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Hi, we have 3 pets, all with their own personlaities...

Farley is my darlin', my 18-yr-old gray fluffball of a cat. I have had him since before dh and I married, and think I'm going to lose him this week...we are making the decision today or tomorrow whether to help him over the bridge. He's off his food and just growing sleepier and sleepier...

Rosie came into our lives last November. She is a gorgeous but small English Setter, ful of energy and fun. We got her from a rescue group, and love her lots.

Big is my dd's very big goldfish, who is the most sociable guy; he greets us whenever we go in her room, and gives us kisses at feeding time. Who knew a fish could be such a person?

I'm always inteested in more natural ways to handle problems as they come up, as well as gentle training hints to help Rosie, who gets Sit and Down but is baffled by Stay!!.
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I'm so happy there's finally a pet forum! We are myself, dh and our four dogs, all are teacup chihuahuas, ranging in size from 3.2 pounds to 3.5, yah there's huge the dogs names are penny, our oldest, rudy our older boy, roxxy, our girly girl, and teddy, our baby boy. I dont really have any real area of expertise, just wanted to say how excited i am to finally see the pet forum! and to intro us.
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I have one dog, a JRTCA Jack Russell Terrier. Presley's neutered, 2 years old & hunts & competes in trials. Nice idea to have a pets forum!
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I have one greyhound a male who is 5 years old, I adopted him without ever seeing him 2 1/2 years ago. The adoption agencey said they had a "hard to place" dog. I of course said I would take him. He had SA, some mouthy issues etc.. but with some work he's my baby and will always be. He has his own room in the house complete with a full size bed(just a little spoiled) and a toy box. I'm also a foster home so I can and usually do have more than one in the house. I prefer to foster seniors because the rewards are more than anyone could imagine. I have also fostered other breeds and have helped breed specific rescues pull(get animal from death row) and keep it untill a rep can come get the dog. I'd love to help more with cats but I'm SO allergic my involvement is limited. Speaking of cats my parents still have my cat from when I was a little girl(Yes I was allergic back then too), he's 20 years old and still mean as all heck so not much has changed with him.
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3 German Shepherds here:

Alexei - 5yo Sable M
Mitchell - 5yo solid Black M (these 2 are litter brothers)
Sadie - 3 yo Black Sable F

5 Kitties (all strays we rescued & adopted):

Niki - Calico F
Gypsy - Black F
Daisy - Gray Tabby F
Blondie - Light Blonde Tabby F
and... the king....
Kibby - Browm/Black Maine Coon M (about 22lbs)

We used to foster rescue GSDs but are giving that a break for a time being. We still do adoptions, Home Visits, Rescue Transports, Evals for rescues.
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A pet forum- well, MDC just has it all now!

I have two dogs:
Golden Retriever named Shadow who is 8 months old
West Highland Terrier named Tatum who is 7 months old

And a sweetheart cat:
Madison, a 4 year old DSH. She was a rescue from pet protectors. She was named Madison because she was found and rescued from Madison Avenue in Bridgeport CT.

Looking forward to chatting with all you fellow animal-lovers!
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I haven't read this thread yet, but I will intro my pet.
We have Chester the wonder Beagle. Dh loves LOVES dogs. His dream is to breed & show dogs. He changes his minds on breeds all the time, but we are extremely fond of the Hound Group, hence our Beagle.
We believe in only breeding for enhancing the breed and hate backyard breeders (ya know em, I have a AKC, you have a AKC, lets have puppies people!!) & don't even talk about puppy mills.
Ok back to Chester. We rescued him from a local beagle rescue. He was our 2nd beagle. I posted that story on another thread.
Like I said we never could figure out why anyone would not want Chester. We got him when he was 6 months old. He was not even nuetured yet, which we did next day (He is NOT a standard beagle by any means & probably a puppy mill beagle. I other words he is badly BADLY bred). Only issue he had was house training, but that was taken care of in 7 days. He is quite passive, which is what we wanted. He has blended well with his family.
There are 2 down falls to Chester & will take suggestions on how to work on them, but no worries if none, as we just adapt to him. Anyway they are, he gets very excited about strangers that come in our home. He thinks they are there for him. He wants to jump on them & will sit at there feet & try to climb into their lap for about the first 15 mins. Then it is over & he goes to his bed & lies down. Interesting thing is, he is not a lap dog, so go figure. 2nd thing is he can not handle car rides. He shoots hair, drools, whines & gets so excited & will not calm down. He could do this for hours!! So needless to say this awesome Beagle does not go the dog park very often, as I can not stand to drive with him that way! Thank goodness the vet is literally around the corner. Any ideas????
Ok that is us. I am so glad this forum is here!!! Finally.
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Wow! I'm so glad we got this forum :)

We share our lives with 3 dogs at the moment:

Angie, our first dog, 2 years old, is a blue merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi (spayed)
Deacon, our retiree, is a 6 yr old Canadian champion Red/White Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dana, our little foster girl, is 4 months old, and here for some socialisation and basic training and lots of lovin'. She's another red/white Pemmie

Angie came from a breeder, Deacon came from his handler - he was showing lots of anxiety from kennel life, and Dana came from a breeder friend of ours as well. She will be going on to a show home eventually.....

