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What do you do when your little one bites another child?
Aiden (14 months) is just the most friendly and delightful child I know, but for some reason, he bites. I cannot figure it out. He bites his friend--they have played together since they were just a few months old and Aiden is crazy about him--he gets so happy when they are together, but then he bites him. I can't even tell what emotions are behind it. It seems like he is trying to hug his buddy, but then he bites. I just don't get it! I am a very hands on mommy--right there playing with the kids and giving Aiden lots of positive attention--I try to never say no; I follow his lead; I try to show him respect and love at all times. I don't know why he's biting. I really need help dealing with this behavior. Thanks!
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Of all my 3 kids, only my middle son bit. I found that he bit when he was "excited" and wound up, and not out of anger. Its almost as if he didnt know what to do with himself! Still, biting is *not* good and should not be tolerated, AP or not. If you dont handle it, people will start to avoid you. Try and figure out when/why your child bites. my cousins kid was viscious biter, like a shark.

What worked with my son was what my pediatrician recommended. i had to watch my son carefully, anticipate the bite and immediately, but without him seeing me,"flick" him on the back of his head (not hard of course). it sounds weird, and at first i hesitated, i mean, i would *never* touch my child!! but, this way, he felt the flick, and was not aware it was me doing it, and i am not intimidating him, punishing him etc. know what i mean? I only flicked him twice and he never bit again. I am sure you will get different approaches to this touchy subject. I am anxious to see what the mommies on this board will recommend....when my kids were little, i had no other friends who had kids, and i certainly did not have access to this message board.

My son is now 12, is a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, and sensitive boy.
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