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Originally Posted by cobluegirl
what about a netti pot? have you tried one of those?
I used a neti pot briefly hoping it would help but my nasal passages are so inflamed that the water could not drain properly, and it gave me a raging sinus infection instead. So I need to address my allergy issues first and then I will hopefully be able to use it.
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I tried the oatmeal recipe today from Nourishing Traditions. We can't do dairy, so I soaked it with lemon juice. It was very tart. Is it supposed to taste like that? Dd wouldn't eat it, and I couldn't bring myself to, either. I didn't have lemons, so I used 2 Tbsp of the ReaLemon juice. Would it be less tart with fresh lemon juice?
And can you use lemon juice instead of whey in the other recipes, too?
Also wondering if any of you follow the NT while avoiding dairy, wheat, eggs, corn? I'm wondering how easy it would be to convert the recipes.
Thanks in advance!
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Hey Deborah! Welcome to my world! I have given up on a lot of the grain soaking. In fact, we just about quit eating grains all together. I did make the oatmeal once with the lemon juice, and yes, if you use a fresh lemon it won't be so tart. That bottled stuff is concentrated. I tried "helping" it by adding in some coconut milk. I couldn't get it satisfactory. But I was used to making my oatmeal with milk, honey, and cinnamon and nuts. It was a hard switch!

As for using lemon juice in place of whey for other recipes, I honestly don't know if it works "across the board." Sometimes she has it in there for a substitution, and sometimes not. That's whay I go by. I *think* that if you are going to do a fruit ferment, that you must use whey. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here...

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of answers for you. I, like you, had so many questions. I basically avoid something if I don't know the answer. What I did do was add to my book collection. I have Wild Fermentation, which explains how to do ferments without whey. It also explains about the salt issue, which is great because if you just substitute extra salt in place of whey, the result is too salty to be edible. I also have Garden of Eating, which is a NT style cookbook, but it's grain and diary free. That book does make use of egg powder, which is not a NT principle. There are lots of good recipes in there!

So basically, we use NT principles in food prep, but I rarely consult her recipes anymore. I use bone broths as the base for homemade soups of my own making. And because we are so limited on foods, we do a lot of "basic" eating. Our foods we do eat go something like this: roast chicken, leftover chicken in a veggie stir-fry, crock roast w/ veggies, hamburger patties, lots of veggie stir-fries, fruits, sauerkraut, seed crackers, fruit leathers, fruit smoothies, salads, fresh fruits, sprouted beans cooked in bone broth, etc. We drink water and kefir made with water kefir grains. We use all organic fruits, veggies, and even spices. And all the meats are organic, pasture-fed.

hth a bit!
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Soaking the oatmeal for the minimum amount of time helps too. The longer it soaks the more sour it gets. My family won't touch it if it's been soaking too long.
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Do you guys rinse after soaking? I always rinse my oatmeal and other soaked stuff and then cook them in fresh water. That way they don't taste weird.
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Originally Posted by mz_libbie22
Do you guys rinse after soaking? I always rinse my oatmeal and other soaked stuff and then cook them in fresh water. That way they don't taste weird.
I rinse quinoa, but I just cook oatmeal as it is. That's pretty much all of my grain experience and that's breakfast for everybody else now and then. I'm off grains.
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I found that soaking oatmeal in the 2 Tbsp of yogurt was just too sour--ds wouldn't eat it. So I started soaking it in only 1 T and it's made just enough of a difference that ds will eat it now. I figure it's good enough.
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Wow we must love sour around here. I soak Oats to cook in water and a big sploosh of whey for about 2 days.

I soak oats in equal amounts of yogurt (24 hour) and leave on my counter for sometimes two days and then we eat it that way.

I rinse Quinoa but only because it has such a high phytic bond. I sprout Quinoa so I rinsing it alot.

We are off to the hoodoos for the weekend, have a good one everyone.

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yeah I did the oatmeal once and it was horrible...I couldn't get myselt to eat it let alone the kids...wish I hadn't done such a big batch....sigh...live and learn. I think I used buttermilk...not lemon..
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WAPF Chapter Leaders Yahoo Group archives


It's fun to browse, Sally Fallon posts here
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We actually don't use any lemon juice or whey to soak, we just soak in a warm spot and let the natural fermentation beasties do the job.
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Originally Posted by toraji
We actually don't use any lemon juice or whey to soak, we just soak in a warm spot and let the natural fermentation beasties do the job.
That's mostly how we do it too.

