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I'm going to try to give you the short version of the story. I am hoping that someone can put my mind at ease!!!

so i went of birth control-nuva ring in january. my cycles were totally crazy since. i would start spotting 3-4 dpo every month. This month i didn't start spotting til 8dpo. then 10dpo i had some light bleeding and thought cd1. but it stopped and i got my bfp 12dpo.

i am still having some spotting. i know this can be normal. but it worries me. i am 4 weeks today. i am so worried something will happen!! no cramping or anything. plus the tests i took were very faint. i thought it would be a darker line today but it's still very faint. isn't it supposed to get darker??

: that this is normal but i'd love to hear from you mamas!!
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It is normal for some women to have spotting during pregnancy. I had brown spotting with my dd, and again with this pregnancy. I would put in a call to your midwife or doctor just to be on the safe side. What color is the spotting? Are you having cramps? I called my midwife's office and they are having me get HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels drawn 48hrs apart to see if everything is doubling like it should, so we have a better idea whats going on (and then I can relax). Good luck, I hope we both have sticky healthy babies!!!
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JUst piping in that I'll be thinking of you. Keep us updated.
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What tests are you taking? My $ store tests are very faint, yet I got a on the digital yesterday Also, with teh frer, I have always gotten faint lines with all my pregnancies. It hink some brands just dont use a huge amount of dyes. : for you.
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I agree FRER always give really faint lines, my internet cheapies are showing much darker lines today than yesterday. It could take a few days to get darker, what CD are you?
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16dpo now. the digital test i took was positive. Also while i was at work yesterday i told my nurse practitioner about the spotting. she ordered a quant and a projesterone level. the quant looked good-just about 4 weeks...it was 247 i think. and my projesterone level was 27 whick is good too. we are going to repeat it next week to make sure it's doubling. i feel much better. i just hope that level goes up!!!
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Yay Zion that is great news
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Woo Hoo Zion! Those #'s sound wonderful!
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it is normal to spot. as for the faint lines, you never can tell. I actually get darker lines in the afternoon than in the morning and i have taken a test with FMU and gotten no line, then taken one 2 hours later(without drinking and gotten a really decent line). I attribute that to drinking a lot of water at night and the FMU is really diluted.

I took a first response test on wednesday and it was negative,but took ept's the same day and they were positive. The next day i took another first response and it was positive. what's funny is that i was told that ept's sensitivity was at 50 while first response is 15-25, but because their lines arelighter it didn't even show up.

don't worry about the lines and their colors/shades/thickness etc. if you got two of 'em, you're good to go!

good luck!
(ps...i wasted $50 buying different pregnancy tests to check and re-check)
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Thanks for the reassurance about the tests mamatoady. I know you're right. This is just so nerve wracking!! I actually took another test this am and it was a good solid positive in the right amount of time. I feel better. the quant on monday will make me feel even better!!
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