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Yoga Mamas for August

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Hello Yoginis!! We're starting a new thread for us Mommys into yoga. A few of us have been checking in for awhile, but we'd love new members!!!

Let us know what your practice is like, what poses you love, what style yoga is your current fave, what you like to read, how you fit in yoga with your family life, anything.....
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I'll start. I try and practice yoga about 6 days a week. I think once school starts, I'll try and work in more cardio to get my weight down, and do yoga more like 3 days a week. I still have 10 pounds of weight to get to my pre-pregnancy. Right now I'm really into yoga to get ready for my yoga instructors training this weekend. I'm taking the level 1 of Yogafit. I'm also taking a prenatal teacher training in March.

My favorite style of yoga is power. I'm also starting some Ashtanga, and recently got some Ashtanga DVDs. My current method of practice is primarily at home. I use DVDs, and I love Baron Baptiste's Soul of Strength workout. I also love Shiva Rea's Yoga Shakti. Yoga for Happiness is great too.
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I have been practicing yoga now for about 6 years. The first four years, I practiced with books, cds and videos. For the last two years, I have been going to a studio as well as continuing my home practice. I try to make it to the studio twice per week for a 90 minute Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Hatha Flow class. My home practice totally depends on how much time I have but I try to get in at least 45 minutes another two or three times per week. I also walk as much as possible (to the store, to work, at lunchtime, etc.) and do weight training twice per week. Yoga is more than excercise to me, though, and I would practice everyday if I could fit it in.
My favorite home practice tools:
Power Yoga (Ashtanga) - Beryl Bender Birch - DVD
Yoga Shakti - Shiva Rea - DVD
Schiffman Live #1 & #2 - Eric Schiffman - video
Drops of Nectar - Shiva Rea - CD
Yoga Sanctuary - Shiva Rea - CD
Yoga Chant - Shiva Rea - CD
Light on Yoga - BKS Iyengar - book
Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of MOving into Stillness - book
movingintostillness.com - website
yoga.com - website
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Dfoy- I totally love Erich Schiffmann too. I visit his website frequently, and I'd say his video with Ali is one of my all time faves. I've done it several times lately, and had forgotten how great it is. I love his book too. He rules.
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I just finished my first level of yoga teacher training this weekend. It was amazing. It was more than 18 hours of learning, yoga, and practice teaching. Needless to say I'm a little stiff today. Not so much from the yoga, but more from sitting around on the floor for two days while we discussed form, etc.

Where is everyone?
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I posted my favorites & background on the 1st YogaMama thread - but I do have a question. Any mamas have experience w/ practice after a serious injury? To give a little background, I have been practicing for almost 10 years (privately & in classes) and I broke my leg 7 weeks ago. I have been mainly working on pranyama exercies and meditation to relieve stress. I know my back and hips are totally out of whack right now (partially from the fall that caused the injury/partly from being on crutches) and I plan to see my chriopractor once the cast comes off.

Any thoughts/suggestions for easing back into practice? Thanks & Namaste...
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P.S. Congrats Carole on completing the teacher training!!!
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nursin fool~ congrats on your 1st teacher training! i also took Yogafit level one, and the prenatal/postpartum in april.

shiva rea's "yoga shakti" dvd (vinyasa style) inspires my home practice.
i hope to get to a workshop with her one of these days.

i am excited to say that starting end of this month, i will be teaching a prenatal class at my ymca. i am eagerly looking for additional (affordable) trainings for the future, as well as watching yoga videos for inspiration.

during dd's naptime i have been rereading patanjali's yoga sutras, and i am studying h. dadvid coulter's anatomy book. the housekeeping has complete;y fallen by the wayside, but i need a few days to indulge the student in me.
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Yoga mama in South Jersey

Hi All,
My name is Ananga. I'm a SAH yoga mama to our two boys, Nava 25 m/o & Nitya 2 m/o. I became a certified yoga teacher in the Integral Yoga style while I was pregnant with Nava and then became a Reiki master while pregnant with Nitya. Seems each child has inspired me or requested certain things. I found both yoga & reiki so useful during childbirth.

We're vegetarian, love to travel, we cloth diaper, share a family bed, "wear" our kids and all that other great hippie stuff, etc, etc, blah, blah. Won't bore you anymore. We live in South Jersey.

I love to do yoga, but have been finding it difficult to manage my time with a toddler, a baby and a household.

Looking forward to getting to know y'all,
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Hi mamas -

I teach one hatha yoga class a week and I sub alot for other yoga teachers, but my personal yoga practice is awful these days. Watching bad tv and eating lime tortilla chips after I sneak out of the family bed doesn't count as doing yoga, does it?? It feels like good restorative yoga to me, but I'm not really sure...

