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Welcome!! Introduce yourself!!

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Hi everyone, we're so excited to finally have this forum, a lot of us put quite a bit of energy into getting it here. So, tell us about your pets, anything you have a particular wealth of knowledge in etc and happy posting!! Lets make this forum the busy spot we all knew it would be
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oh, shannon, it looks like we cross posted threads, but YAY!! I am really excitied about the pet forum.

We have four pets, three cats named Wang, Pepper, and Shadow, and a dog Named Spot. The cats were given away for free in front of stores, and Shadow was a rescued feral kitten. Spot, our dog is a miniature schnauser and he was bought from a breeder. All are spayed/neutered and less than four years old.

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Woo Hoo! So excited!

I have two dogs and two cats.
Sashi is a Chow/black Lab mix rescued at 6 weeks from abandonment on the side of the road.
Foxie is a formerly abused Collie/Germ Shepherd mix rescued from a county shelter.

Timber is a seal point siamese, and Casper is a black (haha) manx kitty.
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Hey! I"M glad to finally have this forum here. I LOVE animals and am in college, studying biology so I can apply for veterinary school. I have 2 dogs, one chocolate labrador named Tyson and a golden retriever named Goldie. We are looking for another animal to add to our family, probably a rabbit. Cant type much now...dd is sitting on my lap, but I will be back! I cant wait to read everyone's posts!
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We have 2 official cats- PJ (female, white and fluffy) and Jake (male, completely black and sleek). PJ adopted us about 2 1/2 years ago. Jake was given to us as a kitten by MIL. He is about 2 years old.
We seem to have been adopted by another cat who my dd would like to name Painters and keep. It is female, gray stripes and very friendly & hungry. She might be pregnant.

We also have 3 tropical fish right now.
Haku is a rope fish. It is about 10 inches long and looks very much like a snake. Pansy is a bloodfin tetra- kind of silvery with red tips on the tail. Snowdrop is a swordtail fish- silver and black. We plan to get a snail and probably more tetras.
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i have a dog named ford. that stands for found on roadside dog.

we have a rescue golden named ruby.

a cat named pirate.

our mouse, silliness pastry tickles nudgie, just passed after 2 years.
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Hello! I'm excited about this forum as well!

We have:

Snoop who is a min. pin. - 11 yrs old - got from a breeder :
Chaps a choc. lab/rott. mix - 4 yrs old - got free from co-worker :
Grace a black lab/ ? mix - 3.5 yrs old - found on the side of the hwy :

They are all "fixed". They were my first babies!

I look forward to learning a lot from you pet lovers!
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Yay! The pet forum is finally here! We have 3 cats named Malieka, Lily and Fats, a cockatiel named Petri, and a 9 month old pug named Daisy! Oh and some fish too! The dog is our dd's best friend, so sweet! They take naps together and even take a bath together sometimes too :LOL (dd is in the blow up ducky tub and Daisy is in the other spot in the tub). We our pets!
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Our pets were our babies until our little "surprise" arrived!

We currently have two dogs: one is an Australian Kelpie/Border Collie mix got from a breeder at 10 weeks and one is a Black Lab/Schipperke mix from a shelter at 10 months. Our crazy kelpie Alice is almost 7 now and has a variety of medical issues maybe from being a runt (her bones & cartilage just didn't grow properly). Our black dog Daisy is almost 14 and showing her age: totally deaf (except for really high or really low noises), diabetic (with 2 insulin shots daily), incontinent and arthritis. My 16 year old black cat passed on last year.

I love animals and would have a house and yard full if I could. Right now, we're not adding to the family because of the health issues of our current pets. Probably next up will be a guinea pig for dd next year. Tried some goldfish a few months ago, but couldn't get the water ph right and they only lasted a week. Might try that again when it cools down in the fall.
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Hi! I'm Kelsi and Ari is here too - we are friends with our 13 yo chow/akita mix Shadow, and 8 cats - Rascal, Tiva, Berry, Pebbles and Skippy are DSH (Domestic Short Hairs), Merlin is a DMH (Domestic Medium Hair), and Willow and Jenga are badly bred Bengals (but cute). We also have 2 newts, Scooby and Froto, a Rabbit (Bunny), and we share the yard with my mom's many koi.
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Hi all,

Ms. Piper the scottish terrier says hi. She's 4 months old, black, loves to chase bugs, beg for treats, and crawl under the couch. She's also losing her baby teeth, which is pretty darn cute. So glad we've got a pet forum now!
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We have a 3 yr old shep/lab mix (rescue) who is the cutest, sweetest, smartest dog ever. We recently buried our 21 yr old cat, and we have a 7 mos old pure bred Sheltie (i wanted this dog very much) named Kenzie. Compared to our shep/lab, this dog is an idiot. I can't believe how stupid she is. :LOL

But we do love our doggies. Much.
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We have two cats and one dog. Berlios (Bear) is a 15 yr old cat and has chin acne right now but otherwise is a beautiful and fluffy gray smoky cat. We've had him since he was a kitten. He is very skinny under all his fluff and is scared of dd and the dog. He also has asthma occasionally, only in August. (?) We had his brother also but he had cancer 5 years ago and passed.

We also have Pete, the tubby tabby. He is 5 and a dickens. He is hilarious and a rascal and occasionally gobbles his food and then barfs. He weighs 15 pounds now and is small boned! We've had him since he was 1lb, 8 oz at 8 weeks. He is also does not like dd or the dog.

