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Progesterone Update

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So, after my PCP told me my levels were fine, I was still concerned and called my old midwives. I'm going to go to a new practice that does homebirths. ANyway, the midwife I used last time said my levels were too low, and wanted to call in the suppositories for me. But now they want to do an ultrasound at 8 weeks to check for dates and viability because the progesterone can hold onto a pregnancy that is not viable. Experiences please?
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First of all Do you know what your levels are? I lost my last baby we think from low progesterone, but we couldnt get my levels above 10 even with supplements. I did bleed while taking it, but my numbers were extremely low.
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10.2 at 12dpo.
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I have low progesterone issues too. The second baby I lost was while I was on prog. suppositories. I didn't start those until just after getting a BFP. I'm now on them again (after 2 losses then 1 success) but I began taking them 3 days past ovulation which I guess is supposed to be a lot more effective. I also took clomid (even though we conceive w/o it just fine now) and for some reason that totally boosts my progesterone levels (like to 2nd trimester numbers). I suspect I don't need the suppositories at all but I take them just in case. So anyway, my scenario is a bit different but I've lost one while on progesterone, retained one while on it (again I started it just after my bfp but I had taken clomid in addition that time), and I'm on it again now (again with clomid).

Have you considered *not* checking your levels? That's something I thought a lot about this time around. I have a lab slip in the drawer just waiting for me to use it, but in the end I opted not to know. What difference will it make? As sad as it is, if you're going to m/c you're going to m/c and starting progesterone now I can't imagine would change that. I just took a huge leap of faith and am attempting to enjoy the pregnancy and hope for the best. If I do m/c, I'll obviously know it.
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