)
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We are going to do trick or treating. I am due the 15 so I am pretty sure we will have a baby with us. Not sure what we will dress him/her up as but we'll do something.
My youngest was born Oct 23 and we took him trick or treating. He was a tiger, I just used one of those bunting but it was huge on him.lol
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Eclipse, I love the firefighter/dalmation idea!!

My little guy's due 10-02, and I'll definately dress him up- no idea what yet. My older boys each wore the same pumpkin outfit for their first Halloweens; I've turned the house upside down looking for it and can't find it. I know he'll be adorable in whatever I come up with though!
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My first daughter got a Halloween costume from my ex-SIL [wasn't an ex at the time!] when she was born. It was just one of those costumes they sell at Walmart by the truckload, a Ladybug.
anyway, this baby will most likely wear the same costume. I'm more worried what I'm going to have my toddler dress up as! :P And wonder what I'll be! lol
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We can't decide. We've seen some adorable monkey, and lion costumes. I just can't see paying $20 for a costume no one will see, since we live in an apartment and won't be handing out candy. My mom just thinks it would make a cute picture. If Grandma wants to ante up the cash, who am I to tell her no?
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Not sure here. I'm due the 25th and all the others came early, but this one will probably have to be different. Being so close I will probably just get some socks or hat or something. Unless the kids convince me otherwise.

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Nope. We don't celebrate.
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I was wondering about this and if people would think I was nuts if I dressed up a baby that was only a few days old. But Halloween is my favorite Holiday!!! I have sooo many costumes and I don't think a single one of them is going to fit me this Halloween LOL I have a costume I've decided that would be perfect for my little one since it looks soft and comfy. And of course its TOTALLY CUTE!

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thats a cute little tigger costume. I am having a shower in September, and my aunt seems like the type who might get something halloween related so I am waiting to see if she does.

the cutest little newborn baby halloween costume I ever saw was a burrito! It was so easy to make too. My friend just dyed a little white body suit with coffee, and cut out a large circle of wheat colored fleece and smaller circle of green or yellow (lettuce or cheese, I can't remember) colored fleece. She just wrapped the baby up like a burrito while they walked around outside. The fleece wraps made cute little blankets to play with afterwards as well. "Burrito" became one of little Tony's favorite games in months after halloween, he would just give that cute little baby laugh when his mom would wrap him up and say "he's a burrito!"
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My husband suggested I dress the baby as a worm and myself as an apple.
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wow...you guys are really planning ahead...I am sure if baby is here we will find a little costume...if baby is still an innie I may paint my big belly like a pumpkin..that would be fun while I hand out the candy!
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