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Can it be??????

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Hey there....

I just took an HPT, and....I have to admit, it's REALLY faint...however, I'm three days before AF is due...cd25 today...and I've taken so MANY of these, and I've never seen the faintest of lines...so, now, I'm going to wait until Thursday, and take the other one that's in the package....

Just wanted to share!!! DH is skeptical...but I'm sure!
Oh, plus, my boobs are HUGE!!!!

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My lines had one faint one & one dark one too! Yay Hoo for you! A Momma knows! I'm having a party today for you! Carrot sticks and cheescake, anyone?
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My sis just told me to hold the test up to the light, and if I can see the lines right thru,,,and I can

I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!

Thanks for the party myrhhmaid! Isn't this exciting...how am I going to ever sleep again????
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Sleep was the one thing I had no trouble getting when I was newly preggers! That and the having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes were my first indication something was up! Now you'll have to move yourself over to the pregnancy boards and set up shop for a 12ww!

I'll party....Iced RRL tea anyone?
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Hmmm...I"m so happy....I'll have some ice tea...for sure!!!

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Wonderful news
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Maybe I'm just being selfish, but we sure will miss you!!! Check back with us from time to time, maybe we will see you over at the preg board before you graduate to the mom's boards!
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I don't really want to leave you all behind, I mean you have been my strength, courage, wisdom, love, encouragement....I can't just forget all that!!! And you had better graduate before I become a mom !!!!!

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Just another HUGE congratulations!!!
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Our due dates must be close!!!!!
So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!! Blessings to you and your family.
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Hooray!!! I have been waiting for your turn.

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OMG!!!!! Congrats!!!!! sorry I was late for the party
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Thank you!!!!
Dh is being so negative...he doesn't believe it, and won't until it's a dark line!: Which I'm trying to explain will be dark Thursday, or darker anyway, when I take the second one!
So, thank goodness for all of you sisters!!!Keep sending the positive energy....I need to make a shield against his -...
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Yeah!!! Congrats!!!!
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That is just tooo exciting! COngratulations!
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