Honestly, I would like to be more inspired in my practice so I am thinking of adding some classes. When I teach more classes I am a better student and I practice more regularly. But my 2 year old daughter is very strongly attached to me these days (clinging and crying when I leave her with daddy), so it is hard to find time to practice yoga (or shower or fold laundry or wash dishes or any task that I would like to complete in a reasonable amount of time).

Does anyone honestly practice yoga early in the morning before the kiddos rise? My fantasy self would do that, but my nursing all night long with two kids and husband in the family bed self would rather sleep until small children insist that I get up and out of the bed.

My favorite asana? Savasana!
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Originally Posted by yogamama
Hi mamas -

IDoes anyone honestly practice yoga early in the morning before the kiddos rise? My fantasy self would do that, but my nursing all night long with two kids and husband in the family bed self would rather sleep until small children insist that I get up and out of the bed.

My favorite asana? Savasana!
My fantasy self gets up w/ your fantasy self to do yoga before the babes get up!

I usually practive when my dd is napping or go to a class when my dh is home. (well..not lately - see my op, I have a broken leg @ the moment )
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Originally Posted by yogamama
Hi mamas -
My favorite asana? Savasana!
At this moment that's my favorite asana, as well. Not to mention I love "cheese-asana". I barely find time to wash the diapers daily nurse one kid, feed the other, do the shopping, and clean house. I hope soon my practice will reawaken from it's hibernation.
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I also have the fantasy of doing my yoga before the babes wake-up, but when doing the family bed it's hard. I nurse my baby all night, and then she'd wake-up much earlier if I left her alone in the bed. Not to mention, I would hate to be bothered in the middle of my routine to her waking up. Maybe someday, when they're older....

When I'm really into yoga, my housekeeping tends to slip. It's hard to fit in everything. Luckily, my hubby isn't too picky. My house isn't a disaster, but I wouldn't want company going upstairs at this point.

I'm going to be teaching my first yoga class this weekend. I have to do 8 hours of volunteer/free yoga classes in the community to get my certification. I'm going to teach teens at Boys Town. I'm really excited! I figured I should get started now while the info is still fresh, and before I loose my nerve!! Cease the day!!
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hey girls! Been away from the board lately as I have been occupied with a Summer masters class. Carole, great idea to start a new thread and congrats on your teaching! I'm going to visit family in St.Augustine next week and I am planning on taking some classes at Discovery Yoga. I've heard alot about it and can't wait. I do practice in the morning for about an hour before dd gets up but she's 7 and I am able to get a full nights sleep considering I don't bf (haven't for 5 years, that was such a great time). I love erich schiffman and shiva rea an dpractice vinyasa and ashtanga yoga. It's nice to see some new yoginis here.Namaste......Danielle
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Mama729- Hang in there. I know where you're coming from. My first daugther was very high-need, and never slept unless it was in my arms. It'll pass, and you'll be able to get back into your yoga practice on the mat. Like you said, practicing your yoga off the mat is what's most important right now. You need to stay in a good frame of mind. The rest will come in time.
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I just committed to teaching two more yoga classes for the fall - so I will teach an 1 1/2 hour hatha class on Tues eve and a 1 hour hatha class followed by a
1 hour pre-natal class on Wednesday eve. I hope that helps me jump start my personal practice.

I think getting up before my kids to practice MAY be possible in the near future. I'm going to place that as my intention (beginning in September! the rest of our summer schedule is too chaotic to start a new routine).

Who practices with their kids? How does that go? My kids always goof around and want to jump on me... I taught a kids yoga class for awhile and it was fun, but hard to keep my own kids from running around and being silly. If I practice with my almost 6 year old he can focus (sort of), but if the 2 year old is around it is just a big wiggle fest!

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Kathleen- I practice with my three kids, and it works as long as it's their idea. With my 6 and 3 1/2 year old, I do kids yoga as we read a yoga book (like Babar's or My Daddy is a Pretzel). Or we do it along with one of our two yoga kids videos. Sometimes, we just do a pose here and there. They are proud of their yoga moves. As long as I don't have expectations, and stop whenever they're ready, it goes great. My 15 month old also does yoga, but I do baby yoga with her that I read about in Itsy Bitsy Yoga. She signs that she wants to do it sometimes, or just spontaneously goes into downward dog and claps for herself. Melts my yogi heart....
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if i lie on my back my 19-month-old runs over and puts her head on my chest. it's very sweet. then it becomes a tickle & giggle fest. she cracks me up if i do a bridge pose--she crawls under me. downward dog she always does with me.
i suppose she helps me not take myslef too seriously
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