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Natural Remedies for fleas

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Let's start a thread to share our natural flea remedies....
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OK I'll share....last year we had a terrible flea infestation where we tried many things.

Here is a recap on the most beneficial things that we think got rid of the fleas. Of course, the fleas could just be hybernating...if so...does anyone want four pets??? (just kidding :LOL )

Vacume method.

Get twenty one vacume cleaner bags. Vacume your carpets and couches. Put fresh clean sheets all over your couches, and wash these sheets each day, and put an alternate set of sheets over all the couches so you don't have to vacume the couches daily (saves time). Vacume the carpets daily, and daily change the bag, throwing it away outside, so the eggs don't just hatch out of the bag. You guessed it, do this for twenty one days. You must be very consistant. If you miss even one day it won't work as well. This sucks up the eggs. Vacume any chairs. Wash all the sheets and then keep the cats out of the bedrooms or you will want to wash the sheets and blankets every day for three weeks too. BTW, if you can afford it, get rid of your carpets. Even a pergo type floor will greatly reduce flea's because they love to lay eggs in carpets. i so wish we could replace our carpets....sigh.

The daily vacuming for three weeks over all other things we tried is what worked the most for our infestation

Light method.

Take a small desk lamp light (as many as you have) and shine them over a cookie sheet with water in it. Shine the light into the water. Leave it out overnight on the floors. The fleas jump to the light and get stuck in the water and die. This gives you an idea of your infestation, and involves very little work.

flea comb and soapy water.

use a flea comb on your pet daily. drown the fleas from the comb in a bowl of soapy water, it gets them quicker than tweezing. Although, we use tweezers a lot for fleas too.

Bathe the animals.

We bathed the animals every day, with seventh generation dish soap. We used neem oil in the bath, but it didn't work that well for us. What worked great is this flea powder that we put on the pet after the bath and their hair dried. It is called Buck Mountain Parasite dust for animals, Herbal Gold for flies, fleas, ticks, lice, mites and more. Made from organic ingredients Neem, Yarrow, Diatom. We bought it from our holistic vet. It is made in Montana.


Let the ants in the house live method

this is something I read...ants eat flea larva....so if you have ants in your home....let them live....this is one of our main strategies this year because vacuming everyday sucks. This year...we are being proactive with the fleas...

T-shirt on the dog method

We used to think doggie t-shirts and coats were vain and a little ridiculous....well it turns out they have a purpose. They repel the fleas off of the pets while they are out in the yard going to the bathroom or on their walks. The fleas try to jump on the pet and bounce off because of the clothing. Our dog is decked in Harley and Leather.

The borax method

Warning!!! Wear shoes!!! and have the kids wear shoes. Sprinkle Mule team borax on all of the carpets, leave on overnight, then vacume up.

We haven't used diatomeous earth (sp?) because we couldn't find it at the store, but I heard that works too.

We didn't do this but want to this year:

Nematodes-put beneficial nematodes in the yard. they are this microscopic organism which feeds on flea larva.

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I have used diatomatous earth with good results. It's effective against all crawling insects - ants, fleas, roaches, etc.

I got mine at a plant nursery. I think the brand name is "Good Earth", but I could be wrong, and I can't find the package right now.

We put it in an old spice shaker. Sprinkle it on the pets and rub it into their fur. It's non-toxic, and I've heard it is effective against intestinal worms.

I also sprinkle it around where I feed outdoor animals (feral cats) to keep ants away.

The down side is that moisture (i.e., rain) makes it ineffective and you have to reapply.
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Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavendar and TTO are all supposedly good for repelling fleas. You can mix a few drops of EO into some gentle shampoo for your pet (make sure to only use a little, too much can be toxic!). I've heard of people having great results with all of the ideas the pp have listed also.
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* Do not use the diatomatous earth sold for swimming pools. It is ground very finely and not safe to use around animals.

We had to deal with SEVERE flea infestation when we lived in N. California...resulting in one of my dogs having severe allergies to the bites. The holistic vet that I saw at the time recommended:

FLEABUSTERS:safe and non-toxic http://www.fleabuster.com/company.html

Now Im living in AZ.....where there is usally NO fleas (not in the 8yrs that Ive lived here) and this year we've had lots of humidity and wet monsoon season, so we are dealing with a slight flea problem

I also found this website really helpful: www.onlynaturalpet.com
Articles about natural flea treatments and great products. They make their own flea remedy made with diatomatous earth. Safe for bedding and to sprinkle on your pets. They also carry natural made sprays etc. Its 100% guaranteed to work or your money (including shipping) refunded.

Neem oil.......I can use this on my dogs with no problem. Its a natural insect repellent and also sooths the skin.

Yeast & Garlic tabs......using them now, hoping to see results. But look for allergic reactions....some animals have reaction to yeast (severe itching)

Skin tonic....recommended by Dr Pitcairn in his book NATURAL HEALTH FOR DOGS AND CATS.....thinly slice a lemon and steep overnight in pint of almost boiling water. Let sit overnight. apply to animals skin with sponge. Acts as natural flea repellant.

and of course, vacuuming and washing floors daily.....washing bedding weekly. Flea combs......if you can use them.

I also read on the above site that eucalyptus and pennyroyal essential oils are toxic to cats.....actually, using any essential oils on cats is not recommended bc they lick/bathe themselves.
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Yeast & Garlic tabs......using them now, hoping to see results. But look for allergic reactions....some animals have reaction to yeast (severe itching)
Our dog developed hot spots (small round open wounds). At first we thought they were caused by the fleas, and we were horrified.... but later we found out that we had over done it on the supplementation (or they were allergic, like you said). We were giving all four pets (three cats and a dog) brewers yeast, then all four feline F-biotic and The missing link Feline dietary supplement (we gave the dog the cat supplements too : ) Since we didn't know which supplement was causing the hot spots, we discontinued all of them, and the hot spots healed. One of our cats had the hot spots too. I still have all of these supplements, I think I will get them out and use a little for the cats again and see...maybe just the F-biotic and Missing link feline formula.......introduced one at a time...

I heard that if the animal develops hot spots the first thing to do is stop giving the brewers yeast, then look at the other supplements...we did that and it worked.
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Wanted to add this link to the Natural Flea Remedy from the site I listed above. Money back guarantee....I ordered some, will post my results.

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