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Dinner Help... WWYD?

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I'm trying to clear my pantry and avoid a small trip to the grocery store with 2kids. So here's what I've started...

I have beef stewing on the stove (we have an abundance of it from a side of beef, I've not been cooking it because it's summer and who wants soup or stew, but it's time I give the hamburger a rest and eat some stewing beef...)

I have a small pot of tomatoes stewing on the stove because we can't eat them all if they're not cooked, but there's not enough to start stewing and freezing just yet.

I have carrots, mushrooms and broccoli in the fridge, all which need to be cooked.

I have a can of black beans and some taco seasoning but no sour cream or salsa (or peppers to make salsa with the tomatoes).

For carbs I have rice, pasta, barley or potatoes...

So would you just make soup with the barley and stewed tomatoes? Or would you try to get more creative and add the beans and seasoning or something? I really don't want to thicken the broth for stew today...
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I would...

make the soup with the barley, stewed tomatoes, carrots, black beans and some of the seasoning. Sounds good to me!

Just finished making mashed potatoes from scratch, corn on the cob, fresh ice tea, and now I'm setting some chicken breasts to cook. Hubby is a PIA BIG TIME and won't eat cool things like what you are making. In fact I will be lucky if he eats this. Seems as everytime I make something good he finds an excuse not to eat it. *sorry got on my soap box*

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I put the tomatoes and beef together added a bay leaf and continued stewing. Then I added barley and carrots and let it simmer for a couple hours. Dh loved it, and yeah I'm really lucky when it comes to him enjoying my cooking.

He's also a really good sport about my not so good experiments. I tried to make a shrimp pasta tonight that flopped. He ate his and said nothing. I couldn't even eat mine and won't be trying that again ever. Ew.

Sorry your dh won't try new stuff, I get bored of the same old same old, not just for eating, but for cooking too.
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