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Henna question

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I have my henna all mixed to do my hair tonight but I'm not sure where to do it. If I lean over my bathtub will the henna stain the tub? If I do it over the kitchen sink will the stainless steel react with the henna if it touches the sink?
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I have never had the henna stain my tub. And I have always been worried about the steel reacting with the henna. Didn't help that my husband keeps telling me that we have steel pipes and that might react. Never had any problems though. If your hair is really long, like mine was when I started henna. Something that works very well is to get a good size bucket and fill it with water. Then swish your hair around in it a few times, emptying it. It helped my hair not get as tanglely. I still had to use a sprayer to get the rest out, but it took less time and used much less water.
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I've never had henna stain my tub either, and my tub has the enamel corroded from overuse of bleach so *everything* stains it IYKWIM. The henna won't react with the metal in your sink. I use metal utensils all the time to stir my henna. I know someone who wraps her henna'ed head in foil.

I tried the bucket, last time I did a cassia treatment, but as my hair is longer than the bucket is deep, it got horribly tangled. I've seen people recommend to fill the tub, lie down in it hair and all and soak for a few minutes before rinsing with the showerhead.
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I do my henna in the bathroom, and have never had problems with it staining anything. I rinse it in the shower...it gets all over everything, but it comes off pretty easily.
Have fun with your henna!!
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The reason henna colors and conditions your hair is because its active constituent, lawsone, has an affinity for the keratin in your hair and bonds to it. I know it will also stain skin, wood and some fibers, but I think the deal is that the lawsone molecules only bond to certain kinds of keratin-like protein, which would explain why it doesn't stain ceramic, say, or vinyl tile.

ETA: How'd it turn out? Inquiring minds want to know!
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It turned out okay. I did it in the bathroom, definitly needed a mirror to do it.lol The henna did not like to stick near my roots. It was icing consistency, maybe a little thicker. I have dark hair and that didn't pick up much of the colour, but I had blond(they were supposed to be red when she did them,lol) which was done in March all over the top layer and that is a brighter red/orange. I added paprika to the mix to make it oranger.

I did it at 10:30pm, wrapped it in saran wrap and then a towel to sleep(with a towel under me to catch anything through the night). I rinsed it out in the shower at 9:30 am. It took 2 shampoos & 2 conditioners to get it all out which I had expected.

The only bad part was the smell. I had been reading and people were saying it smelled like hay or straw, they lied. I grew up on a farm and have been around both my entire life and it did not smell anything close to either one of them. It actually made me(and dh) sick, I could not stand it. I had tried putting TTO in after the dye released to try and cover it up, it didn't work. The only time it smelled good was when I was shampoo'ing. The mix of the henna & shampoo smelled like pineapple which the shampoo does not ever smell like. It stopped stinking bad yesterday afternoon and now smells the tiniest bit like straw.
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I like the smell of henna. sometimes I miss my hennaed red hair, but the no-poo would be washing it out every time, so I don't bother. I agree that it does not smell like hay or straw. It smells like itself.

I figured out what some of the sunless tanners use to "tan" you a few summers back. I knew that scent!! Henna.

1030 pm to 0930 the next morning!!! wow that's a long time to leave it in. When I used to henna my hair, which is naturally brown, I used to only leave it in for an hour at most.
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I don't understand about no poo washing it out? I henna and no poo, no problem.

It is good to leave henna in at least 2 hours, up to overnight... the longer, the deeper the colour.

I am new to henna but have been reading tonnes... check out www.hennaforhair.com .

I know girlndocs usually posts to these threads, but since she was so unceremoniously banned I'm imparting what knowledge I believe she would.
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It is good to leave henna in at least 2 hours, up to overnight... the longer, the deeper the colour
This was why I left it in overnight.
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I'm inspired! I'm going to mix some henna up tonight!! I haven't done it in a month or so...time to do it again!
I also leave my henna in overnight...it's easier than waiting all day to wash it off. I'm impatient and tend to wash it off too soon!
CarrieMF....what kind of henna did you use? It's strange that it smelled that bad, it makes me wonder if there was something else in it. I used Rainbow "henna" before and it was some pretty stinky stuff, imo. The stuff I use now is from www.hennaforhair.com and it doesn't have much of a smell.
Check out the henna for hair site...it has lots of good ideas!
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When I was mixing my henna up I did notice a strong smell...I guess I never noticed it before...I kind of like it. I can see how it could be overpowering. I added quite a bit of strong rosemary tea that helped tone it down.
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I don't understand about no poo washing it out? I henna and no poo, no problem.
Hmmm, maybe I'll have to try again then. DD and I had hennaed our hair back in April 2004. I did no-poo a couple of times later that summer and my hair went back to brown. She still had hints of the red tone as late as April 2005.

I had been sort of sad about not being able to henna again if I wanted, since it seemed to me to have hastened the demise of my red hair. Next time I see that box with the fox on it....

Guess I'll have to leave it in longer too, though years ago when I did it, it stayed well even with my shorter dyeing times.
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I did my last henna mix with yogurt and it really calmed down the henna smell. I couldn't even smell henna a day later. Yogurt is acidic enough on it's own, you don't even have to add vinigar.

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Yogurt I can do. Teas and most essential oils has the same effect on me that the henna does, nausea & headaches. I washed my hair again today and it wasn't as strong of a smell. It is only there when my hair is wet so I've been blowdrying it.
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