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When can I expect to lose my milk

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OK, so 3 BFP HPTs and 1 blood draw, I finally belive I'm pregnant. Hadn't even had a period yet! My 9mo is still (obviously) nursing. When can I expect to lose my milk?
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I don;t think there'sa set time. It differs for all women really, but unsually not before the first tri so if your child does indeed wean, s/he'll be over the year mark. I nursed through my second PG (and this one so far but I'm only 5-6 weeks) and I personally never noticed a "drop" in supply or a "change" in my milk till near the end of my PG
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Hi Trisha, I don't know the answer, but I'm concerned about the same thing. My ds is 2 yo though, so I think he's at a better stand-point to handle a decrease in milk supply. But he loves it so! I'll be sad when I dry up. At the same time, I was so ready for this pregnancy. I know ds will adjust.
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I've also been concerned about this since dd is a real mama milk addict :LOL So far I seem to still have lots of milk, but I'm really sensitive. My MIL nursed my DH through being pg with my SIL (who is 15 months younger) and said her milk dried up around 4-5 months, but before that there wasn't really a problem. I think it really varies from woman to woman. Some women notice a noticeable drop in supply at the beginning (just like some women do prior to AF) and some not until much later. Good luck with continuing to nurse and Congrats!!!
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I'm concerned about the same thing. DD is 18 months and LOVES to nurse! So far I haven't noticed a change (other than my nipples get really sore when she marathon nurses). I have also heard that sometimes the milk changes in taste and they don't like it. But, I haven't had a problem yet.
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I dont have any personal experience since both my ds's weaned before I got pregnant again. My one friend was able to nurse through her whole pregnancy although she was sore, the other one lost it right away. I think its a ymmv thing.
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I am trying to remember this same thing for myself. My first one weaned when he was 2.5 yo and I was 6 months pregnant with #2. I am guessing that my supply had dropped and he began to lose interest, however, it may have also been his age. Hard to know. I do remember that nursing hurt A LOT during the first trimester and then got easier again one I was into the second tri. Now I am pregnant with #3 and my DD is just 16 months old and still nurses quite a bit. So far, no changes that I can notice (yet I am just about 5 weeks), and I plan on nursing her as long as she wants...tandem nursing as well if need be. So I am curious to hear what others have to say!
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some people don't lose their milk at all and some just have a slight decrease. if your little one nurses a lot, i would suspect you wouldn't totally lose your milk...but don't quote me.

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As already stated, I don't think you have to "expect" to lose your milk. Some women do some don't. I have a friend who had over supply issues even when she was pg. If you are truly concerned you may want to look into some hebal supplements. Mother's Milk tea, eat lots of oatmeal, and remember to get all of the rest & fluids your body needs.

That said, my dd is 2 yo & I hope I don't lose my milk either. If nothing else I would love not to go through the engorgement phase again!!
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In my past two pregnancies, my toddlers just nurse on through~even when the milk was gone! LOL! I could always tell when they started to lean out some, even though they were eating also. It definitely varies from person-to-person and according to age/circumstances. (((((HUGS))))) sandi
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I lost my milk when I was around 20 weeks pregnant with BooBah. It didn't stop BeanBean from nursing, but he did nightwean entirely.

I am now tandem nursing during pregnancy! I'll let you know how that goes. :LOL
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