We've also in the past had numerous waifs and strays pass through the house; 10 cats, all of whom were dumped on the side of the road over a period of 2 years, and 2 dogs, found running loose in the bush. Dh and I are active campaigners against puppy mills, and just love our furry kids. (dh is in bed, and Angie's up there with him, hogging the duvet as we speak).

Look forward to spending lots of time here! skritches to all!
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What a great forum this is! I have been away in Maine and didn't notice its exsistence till right now. We are serious cat lovers! Here are their stories:

Oswald: 6 year old black short hair that we bought from a local pet store very shortly after I lost our first baby. he was very sick and so it helped me heal to help him heal.

Harriet: 5 year old white short hair with tiger spots. After about a year Oswald seemed a little lonely for someone of his own species, so we adopted her for him to have as a playmate from our local animal shelter

Chocolate: She is an aproximately 3 year old long haired multicolored cat. She came to us pregnant and emmaciated last summer, right around this time actually....I am so glad she found her way to us, we brought her in, let her birth the babies in our office and got her spayed after she weaned them.

Big Bear: One of Chocolate's babies, she will be a year old on Sept. 9th! She is a black long haired. My hubby and son fell in luv with her so we just had to keep her.

Sunny: Another of Chocolate's babies. He is an orange short haired. I fell in luv with him and thus the addition of our fifth cat!

We also have another kitten we are fostering right now, he is part feral and was dumped at our house in the middle of the night. We are working on getting him healthy and friendly and then he will go live with one of my best friends. We just don't have room for another permanent member of our family!!

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We have a German Shepherd (Tara) who we rescued and a Chihuhua (Rocky) who is still a puppy. I love this new forum.
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I'm glad to see this forum!

Lila is my 12yo greyhound/whippet/doberman/something. She is the sweetest dog ever. She's really, really dumb, though. She likes training, she loves to please, but man, this dog is a rock! I picked her up at the pound 11 years ago.

Koda is an 18mo lab/shepherd mix. He looks like a german shepherd, but he has a shorter coat and webbed feet. He's an excellent retriever. In an effort to keep him engaged and occupied, I teach him tricks. His bag of tricks is extensive and growing. Right now he's working on holding a treat on his nose until I say ok. I think he might be a little immature for it, but he makes progress every day. Last year I fostered several puppy litters for a rescue. I fell in love with Koda, so we adopted him.

Jerry was my greyhound. He was 14. I lost him three weeks ago. I'm still wrecked. I'd had him since he was a 2yo, fresh off the track.

Mikey is my calico cat. I picked her up in front of a downtown club ten years ago. She was only a few weeks old; malnourished and infested with parasites. Two kids were fighting over her, so I stepped between them and took her. I named her after the guy at the door who let me take her in to find my friends so I could tell them I was leaving. I didn't expect her to live, but somehow she pulled through.

Puck is a fat orange tabby. The little girl who lived across the street in our old neighborhood took him from his mom while his eyes were still closed, and when her mom told her she couldn't keep him, she gave him to me. I couldn't find his mom, so I bottlefed him. I didn't expect him to live either.

We also have a beta fish and a little catfish.

Dd wants a hamster, but she's going to have to wait until she's a little older. My hands are full
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Wow, I didn't realize this was here already!

I have a dog and a cat and hermit crabs and fish. I'll be checking in here often I'm sure!
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Originally Posted by mamallama
Right now he's working on holding a treat on his nose until I say ok. I think he might be a little immature for it, but he makes progress every day.
Oh, my daughter has trained Keith to do this! She's very excited about it. There aren't many "tricks" that you can teach an arthritic old dog to do, I guess, but this is a good one. I think sometimes he forgets the treat is there, but I guess it still counts!
Jerry was my greyhound. He was 14. I lost him three weeks ago. I'm still wrecked. I'd had him since he was a 2yo, fresh off the track.
I'm sorry. That's really old for a greyhound, isn't it? My sister was just talking about getting a greyhound track rescue later this year - I hear they're great dogs.

That's a great story about Mikey, too!

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Thanks for the hugs. Fourteen is on the high side, but not unheard of for greyhounds.

My experience with my guy and my friends 'hounds has been that greyhounds and young children are a difficult mix.