This weekend's been a write-off so far though. It's folkfest, and we've been eating at all the ethnic pavilions, traditional or not. : Oh well, back on the wagon tomorrow.
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that is a great idea..
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newbie questions

So I am pretty new to NT-ing. WE have been mostly Paleo of years though ( well, I am, DH not so much ) so the switch is not huge, I am getting used to fermenting things and getting used to the tastes. Also have very slowly been trying some soaked grains. DH and my toddler have been loving it, I myself still need to be carefull with grain, am still noticing bloodsugar issues with it, even if I eat it with heaps of butter etc.
I made kshks for DH ( who is one of those cereal loving folks) and have the jar is gone this morning ( he took it to work last night) so I am guessing it was a success

Anyway, I am getting a kombucha culture this week and I heard something that kids should not drink it for reasons beyond the caffeine content...anyone have some views on this?

We are on the waiting list to get a share of a cow, the only way to get raw milk around here.

Also, for cheese to be raw, does it actually have to say "raw" or are many cheeses made with raw milk anyway? I found raw cheese at the HFS and it is very yum but a bit pricy

I am truely enjoying this threat and am glad I stumbled across it

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Yes, the cheese must say raw or unpasturized. If not then it's pasturized. I love a good sharp raw cheddar. You only need a little because it has such a bold taste.

Here's somthing interesting I thought I would share. Ds has had a wheat intollerance. He gets gassy, bloated, tummy aches, and then poops up a storm the next day. He can not digest it normally. All other grains he's good with, but wheat has always been a problem. The other day I was thinking "what about sprouted wheat?". So, I bought some sprouted bread and gave him a slice. Nothing. No tummy ache, no 8 poops the next day. He loves it and his tummy is happy with it. Yay!! I have been making my own spelt bread, but it really doesn't keep well so we keep it frozen. Then, I don't always have time to make bread when we're out. I'm so happy the sprouted works with him. It opens up so many more possibilities for him...like buritto's, which my family loves. Just thought I'd share. Sometimes people don't believe me about the differences between soaked or sprouted grains.

I killed my kombutcha. I brewed it 3 times and still couldn't drink it. Then, dh got sick of the smell and put it out side. Well, it rained. : That was the end of that. I still have some tea in the fridge. I was going to try to make a scobie.
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I have no idea what a scobie is...
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Ok, well I've been out of town for a week, so out of the loop on this thread.

DD is now cutting her molars, 2 are finally through! yea! She is eating more and more foods. I've stopped giving her much grain-based food, even soaked/sprouted stuff, as she has trouble digesting it (and I don't like cleaning up the mess on the other end!). However, she loves fruits and veggies, and snatched a piece of grass-fed beef off my plate the other day. She looked at me while she was eating it as if to say "you've been holding out on me mom!" She didn't seem to have trouble digesting it, and chewing seemed to be okay, too. It was slow-cooked in the crockpot all day.

I just placed an order for 2 gallons of EV coconut oil through my co-op. I am finishing up a gallon right now. It is really good. Can't wait to get my next order!

As far as refrigerating it, I don't; I just keep it in a cool place away from the 3 biggies: heat, light, and air. Seems to do very well like that.
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ANother question,

I make these sunflower crakcers and they are yum. Last batch I made I soaked the raw seeds first, but then my vitamix had a hard time making a uniformed dought. So My question is this: can I soak the sunflowerseeds firts, then dry them in the oven and then grind them and/or, grind them first and then soak them ( as in, make the dough and let that sit out for 12 hours or so?)

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You can look on the ingredient list on the cheese to see if it is raw. It will say pasturized if it is, which I haven't found any that aren't around here. I didn't check the health food store though, they do have cheese marked raw so I know it is.
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I am going to order organic raw cheese through my co-op. I think it is organic valley, but can't remember for sure.

When I soak my grains for waffles, I use my kefir. I've let it go for as long as 48 hours, before, and while it did smell rather potent, it was still tasty. No one seemed to mind the flavor.

So what was the verdict on the sprouted pastas?
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