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I'm here, too!!!

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OK, it's official - I can join the club! After ttc on and off for 9 years, 4 clomid cycles in the past year, finally injectable meds and IUI, I'm pregnant!

Since Tuesday, I've had 3 + internet cheapies and one EPT digital positive, but I didn't want to post here until I got my beta, which I just did! I'm 14dpo and it was 41, I think... either that or 49! I was just lost after she said it was positive!

I've had an ectopic, so they'll monitor me pretty closely until it's clear that the levels continue to double.

I've been peeking in over here for a couple of weeks, hoping I'd be joining you all!

Do we have a sticky with everyone's name and due date?
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Celesterra I am so happy & excited for you and so pleased we will be sharing our pregnancies

Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months :
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Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful! : I hope you have a very happy and healthy pregnancy!

I don't think there is a sticky yet for everyone on here, not sure how that works.
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Congratulations! Welcome to the board and a very happy and healthy pregnancy for you! WOW...this must be SO VERY special to you after such a long journey. Congrats!
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