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Any idea why my cat keeps hauling her 6day old kittens around and hiding them?

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And any idea on how to make her stop?!

We have her and the 5 kittens in my bottom drawer with a sheet over the dresser for privacy. They are 6 days old and suddenly today she wants to move them and keeps picking very unsafe spots! I changed the bedding and moved her food and water near the drawer, but she still keeps carrying them around the house and dumping them in weird places. She's also acting very nervous and alert.

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i'd pm shannon0218, she knows all this kind of stuff.

has anything changed? weather, new animals or kids around, change in behavior by any of the above? sounds like she thinks the drawer is no longer safe. can you make her a new hiding place that is more hidden? like the back of a closet or something? does she put all the kittens in one place?

anyway, that would be my guess and my try at fixing it. good luck!
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Yikes!! move the food!! She is trying to protect her babies from preditors that will be attracted to the smell of the food!

I don't think that she feels secure with the thin sheet as her only wall/protection from predetors.
Are there other cats in the house? are there children?
Even if there aren't a queen is going to behave as if there are in order for her and her kittens to be safe. Other cats and shildren only add to her distress.

Is she in her own room? Is the door shut to her room and always shut?

Try making a more cave like spot for her kittens. Our queens liked an empty closet that had a cardboard box (turnd on its side with a 2 to 3 inch piece of cardboard taped to the front to keep her kittens from straying out of the box)in it with one of the bifold doors completly shut and the other bifold door partialy shut.
[I wish I could draw a picture it would be much easier to show than trying to explain].

closed door partially opened door

One way in and one way out.

Their food was on one side wall of the room with water a few paces away from the food and the litter box on the other side of the room against the wall. The food,water, litter box were all in a place were she could eat/do her business and look up and see her den of kittens easily.

later when the kittens are older and eating solid food we would put a empty soda box filled with cat litter on the other side of the closet for the kittens to learn litter training.

Hopes this helps
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Well, yesterday was hot so we (dh, dd and I) slept in the living room with the a/c rather than the bedroom. Then this morning she started this, so I was wondering if it could be that she was lonely in the bedroom without us. I know it sounds atypical, but this is a cat that needed me *right with her* when she gave birth, if I left she followed even with a kitten half out!

I will move the food, it hasn't been there all along - we just put in nearby hoping it would entice her to stay there.

My dd doesn't bother the kittens at all, but my fear is if this cat keeps bringing them out and shoving them in the couch cushions (one of her hiding spots) dd will find them and accidently hurt them.

I will try to make a more cave-like hiding spot for them, but honestly she keeps dragging them to places out in the open! It seems like her instincts are all messed up. also, she keeps separating them - puts a couple in one spot and a couple in another.

We do have another cat, but like my dd he doesn't seem to care much about the kittens until she's dragging them where he is.

I switched to a thinner sheet because of the heat, I was worried she was moving them because it was hot in that little cave.

Now I jsut went to check on her and she has the kittens scattered around the bedroom.
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B/c they did this is the wild also protect them from predators.

Some of my cats reorted to this & others kep their kittens in one spot.
You can restrict Mama to one room or area if it would make you feel better.

ITA with Nattybo... she needs a safe have for here babes.
all her suggestions are right on the money for Queens & kittens
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I think I forgot to mention this - no the door isn't shut and always shut because when i do that she freaks out! I put all her stuff in my bedroom and closed the door and she scratched and cried so hard at the door that I had to open it again.

Like I said, it seems like she wants them to be where the action is. She's a young cat that was pregnant when we took her in and she's very attached to dh and I. When she was giving birth she wanted to be right with us and if we left SHE left and followed us. So, I hear what you are all saying about her needing more privacy and security in her own cave but I swear this cat is acting exactly the opposite. :
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Trust me this is normal.

Its nature for cats to constantly move their litter around. Growing up in the country this wo uld drive me nuts, since I was always wanting to peek in and see how they were doing. Let her move them around and make sure to keep her food in the same spot, don't move the food. She will come out to eat and in about 6 weeks the kittens will start coming out to.
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what if you tried making the kittens' box a portable thing... so that way if you humans are all out in another room doing something, you can bring the kittens out with you. Mama Kitty can still stay in on the action but the kittens may stay safer?
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Both of my cats are very "people oriented" as well, & both of them wanted us to be with them when their litters were born-even followed us out of the room when we left to give them their space. The last litter we had, Mama Cat moved the babies all over the place, but she always wanted them close to us-she would put them in small spaces, but out in the open where they could easily be seen. We have a litter of week-old babies right now, & this Mama Cat keeps putting them in my 7 year old's bed, lol. I know that cats are supposed to be instinctively protective & private, but mine just aren't like that. They are as protective of us as they have been of their own babies. When baby ds was a newborn, they would come & very carefully lick his little head when he cried.
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Ahh, all mama cats do that to keep their babies safe...
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She's a Normal Queen

Sounds like something has spooked your little mama into thinking her litter's not safe. Don't worry,she's doing exactly what her instincts are telling her to. Keep the food,water,and litterbox all in the usual spots,so she can predict where whatever she needs can be found. If you keep moving them,it will just further confuse her. She's splitting up the litter in hopes that more will survive this way [instincts]. In the wild,she'd hide a few here,a few there,and travel between the hidden places,in the hopes that if one bunch were found by predators,the still-hidden bunch will survive. The best thing to do is follow the PP's advice with the box in the closet idea [don't worry about the closet clutter,she'll feel safer with your stuff smelling of you all around her,just watch out for sharp objects]. And make sure that everyone who enters the home knows to be on the look out for hidden "surprises". If you find one,leave it where it's found,she'll be looking there for it. If it's an unsafe spot [under the couch cushion,for example],then gently remove the hidden treasure,and transplant it to the box in the closet. If she looks for it [and you'll know when she does!], take her to the box,and prove to her her baby's safe. Sounds like she trusts you with her babies more so than most mama kitties,that's a good thing! Just try to keep things around the home as cinsistant with normalcy as possible,this relaxed and familiar atmosphere will also relax her,and maybe then she'll let her babies lie in one spot. But don't bet on it! I've had mamas who move babies all day,every day,until after they can move themselves! Don't be so worried,she's just doing what she thinks is best for her kits,don't you?
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I can't tell you exactly why the cat is moving the kittens but I do know that it is what the mother cat will do. There isn't anything that you can do to stop her. You moving the kittens only stresses her.
I had a cat that had kittens some time ago and my cousin told me that this is what the mother cat would do. I would move them at first and the mother would move them somewhere else. My cousin, who is a true cat lover, told me to leave them alone. No matter what I did the mother would keep moving them and she did! The first night after she gave birth, I slept in the living room with her and the kittens, I slept on the sofa. She brougth all of them and put them in the fold of my legs and she got in there and we all slept on the sofa! Afther that, that was it, she hide them all day and all night! She would also freak out when the neighbor cat would come to the patio window, I had to keep the blinds closed. Good Luck.
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My cat did this for 3 days and she always seemed to pick less than ideal spots too. We finally found a wide box that we laid on it's side in the basement and moved them into it. We put her food/water/litterbox down there and she didn't move them again. She would come upstairs during the day and spend time with us and she was much more relaxed about leaving them.
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I just thought I'd point out that this thread is 3 years old. The OP posted it on 08-05-2005. I'm sure her issue with the kittens has been resolved by now and she may not be around to reply anymore.
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