Then there is Boon, the labradoodle. He is half poodle, half labrador. Some labradoodles are purebred but ours is not. (It is a breed just not recognized by the akc) He is a love bug. 18 mos, my other baby. He looks like a large standard poodle with bad hair! He has occasional anal gland issues but Shannon has helped that by suggesting we add pumpkin to his diet. He loves dd and she loves him back. We got him at 3 mos, I think.

We are in the process of switching all of them over to innova diet to help with all their little problems.

I am really happy this forum is here because my pets are really my fur babies and I am happy to have others to chat with about them!
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We have one calico cat named Kitty who is 6.
We also have a black chow named Bean who is 6.
And we have 3 ferrets named Bebe (6 1/2), Max(3), and Fred(3).

Oh, and two kids.
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Not long to post- babe getting in trouble. We have 2 cats- Nick and Scrabble and 2 ferrets- Peekaboo and Zamboni. Miss Cataria the ferret left us this spring (after being adrenal for at least 2 years- but she was older and the vet didn't think surgery was worth the risk) The last two years she was blind, deaf and usually hairless, but that didn't stop her from keeping everyone in the house in line.... :LOL

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Originally Posted by alegna

Not long to post- babe getting in trouble. We have 2 cats- Nick and Scrabble and 2 ferrets- Peekaboo and Zamboni. Miss Cataria the ferret left us this spring (after being adrenal for at least 2 years- but she was older and the vet didn't think surgery was worth the risk) The last two years she was blind, deaf and usually hairless, but that didn't stop her from keeping everyone in the house in line.... :LOL

Aww. Those old female ferrets have a way of keeping everyone in line, don't they? It's so hard to loose a loved fur baby like that. Hugs.
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Boy howdy don't they? Tari's thing was ears. She was a tiny little thing and the boys are big. You'd hear these awful protesting whimpers from the cage, and sure enough the little lady had one of the boys pinned down for a good ear washing. She was equal opportunity though, washed people ears, cat ears... she loved them all.

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Hi! I'm glad to see this forum.

I manage feral cats. I catch them (using humane traps), get them neutered, and return them to their home. And I feed them daily, or have someone feed them daily.

I'm a big advocate of spaying or neutering ANY cat that you feed for longer than a few days. The food gives them the calories needed to reproduce. So if you're going to feed, you have to prevent the births that you are otherwise facilitating.

We have one dog, Nikita, a siberian husky, who is 16 years old and facing some health issues with her liver.

We have our old lady cat, Mitzi, who will be 19 in a few weeks and is in very good health. She's a sensible, even tempered brown tabby.

We have Salem, a large black cat (we nicknamed him The Panther because he is so BIG and muscular) who is seven. I found him when he was a week old, orphaned and covered in fire ants.

And then we have several younger cats that I picked up from doing feral cat rescue. One, Meeko, is the most beautiful cat I've ever owned - a long hair calico with green eyes and a symetrical black mask over her eyes.

And we currently have seven kittens and one mama cat in temporary foster care with us. Whew!
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Yay for the pet forum!

We are parents to Hannah, a yellow Lab who will be 6 in November. She came from a breeder in Ohio. We have been through many ups and downs with her in a medical sense, most of which have ended with some miraculous recovery to full health on her part. It's getting to the point that the stories sound ridiculous and made-up, but they're honestly true. She's sure given me lots of experience, and most recently an education in bone marrow disease and anemia. In April her red blood cell count got as low as 17 (normal is 40-55, if it had gotten to 14 she would have needed a transfusion). She had a bone marrow biopsy and was diagnosed with primary myelodysplasia with refractory anemia. It's very rare and they couldn't tell us her odds or even settle on the best treatment. We first tried the "wait and see" approach and it seems to be working: at the end of July her hematocrit had rebounded to 48.

Then there's Henry, a black Lab who is in some ways the complete opposite of Hannah. He turned 4 at the end of June. I can probably count on one hand the number of times he's been to the vet for any reason. He is more of an English type Lab (Hannah is not a field type but she is certainly not as stocky as the English type frequently are). We got him from a breeder in NC.

Finally, there's the cat, Jefferson, who came from an SPCA in PA. He will turn 5 on Labor Day weekend (so we have three pets who were born in the span of 19 months :LOL). I'm not really a cat person, but DH is. I admit it's been hard for me to bond with Jefferson, but I am glad we gave him a home. He's had some medical problems of his own... urinary blockages... which are now being controlled by prescription diet (knock on wood).

Before DD, I guess you could say my hobby was dogs. We started agility with Hannah and I think she would have had a good career at it if we'd been able to keep it up. Our idea of a fun Friday night used to be taking Hannah down to the small, independently owned pet supply store to hang out with the employees and socialize her. Since DD was born, it's been a little hard to learn how to manage everyone's needs, but we're committed to giving the pets what they deserve, and particularly not turning them into outside pets, which everyone has told us we'd do once we had kids.

OK, I'm really badly here, so I'll wrap up... gotta get ready for work anyway. It's awesome to have a place to talk about our furry kids.
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I'm so glad we have this forum!

My dh, ds, and I share our life and home with:

6 cats:


1 dog:

And I'm providing care for a whole host of feral cats. (All of the animals that I have came to me by way of a rescue or emergency operation. For instance, one of cats was beaten with a baseball bat by some teenage boys, and very nearly didn't survive. It broke her leg in 3 places, and severely stunted her growth. She's my "little girl" now. Another of the cats that I have was thrown from a car at the place that I work. She was extremely malnourished and her paw pads had been burnt off with a cigarette lighter, or some other device. So I've had my share of physically and emotionally injured creatures...)

I'm also helping my mom care for her 20 hamsters! (long story)

A link to the animal pictures is in my siggy.

Well, I better get back to breakfast. Riley is eyeing my cereal as I type! :LOL
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