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Hello All,
how inspiring it is to read about these +++s. Though at the moment I'm feeling a bit self-pitying- oh it will never happen to me feeling- I got my period today- we REALLY tried this month- did OPK and fooled around five nights surrounding ovul.- even got a yeast infection (never get these- does anyone know a great home remedy- been taking acid. and applying garlic salve- any pther suggestions?) Conception is a mysterious thing... three of my close friends are pregnant- i turn 41 in Feb.- i feel as if time is running out- i am trying not to go over and over what might have caused my m/c in beg. of oct.- i hope there is still time...

so, if we get preg. this next cycle would we have sept. babies?Perhaps little Libras?

Babydust to All!
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Congratulations to all of you newly pg ladies!!!

Gina- , I'm sorry af came. On the other hand, Libras are a lotta fun. (I'm a boring ol Virgo) I'll send you +++ thoughts for this cycle.

Arduinna- congratulations on the expansion of your family- here's to the coming cycle!!!

It would be so cool if we could end the year with a few more +++ I'm crossing my fingers for those of you still waiting!!
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Ok I *think* I ovulated christmas day... Right now I'm on day 29 so I really really hope I've ovulated! 5dpo... I gathered lots of baby dust from the exchange so I'm hopeful!
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branwyn and akirasmama, Congratulations!!!


I am just happy that it looks my LP is going to be at least 12 days long this cycle. That's 4 days longer than it's been for the last 6 months!!! Woo hoooo, welcome back fertility, I missed ya! Had a temp dip this morning, so it looks like AF found me again But things are looking up around here!

gina, about yeast infections. I have found that you can use plain yogurt to relieve the infection. Sometimes it works just to eat the yogurt, but other times you have to actually apply it to the, ahem, infected area
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One more day! Had some cramping today - which is pretty normal the last few cycles - so I have no idea what to expect. af could find me tomorrow morning - or it could not......i shave no clue. boobs still hurt. Still weepy - found myself almost crying in the middle of Harry Potter for some absurd reason...
ugh. At this point I am patiently waiting for af to show up.....ho hum.....
anyone else left but me?
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well, af must have really wanted me because she came. i dont know how to explain the positive pregnancy test, but shes here in full force.

oh well, maybe next month...
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Awww, that's a bummer. I was just thinking tonight that I might be ovulating soon, and then a little while later I noticed some pain that might indicate this is true. Hmmm...guess I should go up and hit up the hubby, but I'm not in the mood.
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oh branwyn,
Adina, I'm just waiting, too. This is the 13th day of my LP, yipppeeeeee!!!! Here's hoping those weepy feelings are pregnancy hormones!
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Oh branwyn...I am sorry.

Well - morning of day 14....and nothing so far. i got onto fertility friend this morning just to see how far past ovulation I was. (I am not charting just using it to keep track) I have never gotten to the test date without af showing....and it is so cute - under test date it says, "Now!" and under pregnancy signs it says, "You are past your longest luteal phase. Take a test, you might be pregnant!" I though it was very cute. I am still waiting through today though. I will test tomorrow morning if af doesnt' show up by then. But I am freaked out to test!!! Anyone else get this way? Like somehow that test will change the future? Paranoid I know - but oh well.....
I have cramps today - but less like normal cramps, which are pretty sharp and noticeable, and more rolling....tha tis the best way I can describe it.
Okay - I am obsessing now.......:LOL
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branwyn, I am so sorry

AdinaL and Sahara I am wishing you loads of baby dust and +++++ vibes.
Good Luck,
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Well - this is sort of fitting....
Last day of the year and af shows up - i think that can officially close this thread! Onto another cycle...and some regrouping to try and figure out what to do if I can't have kids....happpy new year huh?
good luck to anyone who is left!!!
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I am in the 2ww but I feel AF coming on. She is due to arrive Friday and all signs indicate that she will arrive right on time.
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