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Who here loves night nursing?

Poll Results: How do you feel about night nursing?

  • 41% (21)
    I love it!!!
  • 41% (21)
    It's OK as long as I still get some sleep.
  • 15% (8)
    I really don't enjoy night nursing.
  • 1% (1)
51 Total Votes  
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I absolutely snuggling up to my (not so) little boy at night and nursing. Sure I set some limits on nursing- sometimes we snuggle and nurse, other times we just snuggle,and other times I can't sleep and I'm on the computer while he snoozes in our bed. :LOL
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Especially since DD is in childcare during some weekdays, that time at night to cuddle up and nurse is precious! She's been slacking off, though...nurses to sleep, then usually only twice in the night and she's been letting some of the first-thing-in-the-morning sessions go completely on daycare days.

She's not much of a snuggler when not nursing, so her daddy's been SOL for any serious snuggles as of yet, and I'm not looking forward to her nightweaning--that will definitely be child-lead!
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I LOVE night nursing too!!! Ds #1 night nursed for about 12-13 months, I had a few months "off" (and had trouble sleeping! :LOL ) then Zachary was born. He night-nursed for about 19 months, then I had a few months "off" (again, I had trouble sleeping, made worse when the boys decided to move out of my bed into their own room and I was all alone in my bed because dh worked 3rd shift!). Then Haley was born and she's just about done night-nursing (at age 3) and we have a new little one on the way in about 6 weeks! I can't wait to be night nursing a little one again!!!
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I love it when I'm not sleep deprived :LOL

I love having DS in my bed. I often put my hand on his head as he lays next to me.
I love having him fall asleep in my arms, looking so satisfied as he nurses.
I love knowing that he feels safe and secure in the middle of the night when he wakes up and finds me there to nurse.

ETA: it gets harder as he gets older.
Right now he is almost 3 1/2 years old, weighs over 45lbs, and rolls all over me all night long trying to get to each side back and forth, back and forth.

A night-nursing baby/toddler is precious. A big preschooler is a bit hard (but can still be cozy).
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Love it!
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I said "other". I work FT and currently my daughter is reverse cycling. She will eat a maximum of 6 ounces at DC (usually closer to 4) when I am gone for 9 hours...she eats very little "food" at this point (still in the tasting stage even though she is almost 9 months old)...so when we are together she has to make up for lost time which means all night nursing is the norm around here.

On the bright side I never have to stress about pumping "enough" because I always pump more at work then Niamh will eat. I feel extremely blessed to have escaped having to obsess about my supply and never having to even give a millisecond of thought to having to use <shudder> the "f" word. So in that way I am incredibly grateful that night nursing works so well for both of us and amazingly enough I somehow manage to get enough sleep even with nursing all night long to function in the WOHM world that I currently inhabit.

But sometimes I think back fondly of my DS who slept through the night at 3 weeks old...and of course I had the luxury of being home with him until he was 10 months old instead of having to go back to work at 4 months the way I did with Niamh.

And sometimes my skin is crawling and I just want to roll over and get some sleep without Niamh attached to me : : and sometimes I will even try to roll over and usually Niamh makes me turn back because she is genuinely hungry at this point...but every once in awhile she will give me a blissful 2 hours sleep instead

Ah....but I must admit that I feel pretty smug most of the time that she prefers ME her flesh and blood momma to some horrible bottle (and it makes me feel like maybe I am still essential even though family circumstances right now make my value outside the home more critical then being allowed to stay home with my babes) and when I get to feeling that way I pet her head full of soft fuzzy hair and crane my neck over to give her a kiss on the top of her head and then try to sleep while she eats

So I guess I have pretty mixed feelings about night nursing

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I love it! This is not to say that there aren't nights when she has nursed for the 10th time, DH and the dog are snoring, the cat keeps trying to sleep on my head and I just want to be all alone in a quiet bed :LOL .... but I wouldn't trade those snuggles for anything. There was one night where DD slept all the way through without nursing even once a couple months ago and I just couldn't believe it. (She normally sleeps through the night - I just have to nurse her in her sleep when she starts looking for it every now and then.) I actually kind of panicked and wondered if she was going to stop night nursing. Luckily, it was a fluke!
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i loved nursing my 1st at night, and then #2 came along i tandem nursed at night for over 2 yrs. i have to admit that was not as enjoyable, especially since it was still going on when i was preg with #3. they were motherled weaned at night then.