I really like this thread. I love the descriptions of everyone's families!
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I'm sherra and I have a new baby 6 months old girl. I also have two dogs and a hubby. My two dogs are havanese. They are really cool and helped prep me for becoming a mommy so I have a lot of respect for them because of that. One is overweight and the other has atopy skin allergy problem (I am thinking it is from vaccines) that we are currently working on. I'm pulling my hair out about it but am trying little by little to change things to try to address it. I am glad this forum is put up so I can get good ideas from you folks. I really have enjoyed the raw food thread.

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mamallama, I'm sorry about Jerry. I know it must be hard. I still cry for my girl who died from complications of kidney disease in February. She was a seven year old German shepherd dog.

Currently we are the proud parents of the Max-dog, a sixty pound bundle of energy. He's a GSD, but has some border collie, husky and we're not quite sure what all else. He resembles a black and tan, but the tail is too curly and the ears are floppy. He's a handsome boy, though, with plenty of charm and a real talent for mischief. Max has severe hip displasia, but so far is not letting it slow him down. He's a rescue that we initially had to return as we didn't think we were the right family for him, but he convinced us otherwise.
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The Story of my Pets

OK. Finally, I have time to type something out about my beloved pets.

First of all, let me tell u a little bit about my previous pets. Throughout my childhood I have always loved dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, birds, lizards, turtles, guinea pigs, basically anything you could keep as a pet (except for frogs which i'm terrified of for some reason). My first pet ever was a golden retriever named Tramp. He was such a sweetheart. He was given to my parents after my mom's coworker's golden retriever got pregnant by the golden ret. next door. I was about 5 and my sister was 3. He was a fun pup. He ended up contracting parvo but he lived through it after 3 days in the hospital. My parents wouldn't let us keep him inside but he was in the backyard with lots of space and a nice doghouse. He was probably only ever alone when I was in school because in the morning and in the afternoon, all my sister and me would do was play with him. He was really smart and never got in the habit of jumping up on us or anything. He ended up contracting Lyme Disease and having joint problems and arthritis at an early age. He died from a poisonous spider bite when he was only 2 1/2.

After Tramp, we had doves, parakeets, hamsters, turtles, and lizards. We ended up finding homes for most of them with friends and then gave the hamsters to my second grade teacher since her classroom hamster had died.

We then had no more pets until we got two rabbits, Snowflake (a himalyan) and Feline (who we then had to change to Felix after realizing "she" was a he). We had them for several years until we moved to Puerto Rico and could not take them with us. We gave them to a man who had a farm and raised rabbits.

In Puerto Rico, I found my best friend, Lady. She was a lab/mutt mix who was being given away by her owner on the street corner. I took one look at her and made my parents stop. She was gorgeous, even though she was flea/tick infested. I went to a local grocery store and bought some puppy chow, flea/tick stuff, bowls, and puppy shampoo and got home and went to work. I got all the ticks off her and was able to get most of the fleas out with the flea comb. I took her inside with me and put her in a box with a blanket, a ticking clock and a warm water bottle becuase I knew that puppies were comforted by the ticking and the warmth. It didn't work and she ended up sleeping on my pillow the rest of the night. She grew up to be a lovely, sweet dog. She picked up on training easily and though she never had formal training, she knew down, sit, stay, and come. She never tore anything up and she loved us very much. (She passed away this year after she got loose and got hit by a car. She was 5 1/2.)

Goldie came to us in PR as well. Goldie's Picture She was free becuase my father's cousin gave her to us. We got her when she was 6 weeks old. She was full of worms and fleas and we noticed she was very weak. We made an appointment to get her shots and dewormed but it was a few days later. 3 Days after we got her, before we were able to take her to the vet, she collapsed at night and stopped eating and began vomiting. We took her to the emergency vet an hour away and we found out that she was severely anemic due to the worms. She had to stay for 4 days, having tansfusion after transfusion to save her. She eventaully got better and was put on a high calorie food to build her strength up. A few weeks later she was running around, active and chunky like a puppy should be. We have had her for 3 1/2 years, she'll be four in December 25.

Tyson came along later. Tyson's picture He came when we moved to AZ. My husband saw some people selling puppies on Valentine's Day and he called me to go see one that he fell in love with. (this was before I really understood how terrible backyard breeding is.) He originally had his eye set on a yellow male but he was sold already. His next favorite was the largest chocolate male. I got there and Tyson waddled up and fell asleep on my shoe. It was love at first sight. We took him home and could not think of a name for him. I thought he was so gorgeous he should have an extra good name. I then thought of my favorite model, whose first name is Tyson and I said "a ha!" And so he was named. He is a great dog. He's 8 months and the sweetest dog you'll meet. He follows me around all the time and is content to lay at my feet while i'm doing homework or watching tv. he's afraid of the sewing machine so he wont hang out with me then, but otherwise, he's like velcro. He is good with my dd too. She loves to pet him and hug him and he just stays very still and cuddles up with her. Becuase of him and all the research I did when he was younger, I now know all about byb and how to avoid them and I volunteer at the animal shelter so that hopefully, dogs just as great as him can find good homes.

