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Any symptoms yet?

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Does anybody have any symptoms yet?

I have been so tired and dizzy if I dont eat regularly but nothing much really, I want to feel pregnant!!
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Ya know, I feel like it's so early I shouldn't be feeling anything, but I am definitely feeling very bloated, crampy and exhausted! I wore my jeans to work today - BIG mistake! Thankfully I have a poncho & a long tank that hides the fact that I have had to unbutton them!!!

Can this really be real? Am I really going to have a baby? This is really the dream of my lifetime, and it's going to come true!!!
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I do, but I they are probably progesterone induced. I feel queazy, my boobs hurt and I am swollen. I already had to take off my rings. I am very thirsty, but food sounds yucky. But if I dont eat I feel light headed and very tired. I am so happy to be feeling something though, its so reassuring to me
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I am really thirsty too and have my jeans button undone as its more comfy. I actually want to feel sick so I know this little babe will stick

Celesterra & Heather I am so happy for you both and so excited to be here with you
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I know this is great we have a bunch of graduates over here with us!
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looks like we may have another couple soon! what do you guys think of having a thread where we can introcude a little more about ourselves? Now that we've got a home for the next 8 months, we might as well get to know each other!
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I think that would be cool. I wouldlove an April DUe Dates One Thread too where everything is together maybe with our due dates on the front page. I am the TTC one thread keeper this week or I'd just set it up myself
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could you pm me with how to do it? i'll give it a shot!
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hey mamas!!! I am so excited to be here with you all. Thank you for making the road to pregnancy and all of the obsessing more tolerable. I really appriciated MDC when DH was sick of hearing about TTC. i thrilled to be here with you all!!

As far as preg signs...My boobs are huge and hurt really bad. I had to wear a padded bra today so nothing would rub against my nipples. I'm hungry and tired and dizzy if i don't eat. I also keep feeling these little twinges in my rigght lower side. i don't know what the heck that is. And everyone knows about my spotting.
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Blech! I'm 6 weeks and totally nauseous. I haven't actually thrown up yet, and I'm praying that doesn't happen. I hate this constant feeling of queasiness, though. It's like being on a rocky boat and not being able to get off. I'm normally a foodaholic, but the thought of eating anything makes my stomach turn. Oh, how I wish I could fast forward time and just get to the 2nd trimester!
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Everyone's symptoms sound great...even it they are tough to handle!

As for me, I am freaking out a little bit as I feel absolutely nothing. Truly nothing. I am peeing a lot. Have had a lot of night waking (assuming hormonal), yet that is it. I am only 5 weeks tomorrow, yet I want to feel something. This is #3 for me, and I know with #1, I was bloated right away, yet had very little m/s. With #2 I had a very tough first tri, yet I can't remember how quickly I started to feel crummy. I am hoping that it was more like 6-7 weeks when the fatigue set in and the m/s. Otherwise, I am trying to stay positive, appreciate how good I do feel, and praying that all is ok.
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All I Can Think About Is Sleep!!!! I'm So Tired!!!
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I am so tired! Of course chasing after a 15 month old will do that to you :LOL I am nauseous and have a yucky taste in my mouth occasionally, but mostly I can't figure out what I want to eat. That is normally not a problem for me :LOL I am so bloated also, I can't wear my regular pants comfortably already. I've been wearing some of the maternity stuff I have that just has the band that goes around so it doesn't look like maternity but fits better. My nipples are sore while nursing, but they are better than they were before. I have lots and lots of CM too (sorry TMI) which I remember having with my dd also. Most of the time I feel pretty normal so I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. With my dd I felt really weird at the beginning (since I'd never been pg before) so I was able to believe I was pregnant from early on. This time I'm having a hard time believing it, but it will probably become more real when I feel the baby moving and start showing.
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So far my only symptom is hunger. I never had ms with #1, so maybe I will get lucky this time too. I have my first Dr. appointment on Monday, I will feel much better after seeing all the blood work and knowing that everything is okay. I had low progesterone with #1, and am still nursing so I am a little concerned about that.
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okay, my symptoms. Ha ha. I have sore breasts which are rock hard. I can not stand anything touching me anywhere. I feel tired to the point of not getting out of bed for 3 days. I feel sick and have been extremely nauseated for about a week now. I am still holding out hope that it is the flu because there is no way that this is normal. I can't even function. Give me strength not to complain in real life!!!
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This is so weird! I feel pretty much normal right now, to the point I actually forget I'm pregnant :LOL Sometimes I feel yucky like I mentioned before, but then there are times when I feel fine so I have a hard time believing this is real! I sure hope it is real though or I'm going to feel REALLY stupid! :LOL
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wow, we have such a range of symptoms! does everyone know how many days past ovulation you are? I'd be curious...

Well, I think I might have had a new one pop up last night - I've been taking prenatals for a year now, and last night was my first serious gag. I actually thought I was not going to catch my breath to get more water down, I was dry heaving so badly! It was totally the smell that got to me - B vitamins always make me want to gag (though I never actually do!)

Ummmm, I've heard others complain about prenatals - are there other options??? And, what is everyone else taking? Anyone else on a prescribed pill, or are you getting them yourself?

aside from that, I am still crampy and bloated. I do wish the cramps would go away and something more... reassuring kick in. And I wish I could sleep better in the early morning. I'd much rather be sleeping right now!

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Celesterra ~ I am either 13 or 15dpo either way about 4 weeks, I am a little worried as I got my BFP so early. I'm still temping - anyone else? and its good to see my temps still high. I am still quite crampy too, some days worse than others. I do remember cramps with my ds but I can't remember how long they lasted! I had awful morning sickness with him too but that was from 7 weeks.
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Hey FSM, you're up early too!

I am 15dpo. Since I am trying not to worry, I decided to stop temping. I figure whatever happens is going to happen, but it is weird to not temp after doing it every day for over 2 years! I am actually debating asking my nurse to not reveal my next betas, just tell me that we're ok. I know myself too well: I will be obsessing in no time. I wish I could have gone in today for my 2nd beta, though. It would be nice to be able to find out today that everything is going right. I have to wait for an open lab on Monday.

It doesn't sound like you've got anything to worry about, though! I'm sure you've got a sticky one in there! It implanted so early!
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I am 4 weeks today. I got my first bfp on cd 25. I know we bd'd on cd 13, but that's it forthe month (we weren't trying) soi have no idea when i ovulated. i used to ovulate on day 15/16,maybe this month was early.

i don't have any symptoms now, but i took the test because i was constipated and my lower back is killing me. i ALWAYS have loose bms right before my period, so to be constipated gave me the hint...is there a sticky for too much information??? :

i too can't wait for any symptoms to come. having had 2 miscarriages, i hearby call on all morning sickness to come my way! bring it on!
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