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yay, I'm back!

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Well, I think I get to join this board again. I was previously due this thanksgiving (after 15mo ttc and one cycle chlomid and IUI) and miscarried with a blighted ovum in April.

We were going to wait until January to try again, but I just took a positive pregnancy test last night and again this morning. Who'd a thunk?

Glad to be here, though!
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Congrats! Have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
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Oh, yay!! I was so excited to see your post here! I'm so glad you're back.
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mamatoady - i thought that was you! i was in the november due date thread too, but also m/c in April at 11weeks. so glad we're both back!

this is a toast (non-alcoholoic of course ) to both of us having healthy pregnancies and healthy babies!
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Congratulations, mamatoady!
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Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months to us all
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