There's the condensed version of our pets and their stories. I am soooo glad we finally have this forum at MDC> Where else could I go on and on about my furries?
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I didn't realize this was a new forum. Nifty

We have 2 cats - Mips (a male) and his sister Pixel (http://steinbachs.org/photos/cats-mips-pixel if you wanna check them out).

They are now 5 years old. We got them from a sister of a friend of a friend... Amy rescued the pregnant momma and we got to pick the two kitties when they were just a year old. They were really cute kittens....

Mips has food allergies (salmon, tuna, shrimp, beef, pork, corn, wheat, cow's milk, EBM!). Too bad he loves food. I think he thinks he's a dog sometimes - the way he likes to eat crumbs off the floor. He is not a lap kitty - if he were, then we wouldn't have quite the problem with his need for attention. And now that he's not getting enough of his kind of attention (throw the plastic cap... fetch the plastic cap... game), he's pee'ing where he shouldn't. Then again, maybe he just sees ds doesn't use the human potty, so maybe that means that Mips doesn't need to use the kitty potty.

Pixel is a little piggy. Though she only likes cat food. She loves snuggling up to ds and I when we're lying in bed nursing. In fact, she tries to get between ds and I.... She started out being the submissive one of the pair but is now the dominant one.
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Yea, so glad this is here!

I'm Jen and we have 2 pups:
Max, a golden retriever/irish setter kind of dog, who will be 8 in November. He is very sweet but not too bright. He is great with dd.

Stella is an Australian Shepherd, she'll be 7 in February. She's is really smart and high-strung. I have extreme amounts of guilt about Stella. I feel like she needs more going on in her life and I just can't do it for her right now. Like herding, or agility or heck, even more than a 30 minute walk each day. She also has epilepsy, which we just figured out this spring. She only has seizures a couple of times a year (but they knock her off her feet for a few days, it's really sad).

And we have a bunny, Evan Bun-Bun. He is 8 years old, and used to be litter trained. noe not so much. I think he may be going senile. Poor boy.

Here are the pics on our website, check out the Max and Stella page: www.dillweedestate.com

Looking forward to hanging out here with fellow animal lovers!
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Hello everyone! Our house is home to 3 cats, a ferret and about 50 guppies (they just keep breeding!).

Boxer is my baby. He's a 10 yo apricot (cream?/flame?.. I like apricot lol) point siamese. He's the kitten of a registered seal daddy and registered tortie mommy but I got him for 20 bucks from the breeders, unregistered because they thought he was a genetic fluke (Note to breeders: learn about the animals you're breeding!). Boxer came before dh and kids and is just super with babies of any kind, although not very bright at all. He sometimes wanders into the back areas of the house crying as if he's lost, and often climbs into high places he can't get down from.

Stevie, shorthair tortoise-shell tabby, was part of a litter of 3 my friend rescued from a barn after their mother was killed by a coyote. They were about 3 weeks old by my guess. My friend gave them to me on her way out of town so I could take them to the shelter in the morning, but the shelter said they didn't have room and would just put them down. So I bottle-fed them and kept them. Stevie had to be force-fed since she wouldn't take the bottle and never grew very big. Her brother-kitty ran away and sadly her sister-kitty swallowed a piece of chewed rubber that caused a blockage, which we didn't discover until it was too late. Stevie was never a pet, she just chooses to live here. She is sneaky, stealthy and a magnificent hunter. She had 3 littlers of kittens before we could get her fixed (my dh called her the slut cat lmbo), and caught LIVE mice to bring to all her babies and taught them to hunt this way - never saw anything like it. She's 7 years old.

Foxy, a long-haired tabby, was a mercy adoption. Dh told me some people he knew wanted to get rid of her and I said, "We already have 2 cats." Then we found out these people had stopped buying food for her because, "We're getting rid of her anyway, why waste the money," so dh brought her home. She was about 2 at the time, so that would make her about 5 now. She's sweet, affectionate, talkative. She's an outside cat by her choice, coming in to eat and going right back out again. Nice company in the yard though.

Weasel the ferret was a garage-sale purchase LOL. The owners sold him to us for 50 bucks, 3-tier cage, litter, food and all. He's sweet but never makes so much as a squeak and I think the poor guy has lived the majority of his life in his cage. He's at least 6, but the people we bought him from weren't his first owners either, so no telling his real age. I know nothing of owning a ferret, so anyone here who has them, I could really use some guidance here.

Thanks for letting me ramble! Looking forward to sharing this board with other pet-lovers!
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