but, i really have to say that i totally love nursing my dd . she's almost 17 mos and i'd nurse her at night forever if need be. i love sleeping on my side, and nursing one makes that very easy.

i did wake up one night a few weeks ago to my 5 y.o. sucking on my toes. he crawled into bed with us and his brother was already there, so he slept where he found room, which was near my feet. i guess that rooting instinct is there for awhile. (he doesn't know he did that).
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i do want to add about nursing 2 during the night...it might have been a little rougher, but the morning times were twice as sweet. especially when i would wake up before them and just watch and wait for them to awaken.
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I voted "love it" though most of the time neither of us are awake for it. DS is 11 months and usually nurses once or twice at night, starting at around 5 am. One of the reasons I love it is because I know as soon as he latches on and nurses a bit then he will drift back off and we will both get more sleep. I also love how he throws his little foot up over my hip!
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I love night nursing, as long as I can get some rest. Dd is almost 16 months (27 pounds) and she is a really restless sleeper. I love having her with us at night, but dh really has a hard time with it since he is such a light sleeper. We recently moved and are transitioning into our new place while staying with my parents. She has been sleeping with us a lot more, and I love having her cuddle up next to me at night. However, I sort of miss our old routine where I would get up and nurse her in our comfy chair and then (after catching a few z's myself) would put her in her crib. Then she always came into our bed in the early morning and we would all be together for a few hours. That was ideal.....we all got some rest and she never fell out of bed (which she did for the first time two nights ago....oops!).

I was starting to get very stressed about her night nursing, especially since I am starting work full time in a month. But, I realzie what a comfort it is to her during this time of change, and I can't imagine depriving her (or me) of that. Last night she went into her crib after I nursed her to sleep, and I couldn't fall asleep until she woke up to nurse. Maybe I love it more than I realize. Either way, there's no end in sight for us.
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I do *not* set limits on when or where or how often either of my girls nurse. But no, I do not much care for being woken up at 2am (like I was last night). I might not mind it so much if it weren't such a rare occurrence? I think maybe the reason it is so rare is because I don't set nursing limits. My girls know they can nurse whenever they want to, so don't want to as much and would rather sleep instead. I know that when either of them starts waking up regularly at night wanting to nurse, it's a sign that I haven't been nursing her enough during the day. All it takes is to offer a little more often, and the nightwaking stops. Of course, none of this applies when it's teething or a growth spurt... then I just resign myself to not getting any sleep and settle down with a good book instead.
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Originally Posted by Ruthla
I absolutely snuggling up to my (not so) little boy at night and nursing.
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Night nursing is amazing. It's so sweet having her body snuggled against me, then drinking as she pleases. I it. I have no clue how much sleep I get, but it's definitely enough for me
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i love nursing but i'm so tired all day

My 13 month old boy still nurses several times during the night and lots during the day too. I am just so tired though and want him to stop nursing in the night. He seems to always be in the midst of something in his life that I feel attributes to his constant desire to nurse at night - i.e teething, learning to walk, our family moving, etc. I just wish I didn't feel so selfish and could survive on less sleep. I am home with him during the day and we cosleep at night so I really shouldn't need so much sleep. But lately I am starting to resent not getting any rest. I don't know what to do.

Mom to Patrick 06/26/04 homeborn
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My 6-month old ds is in fulltime daycare and reverse cycles and we nurse mostly only at night. Most of the time, we both snooze through it so I don't mind it so much. His last growth spurt was brutal - every hour from the time we got home until about 11pm, then every 2 hours through the night. oof. For 2-3 nights in a row. Double (or triple) oof. Then I minded it. But most of the time I don't mind
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I love niht nursing too. Luca is now 23 month old und nurses 2-3 times per night. Sessions are between 10 minutes and 1 hour.
In my opinion breastfeeding L O V E.


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